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AudioQuest - NightHawk

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AudioQuest’s Semi-Open NightHawk headphones are a piece of art to say in the least. There’s a lot to admire about the way these have been made, the way these sound, and the way these look.

Combining advanced manufacturing techniques, innovative driver technologies, sophisticated ergonomic elements, and sustainable materials in an elegant, attractive package, NightHawk was named 2015 CES Innovation Awards Honoree (Headphones) and 2015 Best of Innovation Winner (Eco-Design and Sustainable Technology).

Designed for exceedingly low distortion and high excursion with true pistonic motion, NightHawk’s driver contributes significantly to the headphones’ well-controlled bass, rich midrange, and naturally extended highs.

"We’re big fans of biomimicry—the act of imitating the structures, motions, and elements of the natural world for the purpose of solving human problems. The NightHawk provides a listening experience that is meaningful, emotionally compelling and seriously immersive."
What we love about the NightHawk is their heavily loudspeaker inspired design that beat most other innovative headphone technologies like that of more expensive Mylar driver headphones. They’re also big fans of the environment, and the use of natural resources is in every element, right from the bio-cellulose diaphragms to their 3D printed biomimetic grilles and their protein leather earcups.

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  • Pistonic Movement of Drivers for Effortless Clarity

    The NightHawk achieves superb detail in sound along with a natural kind of warmth that adds to the comfort of long listening sessions. AudioQuest emphasises on creating a driver cone that behaves like a piston for stable and fluid sonic motion. How they’re able to do this is thanks to their ultra-rigid bio-cellulose diaphragm.

    Super Strength Driver Diaphragms Constructed from Bio-Cellulose

    Unlike Mylar diaphragms which is cheap and flimsy, the NightHawk contains bio-cellulose in its drivers. Bio-cellulose is natural, superfine fiber derived from the Acetobacter Xylinum bacteria. It's also biodegradable, toxin-free, extraordinarily pure, and inherently rigid.

    Compliant Rubber Surround for No Unnatural Sound Colouration

    The NightHawk’s bio-cellulose driver diaphragm is equipped with a rubber surround that allow for the piston like movement keeping time and vibration on point with that of the voice coil. The output? A sound that is carefully controlled to avoid resonance as the rubber surround absorbs the heat that causes sonic colouration.

    Made for Every Source Device with a Low, Flat Impedance

    The NightHawk exhibits a flat impedance curve that stays beautifully consistent across the audio band. While this limits sonic deviations created by headphone amplifiers, the NightHawk actually will respond well to any tube or solid state amp. Since the impedance is pretty low, you can also use them with virtually all audio players, laptops or smartphones.

    Evenly Distributed Air Vents for Zero Distortion

    The NightHawk’s vents allow for a laminar airflow for turbulence-free smooth for supremely clean reproduction of high frequencies. The airflow is additionally optimised with the use of the equitangential curve which defines that airflow will singularly take only the path of least resistance.

    Luxurious Listening Comfort with Elegant Ergonomics

    NightHawk’s patent-pending suspension system takes a cue from shock-mounted microphones, employing elastomer bands to join NightHawk’s headband with its earcups. This elegant design allows the earcups to move freely, accommodating heads of nearly any shape or size

    Made from All-Natural Wood with a Non-Toxic Coating

    The earcups of the NightHawk are made from 100% renewable raw materials and the way they all are put together is so that they can easily be injection moulded. The UV Coating on the earcups ensures that there won't be any unwanted volatile or hazardous emissions.

    Protein Leather Earpads for Soft Comfort

    AudioQuest doesn't like plastic and you can tell their love for the environment is immense in every element of the NightHawk. Developed by combining a specialty resin with protein powder derived from eggshells, Protein Leather is durable, pliable, and has a softness and surface asperity approximating that of human skin!

    3D Printed Biomimetic Grille for Incredible Manufacturing Precision

    The NightHawk's grille has been inspired by butterfly wings! Its fascinating diamond-cubic latticework diffuses light to create beautiful colours. Besides this, the latticework causes the sound to become nicely diffused so as to avoid resonance that’s known to create distortion in music.

    Thoughtfully Environmental Packaging

    The NightHawk is very hard not to like with its very simple packaging that’s used a bio-derived synthetic leather container with a single wraparound band, featuring a few necessary specifications, detailed images, and front-panel artwork by acclaimed graphic designer Justin Maller.

    What's in the box:

    • NightHawk Headphone
    • Two Cables
    • Headphone Plug Adaptor
    • Cleaning Cloths

  • Semi-Open
    50 mm Dynamic Drivers

    20Hz - 20,000Hz

    25 Ohms
    8’ (2.4m) cable

    3.5mm Stereo > Dual 2.5mm Mono

    100 dB @ 1 kHz

  • One Year

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Audio One and visit here to get in touch with them.

  • "Those seeking a comfortable upper-class headphone that add some character to the mix -- and a pleasant boost of bass – will fall in love with the NightHawk. The halo-style headband and glistening cups are highly functional."
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    "It is, in a word, sublime. Okay, another few words: sumptuous, luxurious, awesome. The NightHawks' synthetic leather pads just ensconce the ear in soft and velvety loveliness. "
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    "A buttery-smooth presentation and an easy-going demeanour mean you could play for hours without fatigue. Even poorly recorded music files are handled with velvet gloves. What they offer tonally is impressive too."
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    "The NightHawk really has a special sound. Most of the time it sounds darker and warm but a clear sounding amplifier can and will lighten it up. Using higher end gear will make the NightHawk sound more tight and clear."
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    "NightHawk’s use of sustainable materials, high comfort, and sweet sound bode well for AudioQuest’s debut headphone. The NightHawk is one of the most comfortable headphones I’ve worn."
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    " A great example of value priced gear that is so solid you never think of it as your affordable gear — just another of my terrific choices for another great day of being immersed in the music."
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    "AudioQuest has left the world very excited with anticipation for the release of their first headphone, the Nighthawk. Super comfortable, great sound, unique design, eco friendly. It has an amazing Build, Comfort and Rich Sound."
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    "NightHawk never will boost/exaggerate HF band in a false attempt to imitate pseudo-audiophile excitement. These headphones are very tolerant of bad quality recordings. NightHawk are sincere involvers."
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