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About the Artist

The Local Train is an independent rock band known for their hit singles and edgy music videos. With an explosive live act in their arsenal they've performed at some of the most prestigious stages across the country. They are now considered the genre defining new face of Hindi Rock.

"Choo Lo" - The Local Train
""Choo Lo" is the song that got the band together! Raman had some scratches from his college days and he was looking for musicians to work with. He came down to Chandigarh and met Ramit in a local studio. They both hit it off and decided to take things forward."
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Why the name "The Local Train? What does it represent for you?

We get asked this a lot and we didn't think it through when we were naming the band. So honestly the music came before the band name was decided. We wrote a song and wanted to put it online. We just thought of putting any random name and out of nowhere popped up the name The Local Train. The song went viral online and since then we've been stuck with it. That song was "Choo Lo." We've grown to love it now.

If you had to pick one song as one of your best, which one would it be and why?

Aah! We're making some brand new content we're very excited about! It's difficult to chooose a best song out of the lot that we've composed ourselves. Time line wise we're a band that's been growing and learning as we've been chugging along. We've tried to up our game after every single release of ours. Our last music video was for our track Dil Mere, incidentally the last song we worked on in the album. We worked a lot to finish that song in a deadline. The music video also saw us pushing our boundaries.

The city/festival you love performing the most in and why?

Every show is special! It sounds like a cliche but we've been playing across the country. From Trivandrum in Kerala to Silchar in Assam. We've been humbled by the response to our music. It's so much of fun playing for an audience that knows our tracks, especially when it's a new city we haven't played in before.

We recently ended up playing two shows on the same day in Kolkata! Two separate college festivals decided to book us on the same day. It was a thoroughly exhausting but satisfying day.

As a band you also love to...

As a band we live together! And we've been living together since 2011. We game a lot, and watch all the tv shows that we like. We recently went to Bir Billing in Himachal Pradesh and jumped off a cliff to go paragliding!

One skill you definitely require to survive the music industry would be?

There's no direction here and you need to make your own. That is the biggest problem we faced. I think it's really important to figure out how the entire system works. Mostly people getting into the industry aren't aware of the numbers and all that goes behind the music and the stage.

3 of your most favourite, current Indie artists you'd recommend to anybody.

Our all time favourite will always be Avial, the malayali rock band from Kerala. What a delight they are to listen to!

If you haven't, get their first album.

We'd definitely recommend Nicholson from Mumbai as well. His music videos and his first EP is content that the indie scene should consider as a benchmark.

Where can we watch you live next?

This thankfully is the off season and not a lot of shows happen around this time. We're off to Hyderabad next on the 17th of July though! We focus on content creation around this time. Work has already begun on the 2nd album as well as the season kick off tour we plan in August.

Interview by Anisha Peter from Headphone Zone


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