Audio-Technica - ATH-S500
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The Audio Technica - ATH-S500 was introduced to make the highly acclaimed Audio Technica professional Sound available at an affordable price and in a very street style fashion.With huge 40mm driver units and a wide frequency range of 8-26000Hz, these will definitely not disappoint you.

Made from plastic, but the earcups are generously cushioned for a comfortable fit.  Bold colours have been used to create the stylish appeal that these headphones have and you can choose between Navy Blue and Black.

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  • Massive 40mm drivers

    These on-ears come with high performance drivers that are rather wide at 40 mm. That Audio-Technica rarely disappoints when it comes to the sound quality of headphones is a well-known and established fact. Experience for yourself wholesome sound that resonates from deep within.

    Fine Fit Earpads

    The build of these headphones is considerably durable as it not only has an L-shaped jack that is gold plated, but it also has rather lush earpads that fit comfortably on the ear. This also ensures that very little sound leaks so you can enjoy your music better. It is a neat upgrade from the S300 headphones as it has a wider frequency response.

    One-sided Cable

    The Audio-Technica S500 headphones are well-styled street headphones that have a 1.2m single-side cable that convenienty reduces the chances of tangles..  

    Swivelling Earcups

     The earcups can swivel 90 degrees, which helps in portability.    
  • On-Ear

    40 mm


    8Hz - 26,000Hz

    48 Ohms

    One-Sided Regular Cable

    3.5mm Gold Plated Jack


    104 dB @ 1 kHz

    800 mW

    One Year 

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  • "The bass is punchy, crystal clear and kicks in right when the song demands it. The only downside is that it tends to drown out all other frequencies. Channel separation is great but the sound staging is not very impressive, which is okay considering the asking price. Staying true to Audio-Technica's reputation, the ATH-S500 has warm mids and songs with an emphasis on vocals sound good. Higher frequencies aren't bad either, but they are a bit more subdued."

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    "The ATH S500 has the harder-hitting bass and the more natural up-front mids. So I wouldn't say one is better than the other, they are just different sounding. I would say these are an awesome value."

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