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What's Headphone Zone's Mixtape HD?

Headphone Zone's Mixtape HD is India's foremost compilation of high-resolution music. It is a great discovery channel for India's finest Independent music. As musicians ourselves, we have a lot of love & respect for these indie artists who've turned their passion into careers, or juggle between day jobs and late night jams to create honest and new music

All tracks that make it to a Mixtape HD Volume have to be in the best lossless qualitybecause we strive to refine your music listening experience by ensuring that you don’t settle for low quality audio files. A good headphone deserves good music so as a subscriber to the Mixtape HD,  you'll receive a steady month-on-month influx of about 8 new HD tracks that serve to populate your existing audio library.


Co-Curated by KJ Singh

Headphone Zone's Mixtape HD is curated by KJ Singh, India's foremost music producer & sound engineer.

With laurels like the Filmfare Award for Best Sound Design & the National Film Award for Best Audiography to his name, KJ Singh has recorded & mixed for Vishal Bhardwaj, AR Rahman, SEL, Ismail Darbar, Vishal-Shekar, Amit Trivedi and producede albums with Hariharan, Indian Ocean, Rabbi Shergill, & Harshdeep Kaur.

"Music consumption is changing. As the MP3 generation is getting smarter, more and more listeners are demanding music in the highest possible resolution."
With KJ's guidance, we've been able to curate some fantastic music that India's artists have to offer.


India's Indie Scene

The Mixtape HD is an effort by Headphone Zone to promote the upcoming bands in the Indie music scene in India. We believe that there's no dearth of musical talent in this country & inspired by the growth of the indie scene.

The indie scene in India is more than big, familiar names, waiting to be discovered. Be it hip hop, rap, funk, jazz, blues, or rock, we stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in the indie scene to bring you great, new music with every edition of our Mixtape!

Why Switch to High Definition Music?

We bring to you this indie music in FLAC as we find that the pursuit of perfect sound extends to not just having an expensive pair of headphones, but to owning high resolution lossless audio files.

The Mixtape HD Collection


How to Listen to the Mixtape HD

All the tracks on The Mixtape HD were burned on a Data CD that will not play in a car audio system or a CD player. Just like a flashdrive, the files have to be ripped to your computer before being used on a smartphone or high resolution music player.

If you’re on Android, get the n7player app or VLC player available on the Google Play store, and yes it is Free! Enjoy music in FLAC on your Android phone, worry-free!
Apple iPhone owners, look out for the FLAC Player+ or Capriccio free app claimed to be the “Ultimate Music Player” app on the iTunes Store.
Windows Smartphone users, get the Flac Player SD which comes with an Equaliser for customisable listening.

Of course, the best way to listen to FLAC and other High-Res Audio files is through a High-Res Digital Lossless Music Player (DAP) made to play lossless files for the ultimate sound.

Feature on the Mixtape HD

We're always looking out for independent artists in the Indian music scene and have great respect for such musicians. If you'd like to feature on the next volume of the Mixtape HD, or if you know a band or an artist you'd like to see being featured, we want to hear from you!

Just get in touch with us directly.

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