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AKG - K240 Studio

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AKG, the well renowned audio giant has never ceased to bring the best quality and great sounding headphones. The well acclaimed K240 Studio headphone is a part of the wide line of headphones that have been specially designed to be used for studio monitoring.

These professional over-ear, semi-open headphones are a long-time standard in studios, in orchestras and on stages around the world. Its advanced Varimotion 30 mm XXL transducers deliver solid low end, accurate mids and crystal-clear treble. The super clear and brilliant sound stage bass is deep and well-defined, while the dynamics are great. The semi-open design provides a dual advantage like the airiness of open headphones with the powerful bass response of closed designs.

Built to last, the AKG K240 boast of a fit and finish that is excellent. We love the durability andstudiness these over-ears offer.

For more than three decades, the K240 has become the most widely used headphones in studios and at live consoles by professional engineers and musicians.

  • Over-ear design

    The AKG K240 Studio has an over ear design which makes it comfortable to use for long hours.

    Semi-open technology

    When AKG created their K240 Studio headphones, they set out to strike the perfect balance between a conventional closed-back design and a high-end open-back design. K240 Studio headphones let your ears breathe, so you experience next to no ear fatigue - something you'll really love the next time you have to pull an all-night mixing session. The semi-open technology enables the user to experience heavy bass as well as clear treble.

    Patented Varimotion 30 mm XXL transducer

    It consists of 30 mm XXL Varimotion Transducer Technology which provides clear and powerful sound to the user. This means K240 Studios respond clearly and loudly even to weak signals, allowing you to monitor unmastered tracks accurately, without cranking the gain.

    Adjustable Headband

    The adjustable headband is provides a comfortable fit to the user for long hours.

    Convenient Single sided cable

    It consists of a single sided Cable which makes it very convenient to use.

    What's in the box:

    • AKG K 240 Studio Professional Semi-Open Stereo Headphones
    • Gold-Plated 1/4" Adapter
    • Detachable Cable

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    Dynamic Drivers

    15Hz to 25000 Hz
    55 Ohms

    3 m cable
    1/4" and 1/8" Gold Jack

    104 dB/mW


    One Year

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Harman India, Authorised Distributors of AKG in India.

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    "Super clear and brilliant sound stage bass is deep and well-defined, Dynamics are great, Fit and finish is excellent, Very comfortable."
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Customer Reviews

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Throw your doubt!

I found the same headphone from amazon and other sites. The price was almost double. Then I found this site. I made a doubt because of the less price. I contacted the help line and their feedback was good. The delivery came within 2days. The package was totally intact; even the poly over the pack. I love headphone zone and recommend everyone to choose headphone zone instead of other sites.

Akg k240 and Headphonezone

Dear Headphonezone;The AGM K240 Phones r working fine.The Harman Kardon group always lives up to its expectations. Lows Mids and High r very clear with fiio Dac and fiio player especially the flac files.The headphones have to burn for long hours before u realize that u need an upgrade.Thats evolution.Otherwise I have been a collector of Cd players ;amps ;receivers and speakers.Nothing comes as close to a headphone .Headphonezone has a large collection of phones and I would appreciate if it forays into the stereo and Avr section.Speakers and mp3 and streamers.I mean I would appreciate if u open up to this segment also so that u become the numero uno website .Keyboards and active speakers have to be sold also .Instruments like Guitars sitar tablas etc can also be sold.It can be a reality of u could upgrade Ur website and link Ur retailers with them.All the best for the future.I will buy my next Headphone in 3 to 4 months.This is my 7th and first Headphone with headphonezone.Wishing All the Best to the team of HZ.

Super unbelievable performance by this giant killer.

Having come across some words open back, semi open back, closed, audiophile and studio monitor. I was researching for a head phone which would be suitable to my taste. My head phoes are fully closed. I have variety brands. My old sennheiser hd 515 was brought out from my old suitcase. Having read it is 125 ohms I used it my fiio e12 amp. I was wondered by its soundstage. I started hearing my jazz and vocal songs. THen only I felt my final selection would be open back. I came to know semi open back would serve sound stage as well as some good bass also. So I again searched the hpz. Akc k240 semi back was in the field for two decades. I went for it. The delivery was quick. Wow I was amazed by its sq more over vfm. No frequeny was exaggerated. Definitely audiophile should go for it. I recommend it. But It needed fiio mont blanc amp to bring out its full performance. Thanks Hpz

Respect AKG \m/

This is it !!
I am an audiophile and musician...been through so many brands...like ATH M50X, Harman Kardon CL, Bose , Klipsh One and S4, Shure SE215, Urbanears Plattan, Senheisser etc.
These cans ends my hunger for quality...built is superb gonna run like marathon...comfort is like i forget them that i am wearing it...(used it 2 hrs continuous)...Now sound quality:
Soundstage: Airy and semi open cans give awesome space and noise isolation same time..for example...Adele - Rolling in the deep...its starts with rumble and adels's voice is divine..i can hear each and every instrument with tight bass and tonality...many others like hands can not erase by porcupine tree was very much separated ...its orgasmic, Opeth Damnation album sound like i have never heard before, even though i heard them like thousand times....Mr. A R Rehman feels GOD in these cans...
Highs: Little rolled off to give warm sound and much tighter tonality (I am using FiiO A3 with these as they need enough power to show what they are)
Mids: This is very strong for these cans...vocals seems like...artists singing next to you
Lows: epic presence ..just what is needed

These are EPIC SHIT!!..(Pls buy FiiO A3 with these else you will not get what you are looking for)...comfort is outmatching other headphones....look is like daft punk...;)..Black n Gold baby
I am using all Flac files...with my nexus and FiiO A3....Planning to Buy FiiO X1 for Divine exprerience
They dont go well with ipod...iphone and other apple products...cause they are more emphasized towards mids...and they cant play flac also....android rules \m/