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Astell&Kern - AK240

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The Astell&Kern AK240 Portable High Definition Music Player and USB DAC was launched with the aim of giving the ultimate in sound quality. The AK240 has dual DAC Cirrus Logic CS4398 chip that allows for native DSD playback, so that there's no need to convert DSD files to WAV prior to analog conversion.

The AK320's integrated DAC provides exemplary sound quality and detail. It can also be used as an external DAC with your Mac or PC via USB. This hi-res player features a massive 256GB of inbuilt memory and a microSD card slot that supports up to 256GB. Thus, you can conveniently carry all your music files, everywhere you go.

The AK320 divulges plush aesthetics. The carbon face along the back and elegant external shell make this piece a through premium piece. The 3.3" AMOLED touchscreen provides an easy to use interface while the sleek duralumin body and volume knob are smooth and robust.

With its WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities, you are not just limited to playback of songs you have on your device, you can also stream tracks from your Mac or PC that have been connected to the same wireless network. This Astell&Kern player comes with Bluetooth 4.0 and is backed by aptX codec supportThe AK240 also comes with a leather case.

The digital music player is highly capable and can play MP3, FLAC, WAV, ALAC, Ogg Vorbis, AAC, AIFF, APE, WMA, DFF and DSF files in high quality.

The AK240 has truly set a new benchmark for portable audio players, making for the perfect piece if you are looking for best in class audio.

  • Native DSD Support

    DSD (Direct Stream Digital) is a digital audio file format originally developed for SACDs (Super Audio CD). DSD files have 1 bit (0s or 1s) for Y axis and is separated into 2,800,000 (2.8 MHz) to 5,600,000 (5.6 MHz) of information for X axis.
    Compared to regular audio CDs with 16-bit/44.1 kHz PCM format, SACD's recording frequency goes up to 100 kHz and the dynamic range goes beyond 120 dB while maintaining sound clarity during the transmission.
    In order to provide native DSD playback on the AK240, the player uses the Cirrus Logic CS4398 chip in the dual DAC setup with an added exclusive XMOS chip that will allow for Native DSD support..

    AK240 DSD
    Dual DAC with Balanced Output 

    The AK240 has a CS4398 Dual DAC and the balanced output method with sound. During the development of the AK100 and AK120, Astell&Kern's specific analogue amp setup was already creating full balanced analogue signals streaming from the DAC and they were able to move a step closer towards the original sound by then creating a balanced output terminal at the end.

    AK240 Dual-DACTrue to Life Sound & USB DAC 

    The Dual DAC setup was done to create better left and right channel separation with clearer sound quality and to accurately reproduce the original sound recording. The AK240 can also be easily connected to your PC or Mac to be used as an external DAC. The combination of the exclusive DSD chip and the Dual DAC in the AK240 goes above and beyond most computer sound cards and is able to create a greater sense of space and deeper sound while listening to your music.

    Network Playback

    With the AK240, it's no longer required to turn on your PC, search for music, connect a device, and transfer files. Just connect the AK240 Generation to your PC or Mac via Wi-Fi on the same network and download or stream music wirelessly.

    Over-The-Air Firmware Updates

    As long as you are connected to Wi-Fi, Astell&Kern will notify you of firmware updates as soon as they launch from wherever you are. AK240 users receive firmware updates immediately.

    256GB In-Built + 128GB Expandable Memory

    The AK240 features 256GB of inbuilt memory while supporting microSD cards of up to 128 GB. The AK320 therefore has a total storage capacity of 384 GB! This inbuilt capacity itself is capable of storing approximately 2500 or more MQS audio files.

    Supports Multiple File Formats

    The Astell&Kern AK240 is capable of seamlessly supporting a vast collection of music files across all formats be it; WAV, FLAC, WMA, MP3, OGG, APE(Normal, High, Fast), AAC, ALAC, AIFF, DFF, DSF FLAC, WAV, ALAC, AIFF : 8kHz ~ 192kHz (8/16/24bits per Sample)/ DSD Native : DSD64 (1bit 2.8MHz), Stereo / DSD128 (1bit 5.6MHz).

    Sleek Two- Part Design

    There are 2 parts to the design of the volume knob on the AK240. First is the luxurious and exquisite diamond-pattern design on the knob where it is gripped. Second is the fine hairline design at the end of the knob that shines to emphasize the natural beauty of the AK240. The back of the unit is composed of real carbon fiber plates which blend well with the overall AK240 design.

    Detailed and Meticulous Manufacturing Process

    Even though the body of AK240 is just one unit constructed out of duralumin, it goes through 12 stages of production until it is complete. The initial 6 stages involve the original materials being prepared, and the next 6 stages involve putting together all of those original parts. Each stage takes numerous hours which are worked on by our experts.

    More Detailed 10-Band 0.5 dB-step EQ Setting

    The EQ setting available on the AK240 is made more accurate by doubling the bands (from 5 to 10 bands) and halving the dB steps (from 1dB to 0.5dB) available. One can also create and save customized preset EQ settings to fit various music genres.

    Supports Bluetooth 4.0 & Wi-Fi for Wireless Convenience

    The AK320 lets you stream your music to your wireless headphones, hi-fi systems or car stereos easily with the help of its Bluetooth 4.0 codec. You can also access or download your music from your PC via Wi-Fi.

    3.3" AMOLED Full Touch Screen

    The 3.31 inch AMOLED display on the AK240 makes it easy to navigate, especially for smart phone users. The playback and volume control buttons have been upgraded on the AK240. Music tracks with long titles, such as a classical music, are displayed on 2 lines for better navigation. Due to the speedy file scanning functionality, a separate DB scanning function is no longer needed and file search is available for easy access to music.

    Exceptional Leather Case

    In order to raise the bar of the AK240 even higher, much attention was devoted to the selection of leather for the case. Minerva leather, originated from Badalassi Carlo was chosen. The leather case for the AK240 was made from a process called “Full Vegetable Tanning”, a process that has been used in Italy for 200 years. A variety of trees and plants are involved in this tanning process which takes about 40 days to complete and only the most experienced professionals in Italy possess the skills to do it.

    What's in the box:

    • Astell&Kern AK240 Portable Digital Music Player
    • AKS02 Dock Station
    • Leather Case

  • 20Hz - 20000Hz; ±0.023 dB

    10Hz - 70000Hz; ±0.3 dB
    Output: 1-2 Ohm

    3.5mm Jack

    Dimensions - 66 x 107 x 17.5 mm
    Weight -275 g
    Power - USB Micro B Input
    Battery display - Yes
    Battery Capacity - 3250 mAH
    Battery Life - <12 Hours


    One Year

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headphone Zone Care (authorised service center) at or +91 750 664 6988.

  • "The Astell&Kern AK240 is a revolutionary portable media player. The $2500 price tag is certainly extraordinary, but the superb build, astonishing styling, brilliant user interface, unusual and useful features and functions, and absolutely top-notch sound quality."
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