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3 Years Manufacturer's Warranty Info

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This product is covered by Audio-Technica's 3 Year Warranty against manufacturing defects. The Authorised service partner for all warranty claims in India is Alphatec Audio Video Pvt. Ltd. & Rashi Peripherals.
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Designed in

Flat Sound

3 Years of

Ideal for

Ideal for Stage
& Live Shows

Works with
Android & iOS






The Audio Technica - ATH-E40 has proprietary dual phase push-pull drivers for pure sound reproduction that is natural and not artificial at all. It aims to deliver unaltered, clean sound straight to you.



The Audio Technica - ATH-E40 is designed to fit and seal within your ear for the ultimate in-ear monitoring. Whether you're on-stage or on-the-go, these IEMs will stay in and provide perfect noise isolation.



The Audio Technica - ATH-E40 has robust detachable cables and A2DC Connectors improves fit that adds convenience by making them easily replaceable when required.



The Audio Technica - ATH-E40 comes with silicone ear tips in four different sizes. A carry case is also included for protection, storage and easy transport.


DRIVER TYPE Dual Phase Push-Pull
CABLE TYPE 1.6 m Detachable
WEIGHT 10g (Without Cable)
BOX CONTENTS 1. Audio Technica - ATH-E40
2. Carry Case
3. Silicone eartips


Audio-Technica - ATH-E40 vs competitors
Audio-Technica - ATH-E40 Audio-Technica - ATH-E40 vs competitors
₹ 6,499/- ₹ 9,613/-

MEE Audio - MX2 Provs competitors
MEE Audio - MX2 Pro MEE Audio - MX2 Pro vs competitors
₹ 7,999/- ₹ 9,999/-

TIN HiFi - T4vs competitors
TIN HiFi - T4 TIN HiFi - T4 vs competitors
₹ 6,999/- ₹ 10,999/-

Etymotic - MK5vs competitors
Etymotic - MK5 Etymotic - MK5 vs competitors
₹ 6,499/- ₹ 6,999/-

Sound Signature
Driver Type Dynamic Hybrid Dynamic
Driver Configuration 1x DD 1x DD
1x BA
1x DD
Sensitivity 107dB 104±3db 102 ±3dB 95dB
Impedance 12Ω 34Ω 32Ω 32Ω
Compatibility Android & iOS Android & iOS Android & iOS Android & iOS
Detachable Cable
Connector A2DC MMCX
In The Box Audio Technica ATH-E40
3 Pairs Of Silicone Ear Tips
Carry Case
MX2 PRO In-Ear Monitors
Stereo Audio Cable
Stereo Headset Cable
Carrying Case With Carabiner
Comply™ Memory Foam Eartips
Silicone Eartips (4 Pairs)
Shirt Clips (2 Pairs)
¼” (6.3mm) Adapter
TIN HiFi T4 Earphones
3 Pair X Red Bore Silicone Tips (S/M/L)
3 Pair X Grey Colored Silicone Tips (S/M/L)
1 Pc X Storage Carry Box
Etymotic - MK5
ACCU Fit™ Eartips
Shirt Clip
Experts Verdict "ATH E40 is a very good earphone, and churns out superb detail in a wide soundstage. It has this coloured tone in a balanced signature, with good musicality and bass, making it a very unique."
Head - Fi
"Professional IEMs created for musicians, that can be used not only on sage. All models, including senior, are rather good for casual listeners that want to get quality sound and other bonuses."
Porta Fi
"The T4 sounds and feels like a major in-ear: a clean shape with sturdy construction and the right amount of sophistication, combined with one the best dynamic driver you can find in this price range."
The Etymotic MK5 are classy earphones that are a great choice for those who can’t afford to spend a extra on the company’s more expensive earphones.
Trusted Reviews



3 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this Audio-Technica ATH-E40 comes with a 3 year warranty from Audio-Technica that covers manufacturing defects. You get 1 year manufacturer warranty straight out of the box and can avail an additional 2 year warranty by registering the product. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about Audio-Technica's warranty in India.


"If you are used to using high-quality audio tracks, and want a pair that are neutral through the range, the ATH-E40 is, tonally speaking, the best pair of in-ear headphones."

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"The first thing I notice when listening to these headphones, is a fantastic level of separation. The ATH-E40 is an articulate earphone with a pretty amazing sound."

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"ATH E40 is a very good earphone, and churns out superb detail in a wide soundstage. It has this coloured tone in a balanced signature, with good musicality and bass, making it a very unique."

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"They are best suited for those who really care for the music they enjoy. The Audio Technica E40’s are a music listener’s earphones, not really aimed at the casual listener."

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YouTube Reviews

Watch the most popular YouTube reviews for the Audio-Technica - ATH-E40

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Floydian (Bengaluru)
Fucking fantastic.

Review after 5+ months of almost daily use.

