Sonodyne - About the Brand


50 years ago, Ashoke Mukherjee, a young engineer, fresh out of IIT Rourkee, did something that was quite out of the ordinary. He gave up a lucrative career to start his own company. His passion to create led him to design high fidelity amplifiers. speakers, and turntables that would make his company, Sonodyne, a household name.

50 years on, this passion remains intact. It is in Sonodyne people and products. With in-house design and manufacturing, Sonodyne has 2 R&D labs, and 3 manufacturing facilities in Kolkata and Mumbai, India. With offerings in both residential and professional audio, Sonodyne remains a leading brand in India with exports to all major nations.

Sonodyne solutions offer great value. We use high quality parts sourced from the world over. Our engineers constantly innovate in core technology that results in that special Sonodyne magical tone. Our in-house modern machining, woodwork and paint shops ensure a world class fit and finish. Products are made to meet global safety standards like CE, UL etc.

We believe there is purpose in what we do. This has been infused in us from the very inception. We go about our task with unbridled passion to create. Every day we persevere to meet our sonic goals and improve on them. Our products reflect our perseverance by performing at the highest level. An Indian company, we are proud that our products have been accepted globally.