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Home Audition

Audeze - Mobius (Home Audition)

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7 Days Replacement

Yay! This item is eligible for replacement.

This product is eligible for a replacement if the return request is raised within 7 days of delivery, and ONLY in the unfortunate event that it is found to be defective. This policy is not applicable to customers who are not happy with the product.

Once the manufacturing defect has been confirmed by our inspection team, we will provide a replacement of the originally ordered product. In case of replacements not being available, you can choose another variant, full store credit or a full refund will be provided.

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    How does The Home Audition Program work?



    Pick a Headphone

    Choose the headphone you'd like to audition. We urge you to talk to a Headphone Guru at this stage.


    Pay Security Deposit

    Pay the security deposit, equivalent to the value of the headphones. This is required to confirm your home audition.


    Enjoy the Home Audition

    Now is your time to leisurely listen for 3 days. We will arrange for a pickup at the end of your Home Audition period.


    Take the Plunge

    Now you can choose to buy a new unit or get a complete refund after deducting any penalty charges.

More about the Home Audition Program


The Home Audition Program by Headphone Zone is your chance to try expensive audio gear for 3 days by simply paying a security deposit. We will ship the product to you at a convenient time depending on demo unit availability and pick it up when your 3 days are up.

Why we started the program is because headphones are best heardBeing in the headphone business, we realize that headphones are a sensory product. What better way to decide whether you like a headphone than by trying it at leisure in your living room? Since the program is open to all, this is your chance to venture into the world of audiophilia.

Your home = your experience studio with The Home Audition program. It's not easy, nor is it cheap, for us to open up Experience Studios all over the country. Any one who loves audio knows that to really delve into the hobby is to make a generous investment. Our program allows you the luxury of choice so you buy better!

When partaking in the program, please be careful with the units. Goes without saying, but we have very limited demo units available. We expect that you care for it as if it were your own.


Read the FAQs

Here are some of the most common questions that we get about The Home Audition Program. Please read through each of them carefully for a smooth, and hassle-free experience.

Pre Purchases

At the time of purchase

Shipping the Home Audition Unit

Home Audition Period

Return Process

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Audeze - Mobius rha vs competitors
₹ 27,990/- ₹ 34,990/-

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V-MODA - Crossfade 2 Wireless Codex Edition rha vs competitors
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Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year
Sound V-Shaped V-Shaped Balanced Balanced
Housing Plastic Housing Metal Housing Hard Plastic Aluminium Housing
Ergonomics Over-Ear Over-Ear Over-Ear Over-Ear
Design Closed-Back Closed-Back Closed-Back Closed-Back
Bluetooth Connectivity v4.2 v4.1 v4.2 Low-Power Qualcomm CSR chipset
NFC No No Yes No
Noise Cancellation No No Active Noise Cancellation No
Mobile App Audeze HQ No Sony I Headphones Connect App PX app
Battery Life 10 Hours 14 Hours Max. 30 hours (NC ON)
Max. 38 hours (NC OFF)
Up to 12 Hours
Carry pouch No Exoskeleton Carry Case Carrying Case Protective Pouch
Should You Buy?
Our Verdict

One of Audeze's first wireless headphones you'll fall in love with wether it be gaming, movie watching, listening to music - the Mobius can be used for all.

Headphones with aptX & AAC Bluetooth audio codecs making it preferable for both Android & iOS users.

Noise Canceling Headphones with little-to-no interference from the ambient noise & better connectivity.

Flagship Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones with intricate design, amazing battery life & more importantly great sound quality.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Best Bluetooth headphone in my opinion.

Being an owner of the HD650 for many years, I have come to a point where I can no longer appreciate poor headphones. I am not an audiophile by any means, but I can certainly distinguish between poor sounding headphones and great sounding headphones, where the differences are very large and hence easily discernible.

I wanted a portable BT headphone that gave me close to what I consider 'the HD650' like great listening experience, all without requiring a wire. ANC wasn't on my checklist. Initially I was skeptical since these pack a ton of gamer tech inside, and I though that maybe these headphones aren't particularly geared towards music listening. But then when I played music on it, I was completely blown away. Now, I haven't heard the high end Audezes, so I can't say how much Audeze has handicapped these headphones in terms of sound quality. But in my opinion they are very very close to the great sounding experience of high end audiophile grade headphones such as the HD650. They are not the same sounding as the HD650s. They sound different but they sound rich and they sound extremely detailed, even more so than the forgiving HD650. Bass is fast and punchy with just the right amount of heft, not too overpowering and definitely not bleeding into the mids. In fact it is far away from doing so. The mids are a just a hair bit forward, but in a nice way. I always like vocals sounding crisp and clear. The highs are sparkling and adds to detail without being siblant. The soundstage is wide enough for a closed back, IMO. These cans being planar magnetic, are easily driven through the built in amp. Volume gets amazingly loud and it sounds just as full at low volumes as it does at high volume levels.

The Mobius checks every box in my checklist. I will be a long term owner of this beautifully crafted device. I will be purchasing it as soon as the return of the audition unit is fulfilled.

We are incredibly grateful that you took the time out to leave us this note. We look forward to serving you again.