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Audio-Technica - ATH-E40

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The ATH-E40 from Audio-Technica are professional in-ear monitor earphones that feature a proprietary, dual-phase push-pull driver design that provides improved fidelity and efficiency as well as lower harmonic distortion and increased power handling. These earphones deliver powerful bass along with balanced mid and high-frequencies to convey the full emotion of the music, whether you're playing live on stage or just listening to music on your way home.

The ATH-E40 features a specially engineered housing that is designed for improved isolation from outside sound.

These earphones are specially designed to fit and seal within the ear for the ultimate in-ear monitoring. The cable length is perfect and the detachable cable from the ear piece gives this unit extra design points. 

Each pair comes equipped with four sizes of silicone earpieces (XS/S/M/L) which allow you to create a custom fit.

The carrying case adds additional convenience and functionality to the earphones, allowing you to easily take them wherever you like.

The E40 is an excellent buy to consider for serious music listeners and doesn’t hurt the pocket either.

  • Proprietary Dual Phase Push-Pull Drivers

    The Audio Technica - ATH-E40 has proprietary dual phase push-pull drivers for pure sound reproduction that is natural and not artificial at all.

    In-Ear Monitors

    The Audio Technica - ATH-E40 is designed to fit and seal within your ear for the ultimate in-ear monitoring. Whether you're on-stage or on-the-go, these IEMs will stay in and provide perfect noise isolation.

    Detachable Cables & A2DC Connectors

    The Audio Technica - ATH-E40 has robust detachable cables and A2DC Connectors improves fit that adds convenience by making them easily replaceable when required.

    Included Carry Case & Eartips

    The Audio Technica - ATH-E40 comes with silicone ear tips in four different sizes. A carry case is also included for protection, storage and easy transport.

    What's in the box:

    • Audio Technica - ATH-E40
    • Carry Case
    • Silicone eartips

  • style=
    Dual Phase Push-Pull

    20Hz - 20,000Hz

    12 Ohms
    1.6 m Detachable (L-Shaped)

    3.5mm Gold Jack

    107 dB @ 1 kHz
    3 mW


    One Year

    Authorized Service Partner: SKE AUDIOTECH & KEI HIFI

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact SKE AUDIOTECH & KEI HIFI


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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Absolutely Terrific

Firstly, thanks to headphone zone for the quick shipping and pricing, it is listed cheapest in India period... Got it in just under 14 hours!!..

Coming to the headphone themselves, firstly, the fit, It's pretty difficult to get the best fit but after trying and fiddling with for couple of hours, got the perfect fit.. The eartips/buds provided doesn't seem to fit snuggly and easily slips out.. I fortunately have a huge collection of eartips from all of my previous earphones and found the ones from Sony to give a snug and perfect fit :).. Next, burning in the earphones is very much necessary, initially out if the box, the bass was extinct, highs sounded harsh, but after around 10 hours of burning in these headphones, i was simply amazed with the frequency response of these beauties.. Absolutely no EQ settings needed.(I have paired it with my good old Sony NWZ-A720 Walkman from 2008, Yes they still work perfectly and all files are of MP3 320Kbps. Planning to upgrade to NW-A35 high res player very soon and that should help attain a music nirvana to some extent with FLAC support.. :D)
You hear every note of the music in complete detail.. Bass is strong yet controlled, mids especially the vocals are simply superb, highs are very accurate and pleasant without hurting your ears.

These are also very well built and come with a detachable cable and a neat little box to store them. With a little bit of care these can last forever..

All in all a wonderful product from Audio technica and a refreshing change from all those bass heavy Sony's and Sennheissers.. Definitely a worthy purchase if you intend to enjoy your music as it was meant to sound...

Yay! We are so happy you got your headphones on time and that you really liked them. :) Thanks a lot for all the appreciation.
With these i stop searching for more..

So phenomenally better than any other earphones i ever tried!!
decent soundstage , overwhelmingly clear sound, super sensitive,take up every detail, characteristic of bass- I never heard better kind of bass in any other earphones before!
make sure u get the right earbuds, try different earbuds even if they don't belong to ath e40 till u get the best fit and sound.
A few songs might sound harsh in the highs. but i could easily give up listening to those for this quality!

Fucking fantastic.

Review after 5+ months of almost daily use.

Initially, these were out of my budget and to risk so much money without proper review was a big decision for me. But I saved on other expenses and after a lot of research, went for this anyway.

As others have mentioned, it took time for getting used to the fit as I have always used mainstream/cheap ones. But ones got the fit right, they stayed for hours.

Wait for these beasts to burn. Somewhere around 72 to 100 hours would be a good time before judging the sound.

The sound is flat af. If you are a bass head then you might not like these and if you have used bass heavy earphones/headphones then it might take some time to get used to these.

If you listen to music with full focus, you can hear the bass and other instruments crisp and sharp. The vocals are pretty clear too. Some adjustments with equaliser and you can see the beast unless its potential.

Best thing is the cables are detachable and can be replaced if in case damaged. The earphones remain intact and like one reviewer mentioned, with little care, they can last lifelong. Unlike others where most of the time the reason to throw away is the irreplaceable damaged cables.

the case if cool and I often show off a bit while taking them out or putting them back in. Haha little fun :)

The transparent cover gets scratched slowly but not sure how what will happen in long run, will they go completely opaque because of scratches or remain transparent.

Overall a great deal as long as I can switch cables and keep using the earphones without its quality degrading for at least 3/4 years. Until now, worth every paisa.

Absolutely amazing

I've previously owned Bose soundtrue earphones and 1more triple driver but after 1 year of using 1more triple driver,left earphone stopped working,so I've searched for best earphones under 6 to 8k and accedentally found these inear moniters
Wow these earphones are marvelous. If you get good seal and manage to find best replacement eartips and not the stock ones then you will get absolutely amazing sound out of these earphones
Soundstage and highs are far more better than 1more triple driver and impedance of 12 ohms means even though you have below average smartphone or music player you will get great sound
Important notes : at first you should practice the fit and you should get replacement eartips


Audio Technica - ATH-E40

Dream earpieces for the price

Firstly to get the bads out of the way the ear tips provided are very very uncomfortable (currently using my spare Sony ones). That has to be the one and only gripe anyone can have about this earpiece.
But the flatness-ish and the build quality are to die for.
one of the best sounding and feeling earpieces for the price no doubt.
And as usual Headphonezone at its best. currently own a lot of earphones / headphones all bought from headphonezone keep it up u guys. Need a bit of improvement on ur call lines but the call backs make it even.