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Bandridge - Profigold PROA5601

The Bandridge - Profigold PROA5601 is a 1m 1x RCA Male to 1x RCA Male  PG Digital Optical Interconnect that is compliant with your DVD Player and Home Cinema Receiver. Or from the output of your FiiO X5/ Chord Mojo to your desktop DACs and Amps like those from Schiit.

The twin-screened silver plated oxygen-free copper conductors (SPC) deliver uncompromising signal transfer for the best sound performance.  The multiple shielding gives maximum protection against Radio (RFI) and Electromagnetic (EMI) interference

Other features include a pearlized chrome plated metal connector with metal inner case for enhanced RFI/EMI noise rejection, 24k gold plated RCA plugs and colour coded connector headshells with silver soldering for easy installation and maximum signal transmission.