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Beyerdynamic - Amiron Home

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Beyerdynamic has designed and marketed audio products for several decades and is successfully a part of the premium audio bandwagon and knows its game. The brand has produced innovative audio quality and developed technology that is widely employed. The Beyerdynamic Amiron Home is the newest high-end Tesla technology, stereo headphone. The headphones have been named Amiron Home as it embodies your endless passion for pure audio. With the Amiron home, Beyerdynamic aims to bring pure musical bliss right into your home. All you have to do is sit back in your seat and transcend with your music to a whole new world of audio enjoyment. 

Powered by Tesla technology, the headphones are sure to take you by storm with its immense detail and clarity. With no vibration and absolutely detailed audio, you are bound to fall in love with your favourite song all over again. The pinnacle of comfort, the headphones are generously padded for the most optimum fit. Enjoy your music for hours, without experiencing ear fatigue. 

The Amiron home is handcrafted with love in Germany.It is a beautiful construction that will stay with you for years to come.




    Designed to be used at Home

    As the name suggest, Beyerdynamic has specially designed the Amiron Home to be used at home. It aims to convert your home into a concert hall. This pair paints a clear picture of every instrument and is sure to delight your taste. All you have to do is sit in the confines of your peaceful home and be transported to a calm and serene space. 

    Optimised Tesla Technology

    Beyerdynamic is the pioneer of Tesla technology and the brand clearly knows the game. This technology has delivered immense music pleasure for years and the now the brand has improvised it to be used in the Amiron Home. What you receive is eliminated annoying resonance and diminished unwanted vibration. The audio quality of this headphones will make the most discerning music enthusiasts want to listen to more. 





    High Resolution Sound

    Amiron home brings you concert-quality sound, combining a very precise bass with transparent mids and pleasantly clear highs. This makes it a great choice for fans of a wide range of music genres. The precise and clear musical portrait these headphones paint of each and every instrument is sure to delight music lovers.


    An Entry to Pure Music Bliss

    The Beyerdynamic Amiron Home an invitation to the world of audio bliss. The headphones are designed by a brand that holds to its credit years of audio experience. You receive brilliant and detailed music that is an epitome of audio perfection. These Open-back headphones open the doors to the kind music that you have never experienced before. 



    Rugged Steel headband

    The Amiron Home is very durable. The headband has been constructed from steel and replaceable headband pads that are high in comfort for long listening sessions.


    Durable Construction

    The DT 1990 PRO is handcrafted in Germany. From a classy headband through to anodized aluminium yokes, these new studio headphones will impress with their exceptional craftsmanship and careful attention to quality and durability.



  • style=
    5Hz - 40,000Hz

    double-sided detachable cable, 3 m length, gold-plated mini stereo jack (3.5 mm) & 1/4" adapter (6.35 mm)

    Gold plated stereo jack plug (3.5mm)
    1/4" adapter (6.35mm)
    Not disclosed by the manufacturer

    Not disclosed by the manufacturer

    102 dB @ 1 kHz

      1. Beyerdynamic - Amiron Home

      2. 6.35mm Jack Adaptor

    1.  Double-Sided Detachable Cable.

    2.  Transport Case.


    Two Years 

    Authorized Service Partner: BEYERDYNAMIC INDIA

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Beyerdynamic India.

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    "The headphones lend a warm, stress-free sound with fascinating spaciousness.  The Amiron pictures don’t do it justice though as it looks prettier in real. The headband material is much nicer on the Amiron on the other hand. "




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Customer Reviews

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Close, but not quite there

I'm used to full-range, flat to 15 Hz audio from calibrated speakers, as well as with the Shure SE846 and other closed-back headphones. So, I always feel deep bass is lacking with almost any pair of open-back headphones or speakers.

The Amiron Home's sound is almost full range i.e. it's flat down to ~120 hz, -3 dB at 60 Hz, and -6 dB at 30 Hz. It can be EQed to flat, at the risk of some distortion at high volume. At this price point, I'd suggest spending more for the T 1 2. Generation instead which is flat down to 20 Hz.

Underrated Headphones

I have these for close to 8 months now. They shine with every genre of music , there are of course better headphones for certain genres but at this price point I dont think any other HP does as good a job as these ! The build quality and comfort are top notch. There is no dreaded sibilance that one associates with the Beyer phones. Pair them with a good DAC/AMP and feed them hi-re audio files and you will re-discover your music. Clear separation , good soundstage , tight bass (not the thumping variety though) , well rendered mids and a controlled treble make these quite fun and neutral HeadPhones. In fact I am surprised that these havent made more of a splash in the audio world. To step up from these you will have to venture into the high end Senns,Focals.