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Audio-Opus - Opus#11

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This payment method is currently only available for customers using credit cards issued by Kotak, Axis, ICICI, IndusInd, HDFC, HSBC, SBI, AMEX, RBL & STANC Banks.

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  1. Minimum Order value for EMI eligibility varies from Bank to bank. 
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The Opus #11 is an entry level DAC from The Bit which converts the digital audio signal to the high-resolution analogue counterpart. It is the first USB DAC from The Bit which will surely change the way you’ll listen to audio. Employing the prowess of the brilliant 32-bit, 2 channel audio D/A convertor - the Sabre ES9018K2M - experience amazing audio output up to a dynamic range of 110dB. With distortion is reduced to a great extent, those long sessions of music listening will be a truly enriching one and something to look forward to.

Carry your music everywhere with the ultra-slim Opus #11. The design is sleek with an ergonomic structure and compelling metal body construction. You are sure to get lot of attention with this ultra-slim DAC/amp. Plug in and be teleported with amazing audio excellence, on-the-go!

The Opus #11 is compatible with iOS devices and Android devices. Guess what? You can monitor the USB DAC and also control the functions with your smartphone.The Opus#11 allows for upto 8 hours of playback, anywhere, everywhere your smartphone goes.

Change the way you’ve been listening to music with the Opus #11!



    Mastering Quality Sound

    After the tremendous success of OPUS#1 Audio-Opus has focussed on making an AMP/DAC to experience high definition music directly from your smartphones. Enter the OPUS#11 - an ultra slim high definition and portable High Resolution USB DAC. Converting digital audio into a High-res Smart-Fi analog sound, the OPUS#11 aims to change your entire music listening experience. Simply connect OPUS#11 to your device and enjoy highest quality studio sound wherever you go.




    Smart-Fi Architecture

    With the Opus #11 change the sound you listen to everyday with high resolution audio. Take the DAC/amp everywhere you go and enjoy great music all the time. The Sabre ES9018K2M delivers an unprecedented level of performance and spectacular sound quality up to 110dB dynamic range and 0.008% of total harmonic distortion. The XS1-U8A-64(XMOS) has advanced multi core RISC architecture to make the OPUS#11 fast and effective. The highest 32 bit core is made to provide you with powerful performance wherever you go. The OPUS#11 hence delivers an ideal solution for stereo conversion from digital audio input in DSD formats of upto 32bit/384kHz




    Wider Sound Palette

    With the Opus#11, you can experience richer and wider sound and it presents and ideal solution for stereo conversion in DSD Formats up to 32bit/384kHz. You can easily control volumes and adjust your sound wherever you go. The Opus #11 is compatible with iOS devices as well as Android. You can control the device by using an iPhone or any other smartphone.



    Metal Construction

    The Opus #11 is built to last longer with its metal construction. The amp/Dac looks attractive, let's give credits to the 7.9mm metal body. Even with the metal construction, it is not difficult to carry the Opus #11 in your pockets or bags. The Bit has come up with a revolutionising remedy to bring the unheard before sound to your daily life.





    Ultra Slim, Ultra Compatible

    The OPUS#11 is easily compatible with all your smartphone devices. It converts the digital music data of your smartphone devices and converts it into hi-Res analogue sound. Thereby making your whole hi-res music setup much compact. It is the coolest USB DAC and headphone amplifier for mobile Smart-Fi.






    Sleek Design

    The slim design makes the Opus #11 lightweight. You can take the ultra-slim amplifier and DAC everywhere you go thanks to its easy portability.



    8 hours of Playback

    You can enjoy listening to your favourite tracks for continuous 8 hours without worrying about the battery. With the USB feature, you can also charge them immediately and listen to music for as long as your heart wants you to.


    High-End Technology

    Opus#11 is probably the best solution to your audio devices for your hi-res audio experience you may find around you. It is super ultra slim with the 7.9mm metal body, yet comprises of high-end technology in the DAC area. Whether you are commuting to home or enjoying your favourite music and movies at home, the OPUS#11 is created to make MQS available to the masses.