Initially, these were out of my budget and to risk so much money without proper review was a big decision for me. But I saved on other expenses and after a lot of research, went for this anyway.

As others have mentioned, it took time for getting used to the fit as I have always used mainstream/cheap ones. But ones got the fit right, they stayed for hours.

Wait for these beasts to burn. Somewhere around 72 to 100 hours would be a good time before judging the sound.

The sound is flat af. If you are a bass head then you might not like these and if you have used bass heavy earphones/headphones then it might take some time to get used to these.

If you listen to music with full focus, you can hear the bass and other instruments crisp and sharp. The vocals are pretty clear too. Some adjustments with equaliser and you can see the beast unless its potential.

Best thing is the cables are detachable and can be replaced if in case damaged. The earphones remain intact and like one reviewer mentioned, with little care, they can last lifelong. Unlike others where most of the time the reason to throw away is the irreplaceable damaged cables.

the case if cool and I often show off a bit while taking them out or putting them back in. Haha little fun :)

The transparent cover gets scratched slowly but not sure how what will happen in long run, will they go completely opaque because of scratches or remain transparent.

Overall a great deal as long as I can switch cables and keep using the earphones without its quality degrading for at least 3/4 years. Until now, worth every paisa.

Absolutely Terrific

Firstly, thanks to headphone zone for the quick shipping and pricing, it is listed cheapest in India period... Got it in just under 14 hours!!..

Coming to the headphone themselves, firstly, the fit, It's pretty difficult to get the best fit but after trying and fiddling with for couple of hours, got the perfect fit.. The eartips/buds provided doesn't seem to fit snuggly and easily slips out.. I fortunately have a huge collection of eartips from all of my previous earphones and found the ones from Sony to give a snug and perfect fit :).. Next, burning in the earphones is very much necessary, initially out if the box, the bass was extinct, highs sounded harsh, but after around 10 hours of burning in these headphones, i was simply amazed with the frequency response of these beauties.. Absolutely no EQ settings needed.(I have paired it with my good old Sony NWZ-A720 Walkman from 2008, Yes they still work perfectly and all files are of MP3 320Kbps. Planning to upgrade to NW-A35 high res player very soon and that should help attain a music nirvana to some extent with FLAC support.. :D)
You hear every note of the music in complete detail.. Bass is strong yet controlled, mids especially the vocals are simply superb, highs are very accurate and pleasant without hurting your ears.

These are also very well built and come with a detachable cable and a neat little box to store them. With a little bit of care these can last forever..

All in all a wonderful product from Audio technica and a refreshing change from all those bass heavy Sony's and Sennheissers.. Definitely a worthy purchase if you intend to enjoy your music as it was meant to sound...

Yay! We are so happy you got your headphones on time and that you really liked them. :) Thanks a lot for all the appreciation.

Dr. Dream (Hyderabad)
It's like your first Love. Lost but the feeling still vibrates

Well, I ordered this during the lockdown. I got it like after 1 month

I actually broke my earphones during lockdown. The rush I had to get these ath e40 was tooo high. I was just sitting in my balcony looking at the road waiting for the delivery guy, Like a mom waiting for his son's arrival from foreign

Finally evening at 6, I got a call... I was like OMG is this real or a dream!! The delivery guy came and gave this huge box

My best friend uses audio Technica m50, I didn't have enough cash so I bought these. We could resonate at same frequency bol ke

I put sanitizer on my hand and opened the box. Deep inside the big box there was a small box labeled audio Technica ath e40

My mind was jumping in happiness

Then I opened it, felt like someone had already opened the box
Took the earphones straight up put in my ears. It was odd keeping these earphones, cuz of their style

My first song was

There was no bass, it was like I was listening to some 100rs earphones

I was like wtf Mann... My dreams, my imagination were out of joy

So I opened the box, there I found these earbuds tips

I tried each, no bass... Finally the big earbud tips, have more bass and beauty

The problem is that these thing hurt in ears. These ear tips are the worst, it's like they create for aliens

It's been 3 days, my ears still hurt but I think it's okay. If you want to experience new things in life you should sacrifice some they said

May be I think after few weeks my ears will get used to it

The sound: absolute beauty

At high volume you may lose the high bass but around 70 volume. You can just fly away into your self

Beautiful product, with an alien feel

It's better if you have earbud tips extra in your home of Sony. I think they give you the best comfort

As for music, you'll get astonished...

Thank you headphones zone for this, your Raghav is emailing alot to review. I think you better give the customer a little time to embrace the product and review it

And also the delivery service you use, need an SMS alert atleast

I'm not at all removing these earphones. The magic it vibrates, awwwww

Only con is earbud tips

My first time ordering from headphone zone. You guys are the best, when I was panicking you guys calmed me. The pug you have, may it bring beauty and joy around you guys

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” ― Plato

Much Love guys ♥️

Thank you so much for sharing your review with us!

