Headphone Zone Certified Unboxed Products

Our careful selection of unboxed headphones gives you the same satisfaction of new products - but at down-to-earth prices.

Unboxed headphones are  brand new items without its original packaging. It simply means that either the item's packaging was damaged in transit or returned to Headphone Zone by a customer. While the product itself is in the same condition as a new item and fully tested by our experts, the outer packaging may have suffered some damage.

Where Do Unboxed Products Come From

  • Customer Returns & Cancelled Orders
    Fully functional products that leave the warehouse and therefore can no longer be sold as new. The reasons may be because they received the wrong product or in a different colour. These products reach us within 15 days from the date of purchase.
  • Transit Damages
    Products come back to us sometimes because of cosmetic flaws caused due to shipping accidental damages.
  • Display Units
    The packaging of display units at our stores become worn out and old over a period of time. However, the item inside the display unit stays untouched and unopened.
  • Attesting to the Condition of the Unboxed Product

  • Signed Checklist Card
    Within the box, you will find a card attested by our in-house Inspection Specialist stating that each of the components have been checked and have been verified to be in a fully functional working condition.
  • Stamped Unboxed Certificate
    The box will include a stamped certificate about the condition of the unboxed product being perfectly ready to use.
  • Repackaged & Cleaned
    Unboxed products look brand new - with no physical flaws, scratches or scuffs, and include the original parts and accessories. In addition, the product is professionally cleaned, then repackaged with care to give you a product as near to new as possible.

  • 6 Reasons why you should buy an unboxed headphone

    1. Value for Money
      They are pretty much the same boxed product, but available at a lower price just because they lack the outer packaging.
    2. Professionally Inspected
      They are professionally inspected for any defectives with the same warranty as new products.
    3. Original Manufacturer's Warranty
      Each product comes with an original manufacturer warranty, so rest assured that your product will receive the same coverage as a sealed product.
    4. Comes with All Accessories
      The product itself comes with all original accessories.
    5. Unbiased Customer Service & Support
      One will have same Headphone Zone customer support experience for Unboxed Products like on new products.
    6. Unchanged Return Policy
      The return policy is the same, whether it is a new product or an unboxed product.

    Difference between Unboxed and Pre-Owned

    The main difference between "unboxed" and "pre-owned" products is that unboxed products have been tested and verified to function properly, and are thus free of defects, while "pre-owned" products may not be verified.

    Unboxed products carry a certification along with them, giving the guarantee that the product being sold is genuine and is in working condition, whereas a pre-owned product will not come with any such guarantees.

    Most importantly, a pre-owned product may not necessary come with a warranty and there is a good chance of the product being fake. With a unboxed product, as sold on Headphone Zone, there is no doubt about the authenticity of the product.

    Difference between Unboxed and Refurbished

    The primary difference between a unboxed product and a refurbished product as sold by Headphone Zone is that an unboxed product has never been used. A refurbished product is likely to have been used and then cleaned and restored to make it sellable.

    Additionally, an unboxed product would contain all the accessories as bundled by the manufacturer in the original packaging. A refurbished product usually will have one or more missing component.

    Finally, there is a price difference between an unboxed product and refurbished product. The discounts offered on a refurbished product tend to be higher than that offered on the unboxed product.

    FAQs about Unboxed Headphones

    What are unboxed products?
    Unboxed headphones are brand new items without its original packaging. While the product itself is in the same condition as a new item and fully tested by our experts, the outer packaging may have suffered some damage.
    Where do they come from?
    Unboxed products come from customer returns & cancelled orders, products damaged in transit and finally products that are used as display units.
    How do I determine the condition of an unboxed product?
    Every unboxed product sold at Headphone Zone is checked and signed off by an Inspection Specialist. Within the package, you will find a Checklist Card and a Headphone Zone certificate with a stamp.
    Why should I buy an unboxed product instead of a new product?
    Not only do you save some money, but the product is professionally inspected, come with the original manufacturer's warranty as well as all accessories.
    Can I return the unboxed product?
    Yes, you can. Our return policy applies to all products including our range of unboxed headphones.
    What's the difference between unboxed and refurbished products?
    Refurbished products may have been used and some non-essential accessories may be missing. With unboxed products, the product has never been used and contains all the accessories.
    And what's the difference between unboxed and pre-owned products?
    Pre-owned products have definitely been used and there usually is no warranty or certificate of authenticity provided if one has to buy a pre-owned products. With an unboxed product, besides warranty being available, you also get a stamped certificate verifying that the product is in good condition.
    What will be the delivery timelines?
    Delivery for Unboxed Products will be the same as delivery for other products; subject to delivery location or pin code.
    Will I receive the Unboxed Product without a seal?
    Yes, All Unboxed Products will come without a seal.
    How do I avail warranty for these products?
    Warranty can be availed by maintaining a copy of your invoice and getting in touch with us. Thereafter we will help you with the authorized service center for respective brands.
    What cost benefit do I get?
    Typically, Unboxed Products carry a discount versus the new items. Hence, these products offer value for money. This discount might depend on various factors including brand and/or seller pricing policy and brand warranty conditions.
    Are unboxed products genuine?
    Yes, at Headphone Zone we only sell products that are genuine and backed by the original manufacturer's warranty.
    Will I get all the accessories with the unboxed product?
    Yes, all accessories will be intact and if there is something missing, that will be found on the product description page.
    What if the unboxed product is not working?
    If the product is not working, you can return the product. Our return policy covers all products including unboxed products.
    Will there be service and support for the unboxed product?
    Yes, we provide an unbiased customer support experience for all products purchased on Headphone Zone, including unboxed products.