  • style=
    20 Hz~20 kHz (-3dB)
    16 Ohms - 100 Ohms

    Phone/Optical - 3.5mm Port
    Balanced  - 2.5mm (4-pole support)
    Line Output - <0.003%@1KHz
    Phone Out - <0.004%@1KHz

    Bluetooth 4.0 
    Dimensions -56mm x 103mm x 7.9mm
    Weight - 83 g

    Battery Capacity - 1400 mAh
    Battery Life - 8 Hours
    Charging Time - 4 Hours

    1. The bit - OPUS#11 

    2. USB Micro B to B
    3. USB Micro A to Micro B
    4. USB Cable for Charging

  • One Year 

    Authorized Service Partner: Headphone Zone

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headphone Zone.

  • What are Smartphone Devices compatible with OPUS#11?
    All Smartphone Devices.
    What Headphones are compatible with OPUS#11?
    OPUS#11 is compatible with all earphones, headphones, IEMs, CIEMs, no matter how sensitive or hard to drive they are.
    What is the battery life
    The OPUS#11 has a play time battery of 8.5 hours.
    Can I Play and charge OPUS#11 at the same time?
    Sure you can.
  • Support Brochure

    To Understand OPUS#11 further.

    Drivers Download

    This Drivers Manual to make OPUS#11 compatible

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Very Warm Sounding

Based on ESS Sabre 9018k2m, which is always expected to be very detailed and analytical.
But, the Opus #11 on the other hand is very warm sounding. Nice low end extension. Not that tight but fair depth. Deeper than Mojo.
Mids are very natural, though not as great as Mojo.
Warmth of the amp section feels like it is wrapped over the Sabre output.
One noticeable thing was, though both Fulla 2 and Opus #11 were warm, the Opus #11 was not as smooth as the Fulla 2 or Mojo. It had the typical crispiness of details. I'm glad the amp section didn't mess up with the transient performance of the DAC chip.
I could actually hear the characteristic sound of SABRE DAC 'past' the warmth of the amp section.

Note that it's a simple device, stereo in, stereo out. That's all. No volume control, no line out, no gain mode or bass boost selection. Amplification, that's all it does.

Downside: Output power is less, good for IEM and portable, low impedance and high sensitivity headphones.

Very good value for money and astounding sound quality!! Headphonezone is the best!

the service from headphonezone was super fast as usual and the packaging was really nice. the device was nicely covered with bubble wrap to prevent the damage. SOUND QUALITY: the sound level has significant improvement after using this device. i don't have to raise volume now to achieve same level of loudness. its pretty loud at around 50 % of my system volume. there is significant improvement in the soiundstage which sounds very wide now and there is a great separation between instruments which wasn't very evident before. the bass extension is where this DAC shines its really the deepest i have heard. superb sub bass its like a thunder rolling. but the bass never muddy other frequencies the mids are very forward and vocals are the clearest i have heard the crackle in the sound of the singer is clearly audible as well and background voice depending on the source file. female vocals r pure joy to hear on this DAC. the treble has a nice extension too. this dac/amp has an ESS Sabre9018K2M at its core which is very well complimented by a good amp. its never harsh and there is no issue of sabre glare as the amp keeps this beast in check!this is a very clear sounding and highly detailed implementation of an excellent Sabre DAC. the sound is highly detailed and very powerful. the one good quality or flaw (i don't know need an expert opinion) i found out is this dac/amp is very revealing. if the audio recording ids bad u can make out and i8f thr recording is good u will b treated to a superb sonic experience. its very analytical i say. that's what sabre dacs are famous for. CONCLUSION:JUST LOVING IT!!! great value for money and amazingly detailed and beautiful sound. definitely for the purists! get this if u want portability. nothing comes close to the form factor and the sound. Thanks to wonderful people at the Headphonezone and the Indian audiophile forum at Facebook for guiding me and providing me this astounding sounding device. take my word ----- Just Go For It-----...