AudioQuest - JitterBug FMJ

USB Data & Power Noise Filter Adapter

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Don't sweat it, this AudioQuest - JitterBug FMJ comes with a 1 Year warranty from AudioQuest that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

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Pair with Laptop via USB

A majority of people use a laptop as the primary source device to listen to music or watch movies. Since the laptop is an essential part of the audio chain there are headphones and devices designed to work a laptop or computer system flawlessly. With the availability of USB connectivity, it becomes easier to pair various devices like an Amp, DAC or even headphones without worrying about drivers or any additional piece of software.

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AudioQuest is known to bring in some of the most dependable noise-suppressing devices that eliminate distortion. As a result, the signal that is transmitted is free of interference. AudioQuest had introduced the JitterBug, which had great success and delivered exceptional signal transmission. AudioQuest now introduces the all-new JitterBug FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) as opposed to the rubber jacket on the older JitterBug. Thousands of music fans are already benefiting from improved audio made possible by the original AudioQuest JitterBug USB Noise Filter, whether they are using it with a laptop, a car's USB port, an Ethernet streamer, etc. Now, JitterBug FMJ, with its Full Metal Jacket, raises the stakes even further.



All electronic devices emit some amount of interference. JitterBug FMJ is specifically designed to eliminate those interferences. Noise in RF systems can generally be regarded as any RF energy that is not the desired signal. Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference characterise RF noise (RFI). RFI is narrowband noise transmitted at specific frequencies, whereas EMI is random, broadband noise. To eliminate all these interferences, AudioQuest designed the JitterBug to stand true to its name. Whether used in series (in-line) or parallel, JitterBug significantly reduces contamination from RF generated by a computer, car, or other devices—JitterBug FMJ also thoroughly addresses environmental RF Noise taking advantage of this vulnerable interface. When designing and creating the JitterBug FMJ, the engineers at AudioQuest focused on noise reduction and dissipation. It also has dual discrete noise-dissipation circuits that reduce noise and ringing that plague both the data and power lines of USB ports. It also reduces jitter, unwanted noise currents, and parasitic resonances. The integrated noise-stopper cap further reduces noise.



AudioQuest has exquisitely designed the JitterBug FMJ to be easily compatible whether you connect it in series or parallel with your sources. The Full Metal Jacket also shields against external noise. The new metal case is the change, though even the seemingly innocuous hinged rubber piece covering JitterBug’s output is crucial to JitterBug’s improved performance. The substance is significantly RF-absorbing Carbon, making the little black door RF-proof. You can employ one JitterBug in series between any computer, smartphone, NAS, streamer, or car audio system and a USB input. For an additional sonic improvement, use the second JitterBug in another unoccupied USB port parallel to the first, except with JitterBug FMJ’s front door closed. A JitterBug in series with DragonFlys Black or Red always helps these DAC & Amp deliver clean and distortion-free audio reproduction. However, it’s best to experiment when putting a JitterBug in front of a DragonFly Cobalt, which itself employs some of JitterBug’s filtering, and so the two filters in series can help or hurt performance depending on specific equipment and context. The second JitterBug in parallel is always a welcome enhancement regardless of the DragonFly or any other factors since it removes more RF Noise off the USB power bus. This explains why and how a JitterBug improves performance even when connected to a device's service-only or update-only USB connection.

1 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this AudioQuest - JitterBug FMJ comes with a 1 Year warranty from AudioQuest that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about AudioQuest's warranty in India.

Performance-Driven Products From California

AudioQuest, founded in 1980 by William E. Low, is a manufacturer of audio/video cables, digital-to-analogue converters, headphones, power-conditioning products, and various audio/video accessories—all claimed to match high levels of performance with your favourite devices. AudioQuest is based in Irvine, California and has offices in the Netherlands and distributes its products to approximately 65 countries throughout the world. AudioQuest focuses on delivering excellent value and performance in every product the company develops.

AudioQuest is dedicated to developing tools that enhance the in-home audio and video experience. Whether it's a speaker cable, HDMI cable, or a portable digital audio product, AudioQuest's diverse offerings deliver value and performance to both retailers and enthusiastic consumers.

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"The JitterBug FMJ acts as a passive filter and stops this noise/interference from passing into your (highly sensitive) external DAC. JitterBug significantly reduces contamination from RF generated."

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"AudioQuest’s proposition is that the Jitterbug FMJ will prevent (some of) the host device’s electrical noise spill from reaching the DAC’s sensitive (analogue) circuits whose disturbance can alter their sound."

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"The FMJ variant brings equally marginal improvements to the party but with a small bonus, probably best described as a little extra 'bite' to the sound, and a slight sharpening in its resolution of any recorded ambience."

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"JittterBug FMJ removes EMI, RFI, and switching noises – which helps maintain better low level detail because the DAC chip can reproduce information better."

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
ANKUR PATHAK (Bengaluru)
Absolutely Awesome...!!

A must have accessory when your PC is the audio source...!!

Hey ANKUR, thanks a lot for your amazing review!

Angshuman Bagchi (Kolkata)
Must for usb audio

Paired with Cambridge dacmagic plus. Exceptional black background. Music seems tangible!

Hey Angshuman, thanks a lot for your amazing review!

Krishna Kumar. C (Palakkad)
It works!!!

I purchased the Audioquest Jitterbug FMJ to connect in between my MacBook Pro and PC Input of my Integrated amp (Rotel with DAC). Yes, it really works in eliminating the jitter. This is evident especially for vocals and above mid frequencies that became more clean. Also appreciate the services of Headphone Zone who shipped and delivered the product thru courier within days. Highly recommend this product and don’t hesitate to approach Headphone Zone for your Hifi requirements.

This makes us really happy and we really appreciate the genuine feedback! We're glad that you have such positive thoughts about our team and the company.

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