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Aune Audio - X7s

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  • The Short Story

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  • The Long Story

    Continuing the Heritage

    The X7s follows the same minimalist industrial aesthetic that the other Aune products do. Thus it’s no surprise that it was designed by the same person who designed the super popular Aune Panda and the Aune B1.



    Don't judge by it's size

    The X7s is slightly larger than 8 average CD cases stacked up, which is pretty compact for a Class-A, Balanced Headphone Amplifier. Thus it’s size makes it ideal for use in any environment, whether at work, in your bedroom or even your kitchen, you can use it pretty much anywhere.


    The X7s is equipped with 8pcs power transistors that are split into 4 groups for true balanced output, along with ±15V regulated power supply which results in a powerful driving ability. Thus the X7s is able to deliver numbers like 1.7 Watts/Channel @ 32Ohms and 1 Watt/Channel at 300Ohms (Balanced).

    Class-A Function

    The X7s is set in Class-A at 38mA static current of each output transistor, it results in a full bodied, wide soundstage and warm sound character.
    Two groups of crystal tubes output of a Class-A amplifier output stage are always in a conductive stage, whether or not there is an input signal. It’s an open loop with super low infidelity, making it an ideal design for the amplification of sound. It imparts a sense of fullness and clarity to the sound.

    Sound tuning

    The X7s was tuned by listening to various renowned headphones such as the Beyerdynamic T1, Sennheiser HD650, TK701, IE80, IE800, HD800, HD600, Beyerdynamic DT880, and AKG K240. It is tuned to sound natural and musical, based on the understanding of music connotation and real musical instruments.


    This X7s has three levels of gain adjustment, which makes it suitable for use with all sorts of Earphones and Headphones, no matter how sensitive or inefficient.
    It even has a variable audio output, so you can even use the X7s as a preamplifier with a bigger Power Amplifier or Powered Monitors.

    Balanced and Single-ended Output

    Four independent sub-circuits constitute the balanced output that provides a more realistic sound output. With the additional Single-Ended output, you have the option of choosing the type of headphones or earphone you want to use.
  • Specifications

    WEIGHT 2 Kg
    THD 0.00013%
    FREQUENCY RESPONSE 20hz ~ 200khz to -0.3dB
    Aune Audio - X7s Amplifier
    Power adapter
    6.5mm to 3.5mm adapter
    USB cable
    User manual
  • Warranty

    Don’t sweat it, This Aune product is covered by a 1 Year manufacturer's warranty.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Good amp for higher impedance HPs

I am using these with HD800. Tried both the SE and balanced outputs , definitely more power on the balanced and sort of opens up a bit more than the SE.
Build quality is excellent. I was using a Magni2 Über earlier this is definitely an upgrade to it.
Gain setting is at mid (12 db)
No hum or hiss when music is not playing,doesn’t get too hot.
More than enough power , I hardly turn it up more than 40% and I like to listen at higher volumes.
Soundstage seems a bit reduced but I am not going to say the amp is the cause for it .
Please do use with higher impedance phones with balanced to get the best out of this amp.

Reliable Amplification

-Build quality
-Small size.
-Absolutely transparent, holographic, powerful output.
-Pairs well with any DAC I throw at it. Similarly pairs well with almost all headphones.
-Ability to drive IEMs
-Notch on the volume pot (perhaps the best volume knob you will come across).

-Not true "balanced".
-Humongous wall wart.
-Cumbersome to set gain.
-very mild hiss with certain high sensitivity IEMs.

I was on the lookout for a desktop amp. I auditioned quite a few amps and amp/dacs.
If you are looking for just an amp and have a good dac, blindly go for this. Infact first buy this if you wanna buy a seperate dac.
Also (I know you will ask) the Jotunheim from Schiit is very sharp and has a sound signature (bright). Also the X7s has a much much better sounstage. The jotunheim sounds crystalline and compact.
Good service by Headphonezone as always!

Wonderfully Balanced & Powerful

The all metal build is nice & compact with a beautiful mild curve on the top and an inward scoop on both sides. The controls are the power button at the back and the volume dial at the front with a nice step for you to see your dial positions. The gain switches are at the bottom with three levels 0 db, 12 db & 20 db, ships with 12 db and you may not require to change it as 12 db itself is more than enough even for the most power hungry ones like my HE560.

To feed the Aune X7s I tried my Schiit Bifrost Multibit DAC and the ifi micro idsd BL as a DAC and finally settled on the Schiit Bifrost. Now I can appreciate the big sum I spent on the Bifrost more now as it sounded more smooth, natural & felt like the voices had more texture than ifi DAC.

I am no audiophile to dissect the sound into the bass, mid & treble region but all I can say is that it has a wonderful tonal balance which is very pleasing to the ears. The only high end full sized headphone I possess as of now is HE560 and I was extremely pleased with the tonal balance of this combo. The website claims it has been specifically tuned for Beyerdynamic T1 (Tesla) & DT880, Sennheiser HD650 and some popular AKG models. Having tasted the smooth sound of Sennheiser through HD598SR recently I am just thinking of getting a HD650 soon to test it with the Aune X7s can’t wait for it.

The first time I picked the Hifiman HE560 (my first and only planar) was in an audition in Malaysia. I drove it through my Samsung Galaxy S6/ifi micro idsd/Neutron with a specific eq pattern (ibasso DX50 dance eq settings) and never got that perfection on a desktop set up (foobar2000/Schiit Bifrost/Schiit Lyr2 with LISST tubes) even though it sounded good in a different way (more bass body & heft), I never got what I wanted. With the Aune you don’t need any eq at all, just lift the low end a few dbs at 55Hz, 77 Hz & 110 Hz if needed and that’s all I need to do! As easy as it can be, thanks Aune for implementing the tonal balance...