Hirak Ghosh (Hugli)
An Excellent IEM

Great pair of IEM, sound is superb. At first the bass was a bit harsh, after a burn in it was settled. Great packaging, balanced sound. Clarity is excellent regarding it is an entry level IEM. Only issue I found out is to get it properly fit. It will take some time to properly fit in the ears, but once the fit is done...everything is just amazon. As always great packaging & delivery by Headphone Zone.

Hey Hirak, we're so glad that you loved the product! Thank you so much for the amazing review, you're awesome. :)

Dr.Shoobz (Mumbai)
With these i stop searching for more..

So phenomenally better than any other earphones i ever tried!!
decent soundstage , overwhelmingly clear sound, super sensitive,take up every detail, characteristic of bass- I never heard better kind of bass in any other earphones before!
make sure u get the right earbuds, try different earbuds even if they don't belong to ath e40 till u get the best fit and sound.
A few songs might sound harsh in the highs. but i could easily give up listening to those for this quality!

David (Chennai)
Didn't last even a couple of months

After a lot of searches and reading reviews online, I finally decided to purchase these IEMs. To all those who are wondering why isn't there a seal on the box, I called up HeadphoneZone's customer service and they enquired about this with the brand itself and confirmed me that ATH doesn't seal this product's pack. Coming to these IEMs, They aren't really flat. They sound a bit warm where you will definitely miss the crisp details of the highs. Bass heads should skip these. It's not these IEMs lack low end. They just don't highlight the low end in most of the songs or music you listen to. Try listening to those bass tests on YouTube to really hear it's low end performance. Sound reproduction is really great. Got them in the month of June and within 3 months the left earpiece started to sound a bit weird. There's only one service center in my city (Chennai) so I'm yet to get them fixed. Will update once the problem is fixed.

Aravind (Chennai)
Deceiving soundstage

The reason I bought this ATH E40 earphone is, few months ago I bought a audio technica ATH CLR100 from Amazon.just for Rs.500.
I was astonished with the soundstage.
I never experience that soundstage even from costly earphones.
The only earphone I can compare with that is RHA.
Then I thought this audio technica ATH E40 which is around RS.6000 will have a excellent Soundstage.But I was very disappointed with the soundstage. I don't know how to say but something is not nice iam not a audiophile.
Can't listen to the music continuously after sometime.
The fitting is not perfect for me.
And the earphone is bulky.
The pros I can say is:
-Lengthy wire.
-solid carry case.
-nice package.
-nice detail.
I mainly compared with ATH CLR100 & RHA
But still music can differ from ear to ear ; this is my opinion.

Vansh Verma (New Delhi)

Let them break in & let the magic kick in.

Truly amazing!

I have been using these for over six months now, and a day without them is unimaginable. Yes, as most reviewers say, these are a bit fiddly to get a snug fit. The ear loops are a little finicky to mould perfectly the first few times. But once you get familiar with them and achieve a proper seal, they reward you exponentially. My go-to track for texting audio is 'The Chain' by Fleetwood Mac. You'll notice right away that the treble and the base have great clarity and if you have a really good quality audio format available, you'll probably hear stuff that you didn't know existed. Overall an exceptional buy, and well worth the cost. I don't find them to be partial to any kind of music, so anybody who buys this will not be disappointed.
Again, amazing service by Headphone Zone. Keep up the good work guys!

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Sreekesh V

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Kanchan Vaidya

“Good and quick delivery from Headphone zone and would recommend others to buy from them too. No issues from their end whatsoever.”

Ankit Sharma

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Joshua Sudeep

"Experience was smooth. The Headphone Guru was kind and answered all my queries. The delivery was super fast. The product is genuine This is my go-to destination for everything audio from now on."

Srinidhi Padukone

"Their commitment to customer satisfaction is beyond par. I requested them to deliver my replacement earphones to a newer location and they were ready to deliver. Such requests don't get entertained anywhere else."

Yaseen Samudri

"It's not one of the best; It is the best! The only website I truly trust to get my Ear candies from. The crew has great knowledge of the various products and I bet this tops off Amazon when it comes to audio gears. Kudos "

Reagan Lyngdoh

"Have you done something that you're really passionate about and found out that the results are outstanding? Well, I have just summed up Headphone Zone - a really passionate team."

Mohit Tannu

"Awesome experience. I am so so happy and my bf loved the earphones a lot and it was his pre birthday gift. Thank you for the great service as well."

Jennifer Yonzon

"Probably one of the best experience I have had right from buying till getting a item serviced. I don't think I have had such a smooth experience with an online shopping website. This is where your search ends."

Rima Patel

"Loved the customer support shown by Headphone Zone's team. They are all willing to help and clear your doubts. I can only say that there is no need to worry. Order you dream audio tech RIGHT NOW!"

Rajat Kaushal

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