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Audeze - SINE DX

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The Audeze SINE DX is the world's first on-ear planar magnetic headphone which has an open-back design. To appeal to those discerning audiophiles who appreciate the wide soundstage that an open-back can offer, Audeze decided to improve their vastly popular SINE.

Just like the SINE, the DX version also employs planar magnetic technology that gives you sound that’s punchy, dynamic, and detailed. Its 80 x 70mm planar magnetic driver has more than 3x the surface area of any on-ear headphone in its class for better bass and dynamics. Because the DX is an open-back headphone, it offers an amazingly smooth frequency response.

It’s lightweight, and folds flat for easy travelling. Designworks, a BMW group subsidiary worked in collaboration with Audeze for the industrial design, and the SINE DX headphones, like all Audezes are manufactured in the USA at their Southern California factory.

The main point of differentiation between the Audeze SINE and the SINE DX is that the DX, being an open-back, offers a wide soundstage and is best used at home or in the studio. For audiophiles who want to experience the open-back goodness of an Audeze LCD headphone, the DX becomes an appealing budget friendly headphone.



    Open Back Headphone with a Wide Soundstage

    The SINE DX is a one of a kind headphone. There is no other headphone in the world that is an open-back, with planar magnetic drivers, and folds flat in a supra-aural design. Being open-back, the soundstage is wide, spacious and concert-like. Audeze has outdone themselves with this fantastic piece of highest quality workmanship. 



    Planar Magnetic Technology

    Unlike a dynamic driver with a cone or dome attached to a round voice coil, Audeze's flat, thin-film diaphragm has a printed circuit across most of its surface. When the circuit is energized with an audio signal it interacts with magnets that move the diaphragm back and forth, creating sound. Rather than use standard headphone drivers that operate like miniature woofers or tweeters, the SINEs use a large, 6.17-square-inch thin-film planar magnetic driver to make sound.



    Ultra-Thin Diaphragms for Near Zero Distortion

    Audeze has pioneered in the headphone world with its incredible driver technologies. They've employed the world's thinnest driver diaphragms. It's even thinner than a human hair! What's fascinating is that Audeze has borrowed inspiration from NASA and other space-age materials to create these ultra thin diaphragm. The result? They're four times larger than typical diaphragms for the fastest response times,  greatly reduced distortion, higher audio resolution and better imaging.

    Treated Magnets

    Audeze headphones employ cutting-edge planar magnetic headphone technology for more accurate, high-quality audiophile sound. The high-end planar magnetic technology connects you to your favorite artists and musicians as if you were right there at the original event.


    Premium Leather Headband for Ultimate Fit

    The SINE DX practically uses the same identical materials used the popular SINE. Being an on-ear headphone, these Audezes are optimised for fatigue-free listening. They fit nice and snug on all head sizes and ear shapes for a comfortable and enjoyable listening session.



    Deep And Bass-Driven Sound

    Audeze headphones employ cutting-edge planar magnetic headphone technology for more accurate, high-quality audiophile sound. The high-end planar magnetic technology connects you to your favorite artists and musicians as if you were right there at the original event.


  • style=
    On-Ear, Open-Back

    10Hz - 50,000Hz
    18 Ohms

    Standard Audio Cable
    3.5mm to 1/4in stereo adapter



    Neodymium N50
    102 dB/1mw

    1. Aueze Sine- DX Headphone 

    2. 2.5m stereo cable
    3. 3.5mm to 1/4in stereo adapter 


  • Three Years 

    Authorized Service Partner: Headphone Zone

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headphone Zone.

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