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Astell&Kern - Beyerdynamic AK T1p

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Astell&Kern has collaborated with Beyerdynamic to create the T1p, Beyerdynamic's flagship Tesla T 1's with a new and improved Tesla driver & lowered impedance for use with your mobile phones.

These over-ear semi-open headphones have been designed to  achieve values of over one Tesla that will ensure almost double as much volume as traditional headphones. T1p's increased efficiency also provides greater  power reserves for dynamic, undistorted sound and electric signals are converted nearly losslessly into soundwaves.

The headphones' impressively wide frequency range gives an outstanding neutral sound and its 32 Ohm voice coil provides perfect transient- and phase fidelity.

As with any high end Beyerdynamic headphone, the AK T1p has been manufactured in Germany. Owners of one of Astell&Kern's high-end players can also connect the AK T1p directly to the symmetrical output of their portable device using the additional cable with its 2.5 mm jack plug.

  • 32 Ohm Impedance 

    The AK T1p delivers outstanding sound quality with the help of its completely redesigned transducers with Tesla Technology.  Thanks to the 32 ohm Tesla technology, the output of the AK T1p when paired with mobile players, smartphones or tablets is significantly louder than the T 1 with its 600 ohm transducers.

    Most Powerful Headphone Magnets

    The AK T1p has a closed-back design and features the world's most powerful headphone  magnets. Those ubermagnets dramatically improve efficiency and lower distortion.

    Perfect for High Resolution Playback 

    With its open design, the AK T1p is particularly capable when it comes to reproducing the full musical wealth offered by high-resolution audio files. Instruments and voices separate from the headphones and create a virtual soundstage. No closed headphones can achieve such levels of transparency and airiness.

    Tesla Technology

    Completely re-engineered transducers (drivers) based on a neodymium ring magnet with optimized magnetic field characteristics. This combination creates a magnetic field inside the transducer which is far stronger (> 1,2 Tesla - measuring unit for magnetic flux density - with current headphones the strength of the magnetic field is < 0,65 Tesla) than in standard headphones. Because of this increased magnetic field, the voice coil is more compact but still provides a very high degree of efficiency. The membrane, consisting of a 3 layer "compound foil", delivers an extremely precise frequency response and guarantees, in collaboration with the strong magnet, a transparent and distortion free sound. 

    Superb Clarity & Sound

    These semi-open circum-aural headphones also provide  dynamic, undistorted sound and nearly lossless conversion of electric signals into sound waves. The highly lightweight 32 Ohm provides transparency and perfect impulse fidelity.

    Additional Cable for Astell&Kern Players

    Owners of one of Astell & Kern's high-end players can connect the AK T1p directly to the symmetrical output of their portable device using the supplied cable with its 2.5 mm jack plug. As a result, the lead has virtually no impact on the sound, thus allowing listeners to enjoy studio masters with 24-bit resolution or high-res files in DSD format in their full, pure glory – just as the sound engineer in the studio intended. 

    Handcrafted Design & Supreme Comfort

    Made in Germany, the T1p's elegant looks  compliment its technical achievements. And even the smallest of details have been selected by hand. They also provide very high wearing comfort due to its velour earpads and leather headband pad.

    Noise Isolation

    The T1p provides outstandingly neutral and balanced sound and its semi-open design ensures that you are isolated against exterior noises without completely muffling them. 

    What's in the box:

    • Astell&Kern Beyerdynamic AK T1p Headphones
    • 3.5mm Unbalanced Cable
    • 2.5mm Balanced Cable 
    • 3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter

  • Over-Ear

    5Hz - 50,000Hz



    2.5mm 4-pole balanced cable / 3.5mm 3-pole standard cable 

    Gold plated stereo jack plug 1/4" adapter (6.35mm)


    300 mW

    102 dB @ 1 kHz



    Five Years 

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page.

    To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Beyerdynamic India Private Limited at the F ixed line: +91-80-23310101 or fill the contact form  here.

  • " The T1 may not be a strictly accurate headphone, but it pays its way sonically. Those high-sensitivity drivers uncover a lot of detail and the lift in the midrange gives them a real sense of presence."

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    " Best home on-ear headphones £800+, Awards 2010. A stunning pair of headphones that dig deeper into the recording than anything else we’ve heard at this price level"

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