Chuck and Berty

Free Listening Session: Beatles - Sounds & Stories with Chuck & Berty


11th October 2020, Sunday

3PM - 6PM (IST)

Zoom (Once you register, you will receive a link)



We love you, yeah, yeah, yeah!

Come on, let’s face it - so much of modern rock music would not be where it was if it weren’t for those four Liverpudlians. The Beatles didn’t transform rock music - in many ways, they started it. From their early pop days and clean image, to their later experimental phase where quality intoxicants met undeniable songwriting talent, The Beatles’ impact on music can be felt even to this day.

Chuck & Berty are proud, honoured even, to take you on a Magical Mystery Tour featuring rock music’s most important band. There will be trivia. There will be hidden gems. There will be lots of stories. And of course, lots of fantastic music. We’ve cheekily kept this session at 3 PM because - while the Beatles are not necessarily known for long songs, your hosts might just keep yammering about their love for these guys and do the perpetual Lennon v McCartney debate.

Come join in, folks. This one promises to be a ton of fun. Let it be!

Free for All

We want everyone to enjoy our listening sessions as much as we do. This is why, we don't have any event fees. Instead, we leave it up to you to decide what you think the event is worth to you at the end. This is so people of any budget are able to turn up and enjoy music to the fullest. We also believe you shouldn’t have to pay for the service before you have experienced it, we think you should decide how much the event is worth when it has finished.

What you’ll miss if you skip this event

Miss the chance of enjoying your favourite artists with a group of like-minded fans. After all, music is best shared. These listening sessions is our effort to bridge this gap between casual music listeners and the more discerning listeners of the Indian audiophile community.

Deepak Gopalakrishnan or Chuck - as his friends call him - is passionate about rock music, old and new, ever since his roommate in college made the mistake of showing him a guitar. While he loves all parts of this wide-ranging genre, he has a soft spot for progressive rock and metal. Sharing music is something he loves doing - especially introducing people to new genres or stuff outside their comfort zone (this includes his cats, who seem to have taken a liking to post-metal). He has been passionate about helping the audio geeks that is the HeadphoneZone community find great new music, often eyeing new gear himself in the process. He recommends you check out Thank You Scientist, all seasons of Nescafe Basement and Porcupine Tree.

Berty is passionate about all music. From Heavy Metal to Hiphop and Carnatic to Classic Rock. He plays the guitar, keyboard and drums but is a passionate bassy. He loves discovering new music and his greatest fear is that he still hasn't heard his favourite musician yet! His most valuable possesions are his extensive vinyl collection, his fretless fender bass and his signed Devin Townsend poster. When he is not fiddling with his guitars he is fiddling with DNA in a molecular biology lab or doing a quiz online. He highly recommends David Maxim Micic (Djent/Serbia), Peepal Tree (Rock/Bangalore), BTS (KPOP/K) and Bach (Classical/Austria).

What you will need


  • An Apple Music, Spotify or TIDAL account: to listen to the playlist.
  • A laptop, PC, iPad, Smartphone: to access Zoom.
  • Your Smartphone or Laptop (or your DAC/DAP/PC): to use for music listening.
  • Your best pair of Headphones (preferably, an open back) or an IEM that's very, very good.
  • A quiet room without recurring disruptions. (Put the baby to sleep!)

Who is this for?

Anyone who hums just to Comfortably Numb as well as hardcore Pink Floyd fans (who can probably name their discography in order). Everyone is welcome to attend our community events. This event is for those who are new in the audiophile community, seasoned audiophiles, as well as those who don’t understand what the word “audiophile” even means.

Most beginners stay limited to being silent observers in the world of audiophilia, and most have not had a chance to understand and experience what good sound is really about. Share this with your family and friends. The more the merrier!

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