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Audeze - EL - 8 Titanium

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The Audeze EL-8 Titanium Over Ear Headphones are the world's first headphones with a fully integrated Apple Lightning Cable. The EL-8 Titanium are Apple MFi certified closed-back headphones,  that have been loaded with new technology to provide extreme performance with your iOS devices. The wide frequency, ensures that you experience a superior transient response.

The EL-8 Titanium's Cipher cable streams a complete 24-bit digital signal through a high quality DSP and DACthat has been built-in to offer better sound quality. Now enjoy superior audio performance for both, you music as well as voice calls. Now enjoy music on your iOS devices with remarkable accuracy. A standard cable too comes included in the package, thus, you can pair the EL-8 with non-iOS devices aswell.

Designed by  BMWDesignWorks USA, these headphones isolate the listener and reduce ambient noise as no sound escapes the earcups. The EL - 8 Titanium has Audeze's signature advanced planar magnetic technology therefore providing exemplary sound quality that is unheard of in this or any other price category.

Extremely portable and lightweight,you can carry your headphones where ever you wish.

If you are looking for audiophile and pro grade sound, the Audeze EL-8 is a clear choice for you. 

  • Fazor Technology

    Fazors are special acoustical elements positioned on either side of the magnetic structure. They enhance transparency by affecting the sound waves generated by large planar diaphragms. A few of the benefits include extended frequency response, improved high-frequency extension, and lowered distortion, with better imaging.

    Large Ultra Thin-Film Diaphragms

    Unlike a dynamic driver with a cone or dome attached to a round voice coil, Audeze's flat, thin-film diaphragm has a printed circuit across most of its surface. When the circuit is energized with an audio signal it interacts with magnets that move the diaphragm back and forth, creating sound.

    Fluxur Magnetic Structure

    The new patent-pending Fluxor magnetic technology allows the EL-8 Titanium to nearly double the magnetic flux density of the highest-grade neodymium magnetic circuits. This results in a more lightweight design and greater efficiency while working with mobile devices.

    Planar Magnetic Transducer

    Rather than use standard headphone drivers that operate like miniature woofers or tweeters, the EL-8 Titaniums use a large, 6.17-square-inch thin-film planar magnetic driver to make sound.

    Uniforce Diaphragm

    The EL-8 utilizes a patent pending Uniforce diaphragm that has variable trace widths in the voice-coil that effectively capture variations in the magnetic field within the magnetic gaps by equalizing the forces of the individual traces, creating a uniform driving force across the diaphragm surface. You can therefore sound that has 
    reduced distortion, higher resolution and improved imaging

    World’s First Headphones With Fully Integrated Apple Lightning Cable

    The EL-8 Titanium headphones are Apple MFi certified and provide Apple users with true high resolution uncompromised audio – not just for music playback, but for voice calls as well. The built in microphone can be used for phone calls and is SIRI compatible.

    Integrated DAC for 24 Bit Audio

    The EL-8 Titanium headphones come with an exclusive lightning cable that streams a complete 24-bit digital signal through a high quality Amp, DSP and DAC to offer better sound quality. 

    Ultimate Listening Experience

    Employing unique design and advanced transducer technology, Audeze's headphones provide total comfort for hours on end. Combining legendary style with the world’s most advanced planar magnetic technology, delivering the ultimate listening experience.

    Engineered to Sonic Perfection

    Implementing unique designs and patented technologies, Audeze is widely recognized as the industry leader, offering planar magnetic headphones with unparalleled performance, visual appearance, and comfort in all price categories. We accomplish this by pushing the limits of technology, materials science and engineering, always striving for sonic perfection.

    Best in Class Audio Accuracy

    Audeze headphones’ best-in-class accuracy makes them an irreplaceable tool for those requiring the most transparent audio reproduction available. Besides being first discovered by audiophiles, now professional engineers and music producers are using these headphones as their new reference.

    Additional Cable for Other Devices

    For non- Apple device compatibility, the headphones also include a standard 2m analog cable. This cable does not come with a mic.

    Audeze App

    The accompanying Audeze app can be used to apply EQ and sound presets through your Apple device.

    What's in the box:

    • Audeze - EL - 8 Titanium Headphones
    • 2m (6.56 feet) Audeze headphone cable
    • 3.5mm to 1/4 in Stereo Adapter

  • Over-Ear
    10Hz – 50kHz

    30 Ω
    2m Audeze Headphone Cable

    Lightning Connector

    200mW - 4W

    480 g


    Three Years

    All headphones purchased from Audeze directly or through any of their dealers will retroactively have a 3-year warranty from the date of purchase.  Normal wear and tear of the product are not covered. All other natural materials and parts including accessories are covered under a 1-year warranty.
    This warranty covers all manufacturing defects in material or workmanship for a period of 3 years from the date of original purchase. Audeze will (1) replace or repair the product at no charge or (2) exchange the product with a product that is new. For more details, check our Warranty Page. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and  Contact Headphone Zone Care (authorized service center) at or +91 750 664 6988.

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