Audiophile 101 - Masterclass & Guided Listening Session

Most beginners stay limited to being silent observers in the world of audiophilia, and most have not had a chance to understand and experience what good sound is really about. Some may even find the technical jargon intimidating. Even those who may have had a chance to try out high-end headphones, may not know what to look out for, or how to appreciate the difference that comes with good headphones. Listening to music is easy, but listening to the way the music sounds is harder. Very often, trying out new headphones needs to be accompanied by knowing what to look out for. This is exactly what we will achieve over a 2 hour guided listening session. We will be listening to popular music, and some critical recordings from Raghav’s personal playlist, specifically chosen to demonstrate to you concepts such as Dynamics, Compression, Soundstage, Imaging, Warmth, Brightness, and just good and bad recordings. Don't worry if any of this sounds technical, that's what this masterclass is for :) The aim is for you to listen to music you've probably heard hundreds of time, but to really listen to it in its entirety and discover things you've never heard before, while hopefully experiencing good bumps. If you are someone who has just started getting interested in audiophillia, or you're someone who is passionate about music, but stayed away from expensive sounding gear, this is the ideal workshop for you. We will not be trying to share technical aspects of headphones or other gear, although we are happy to answer any questions that we can. We will be using lots of different headphones and gear that I consider to simply be amongst the finest in the world including some stuff from Audeze, Meze Audio, STAX

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