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Apple - AirPods Pro

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Apple has redefined the Headphones category with the Airpods Pro. The seamless user experience, that Apple is known for is the best thing about these True Wireless Earbuds. They may not be the best sounding, or the most comfortable. But its Apple.


I started Headphone Zone almost 10 years ago because most big retailers had little to no understanding of electronic accessories, people had little understanding and few options. Customers ended up having a lousy experience in-store and simply bought the cheapest earphone they found.
Our aim is to take the Headphone Zone experience to the length and breadth of music listeners in India. How we can do this is by helping you experience better sound, and provide you with enough information enabling informed choices.

My hobbies include collecting Airline Baggage Tags. I also hold a Guinness World Record for the largest collection in the world. While I’m not an audiophile, I am a passionate musician and I love listening to Rock, Pop and Jazz.

About Raghav
  • Founded Headphone Zone in 2011
  • Founded the Indian Audiophile Forum in 2017, a growing community of 10,000+ members.
  • Travels to industry events like CanJam Singapore and IFA yearly
  • Spends every morning at the breakfast table with his standard meal of idli and sambar.
  • Spends every night (or every time he has to wait for his spouse to get ready) at his Roland piano playing pop tunes from memory.
  • Raghav’s passion for headphones and his commitment to Headphone Zone exemplifies our mission to create customer delight through every touchpoint on our website.
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    Meet the new Apple AirPods Pro

    Experience the magic of Apple

    The all-new Apple AirPods Pro carries the magical sound you always wanted to hear. The Active Noise Cancellation feature has been added to keep noise away. Experience an immersive sound with utmost transparency.

    The fitter, the better

    The AirPods Pro offers a great fit. They are specially designed to be comfortable and give you a secure fit without the interruption of unwanted noise around you. The three sizes of soft and flexible eartips give you the option to adjust the fit according to your ears and the vents equalise the pressure from the outside environment.

    No noise. Only music

    The new Apple AirPods Pro delivers sound that cuts out the noise and offers a relaxing time with your music. The Active Noise Cancellation in these in-ear headphones adjusts to the eartips' fit as well as the geometry of your ear to block unwanted noise away. An outward-facing microphone detects external sound and then counters it with equal anti-noise, pushing the external noise far way even before you can hear it. An inward-facing microphone listens for any additional unwanted sound and eliminates it with anti-noise. The AirPods Pro makes sure that the noise cancellation is adjusted 200 times per second so that you can have uninterrupted time with your podcasts and calls.


    Switch modes easily

    Too curious to know what's happening around you? Just press and hold the force sensor on the stem to jump between Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency mode. It lets you listen to the outside world and easily converse with people around you. You can also control your music and calls using the force sensor.

    The Apple Drivers


    The drivers offers an extraordinary sound that makes the AirPods Pro all the more enjoyable. The custom-built high-excursion and low-distortion speaker driver delivers a powerful bass. The inward facing microphone fine-tunes the audio and adjusts the mid and low frequencies.


    The amplifier installed in the AirPods Pro is robust. It powers the speaker driver to remove the unwanted noise and works alongside the H1 chip to control the listening levels. It also produces crystal-clear sound while extending the battery life.


    The H1 Chip

    The Apple-designed H1 chip contains 10 audio cores which creates incredibly low audio processing latency that allows for real-time noise cancellation. The System in Package design is compact and arranged with precision. The placement of each component is based on the form of the human ear taking comfort, fit and stability into consideration.

    24 hours of battery life.

    The Apple AirPods Pro can be charged wirelessly with the case and delivers a total playback time of more than 24 hours. It is also compatible with Qi-certified chargers. It delivers around 4.5 hours of music on the one charge. And thanks to fast charging, a mere 5 minutes of charge lets you to listen to music for an hour.


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    CHIP H1-based System in Package
    MICROPHONE Yes (Dual beamforming microphones/Inward-facing microphone)
    AIRPODS PRO WITH WIRELESS CHARGING CASE: More than 24 hours listening time and up to 18 hours talk time.
    5 minutes in the case provides around 1 hour of listening time or around 1 hour of talk time.
    AIRPODS PRO Up to 4.5 hours of listening time with a single charge (up to 5 hours with Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency mode off).
    Up to 3.5 hours of talk time with a single charge.
    WEIGHT AirPods Pro (each): 0.14 ounce (4 g)
    Wireless Charging Case: 1.41 ounces (40 g)
    DIMENSIONS AirPods Pro (each): 21.8 mm (0.86 inches) X 30.9 mm (1.22 inches)
    60.6 mm (2.39 inches) X 45.2 mm (1.78 inches) X 21.7 mm (0.85 inches)
    BOX CONTENTS 1. Apple Airpods Pro
    2. Wireless Charging Case
    3. Lightning to USB Cable
    4. Silicone ear tips (three sizes)
    5. Documentation


    Don’t sweat it, This Apple product is covered by a 1 Year manufacturer's warranty.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Awesome apple

    Apple nailed it this time with active ANC and good ear seal. Fantastic balanced sound quality

    Thank you for sharing your review with us.
    Amazing noise cancellation!

    Such an amazing device

    Thank you so much for sharing your review with us.
    Nice ANC

    Headphonezone is first delivers apple airpods pro in India,speed delivered over India,it's best

    best in class

    true noise cancelling,no doubt best connectivity,light weight and punchy sound.

    Thank you for sharing your review with us.
    Best out there!

    Easily one of the best earphones I've used. Received the earphone sooner than i expected and would recommend the same to others.

    Thank you for sharing your review.
    Great product and Superfast delivery

    Amazing piece of technology!

    Thank you for your review.