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Astell&Kern - AK Jr

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Astell&Kern always brings the world's best DAPs to the table with its  years of experience. The AK Jr is another very affordable stunner. The Astell&Kern  AK Jr Portable High Definition Music Player and DAC is a pocket-sized audio system capable of studio Mastering Quality Sound (MQS) support and playback. The AK Jr also supports 2.8 MHz DSD64 playback by converting to PCM.

The AK Jr is predominantly made from metal that is cool anodised aluminium. The AK Jr has an integrated single-channel Wolfson WM8740 DAC for exemplary sound quality and detail. It can also be used as an external DAC with your Mac or PC via USB. This hi-res player features 64GB of inbuilt memory and a microSD card slot that supports up to 64GB.

The 3.1" WQVGA touchscreen provides an easy to use interface while the sleek aluminum body and volume wheel are smooth and robust. The AK Jr comes with a set of screen protectors and a micro-USB cable. The highly efficient battery nestled below that study aluminium body, delivers upto 9 hours of continuous music and will get you grooving comfortably through the day. 

  • Supports DSD to PCM

    The Astell&Kern AK Jr supports DSD, the digital audio format widely considered to be the next-generation in high resolution audio. You can listen to a greater range of audio through DSD when the AK Jr converts 2.8 MHz DSD files to PCM. 
    Supports Master Quality Sound 

    The AK Jr is capable of supporting Master Quality Sound. MQS is a high definition digital music format operating at 24 bits and sample rates from 96 to 192 kHz, which leads to distortion-free sound without data loss. MQS sources are generally saved as a lossless 24-bit WAV or FLAC files during record production at the time of the mastering source.

    USB DAC 

    The AK Jr has an integrated Wolfson WM8740 DAC that allows the player to provide high definition sonic quality and detail, and can be used as an external DAC for PC or Mac via USB. The USB DAC feature also supports UAC 1.0 (USB Audio Class 1.0 / 24-bit, 96 kHz) audio output. 

    Full LCD Touch Screen

    The 3.1" WQVGA LCD touchscreen provides smartphone-like full touch capabilities with a responsive interface and a larger screen for more information. Album covers are now displayed in a 1:1 aspect on the AK Jr’s larger screen.

    High Band EQ

    The AK Jr provides extended frequency control with a 10 band graphic EQ in .5 dB increments. Along with this, multiple user EQs are supported so that users may create custom EQs to fit each music genre and change them whenever they want to.

    64GB In-Built + 64GB Expandable Memory

    The AK Jr features 64GB of inbuilt memory while supporting microSD cards of up to 64 GB. The AK Jr is therefor has a total storage capacity of 128 GB! This combined capacity is capable of storing approximately 1,250 or more high resolution audio files.

    Supports Multiple File Formats

    The Astell&Kern AK Jr is capable of seamlessly supporting a vast collection of music files across all formats be it, DXD, DSD 64/128, PCM @384kHz/64bit, FLAC, ALAC, WAV, or APE.

    Increased Output and Lowered Impedance

    The AK Jr's output level of 1.95 VRMS means a 14% increase over the Astell&Kern's older AK100's 1.5 VRMS. A&K's engineers have reduced the output impedance to 2 Ohms for a significant gain in sound fidelity from the AK100’s 22 Ohms. The AK Jr therefore doesn't require a separate amplifier.

    Lightweight and Compact Design

    The AK Jr is Astell & Kern's most compact and lightweight portable hi-res audio player till date. At just 93 gm, the player's raised screen design slims it down from 8.9mm to 6.9mm.

    Supports Bluetooth 4.0 for Wireless Convenience

    The AK Jr lets you stream your music to your wireless headphones, hi-fi systems or car stereos easily with the help of its Bluetooth 4.0 codec.

    Sleek Aluminium Design

    The AK Jr is one of the best looking hi-res players available today and is a beautifully crafted piece of hardware that'll give most portable high res players a run for their money. The Jr is made predominantly from anodised aluminium and has a machined industrial look that's all straight lines and no curves. 

    Up To 9 Hours of Battery Life

    The AK Jr packs a lot of power! Its built in 1450mAh capacity Lithium-polymer rechargeable battery allows for a phenomenal 8-9 hours of play time.

    What's in the box:

    • Astell&Kern AK Jr Portable High Definition Music Player and DAC
    • Micro USB Cable
    • Set of Screen Protectors

  • 20Hz - 20000Hz;  ±0.04 dB
    20Hz - 70000Hz;  ±0.03 dB
    Output: 2 Ohms

    3.5mm Jack
    <0.005% @1KHz

    Dimensions -  5.3 x 11.7 x 0.9 cm
    Weight - 93 g
    Power - USB Micro B Input
    Battery display - Yes
    Battery Capacity - 1450 mAH
    Battery Life - >9 Hours


    One Year

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headphone Zone Care (authorised service center) at or +91 750 664 6988.

  • "Product of the Year, Awards 2015. This high-res player isn't cheap, but its build quality and performance make it a formidable, portable pleasure. Nothing about the way the AK Jr looks or feels speaks of cost-cutting."
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    "The Astell & Kern AK Jr marries classic design with class-leading sound, making it one of the best high-res players for the money. It  offers excellent design and great usability -- from the dedicated volume dial to the no-nonsense menu."
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    "With a sleek and compact design, plenty of features, and smartphone-crushing sound, emerges as the portable hi-res player to beat. In fact, when it comes to sheer value, this device is in strong contention for best-in-class in the portable hi-fi market."
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    "The AK Jr is blessed with good looks and great sound quality to make it one of the best ways to take your high res audio out and about. If you're sold on the benefits of Hi-Res Audio, though, there more to like about the Jr than just its sleek exterior."
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    "Jr has a few serious design flaws. But, in my opinion, it is A&K’s best current portable DAP. It is slimmer, lighter, and less arbitrarily designed than either the AK240 or the AK380."
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    "The Astell & Kern AK Jr is all about sharp lines and a modern, almost alien shape. Built of aluminium and with a glass back, the AK Jr's entry-level credentials don't show at all in the way it's designed. It's also incredibly slim and pocketable."
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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Revaiah RG R.R. Revaiah R.
Excellent Service

Excellent Delivery

Gautam Nivas G.N. Gautam N.
Amazing Sound in a Sleek Package

The Ak Jr looks gorgeous. It is well built and compact. I paired it with my V-moda M100s, loaded some flacs and wow! What an experience! There is zero noise and the sound is crystal clear with rich bass and a massive soundstage.

The only downside is that the interface is slightly sluggish and less responsive. That being said, it is still perfectly useable and can be forgiven considering how amazing the audio performance is.