Beyerdynamic - A 200 p
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The Beyerdynamic A 200 p is the smallest Portable Headphone Amplifier and DAC that can be connected to all your Apple, Android devices & computers to produce and amplify detailed digital audio signal without any loss. 

The portable amplifier is very lightweight and compact with the integrated battery providing up to 11 hours of operation. Most high-end headphones cannot be used to their full potential with mobile devices. The A 200 p from beyerdynamic is a solution to this problem. It meets demanding audio requirements and provides you with significantly improved sound on-the-go.

    • Powerful Playback at 96kHz / 24bit

      This amplifier comes with a DAC that supports even lossless music format resolutions of 96kHZ / 24bit, playing details far beyond that of ordinary CDs (44kHz / 16bit). Input sources supporting High Res audio will be required for the desired output.

      Hi-Fi Experience Beyond the Standard

      First, the A 200 p receives the pure digital music data and then circumvents the internal signal processing of the connected player. After converting the digital data to analogue music signals, a high-quality amplifier controls the output to the connected headphones.

      Lightweight & Pocketable

      With dimensions of 55 x 55 x 13 mm, the A 200 p is extremely compact and lightweight. It fits easily in your pocket and can be stored together in your headphones carrying case.

      11 Hours of Uninterrupted Listening Pleasure

      The A 200 p comes with an integrated battery ensuring up to 11 hours of battery life good enough for long flights.

      Compatible with Apple & Android

      The A 200 p works with a number of mobile playback devices such as the iPhone, iPod, iPad via Lightning connector, Android smartphones or tablets provided with digital USB audio output with Android 4.1 or higher via Micro-USB, as well as Mac and Windows computer. With its 3 buttons, one can control music playback/pause and skipping forward and as well as backward.

      Supporting Features

      The A 200 p comes with a leather case that you can use to attach the amplifier to your belt or directly to your smartphone. The volume control has 135 levels. Unlike other amps of similar size, the A 200 p has an LED display for charging, operation and volume. It also supports an on/off switch with a locking function.

    • 20Hz - 20000Hz

      32 Ohms - 600 Ohms

      3.5mm Stereo Jack

      <0.008% (1KHz )

      Dimensions - 55  mm×55 mm×13 mm
      Weight - 51 g


      Two Years 

      Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page.

      To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact  Beyerdynamic India Private Limited at the F ixed line: +91-80-23310101 or fill the contact form   here .

    • "
      “Brilliant DAC implementation, will drive almost anything, great volume ergonomics and really tiny "

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      " The A200p will give you better sound than your on-board sound card or your phone and it will drive your headphones better. While delivering a fun, easygoing and inoffensive sound, the sound quality doesn’t get a spectacular boost like with a Cypherlabs or Centrance device but the improvement surely is there. For the price there is nothing to complain about really, you are extracting digital data and it will always be better than what you were used to."

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      " Overall, I was very impressed with a design and a performance of this portable USB DAC/amp. If you have high impedance premium headphones, A200p probably going to be the smallest and very cost effective solution to connect these to your laptop or a smartphone."

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