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Beyerdynamic - Byron BT

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The Byron BT, from the high end audio company Beyerdynamic, is the all new Bluetooth headset from the new Byron series. The new edition in-ears combine incredible sound, high-quality workmanship with freedom of movement. These headsets aim at making your mobile music listening extremely enjoyable. Offering exceptionally detailed sound through your phone, these produce sound that is consistent with exceptional bass.

The new Bluetooth technology gives you the freedom of mobility with excellent audio quality. Featuring a microphone and remote, the Byron lets you comfortable control your music, while also answer calls.  Now attend to your calls with ease, without comprising on your music listening experience.

The high performance battery last for long hours, so you are unstoppable. Whats more? the BT comes with a cool feature that notifies you everytime your device is low on charge.

  • Headphone-Zone-Beyerdynamic-Byron-BTA

    90+ Years of German Excellence

    Beyerdynamic is a German audio equipment manufacturer renowned the world over for making some of the finest headphones. There's no convincing a staunch studio professional to consider any other brand if they're looking for monitoring headphones.


    Premium Audio Experience

    The Byron BT aims to lend you the most excellent in-ear audio, producing the most detailed sound. Tuned to deliver a balanced sound, the controlled bass ensures that you enjoy an absolute music experience. In a nutshell, it achieves the highest musical standards.




    Aluminium Housing

    These headsets house a solid aluminium build. They have been evidently built to last for a long while. The magnets on the metal housing hold the two earphones together, allowing the Bluetooth headset to be worn around the neck when not in use.

    Go Wireless with AptX Technology

    The Byron BT headset is powered via Bluetooth technology, so you enjoy flexibility along with excellent sound quality. Loss-free Qualcomm aptX® codecs have been used, to ensure high quality Bluetooth transition. The short cable simply extends from your left ear to the right ear, connecting its acoustic transducers. Now connect your headsets with your phone merely through a Bluetooth connection.




    Long Music Hours

    Bluetooth headsets mean constant power drain out. With the Byron BT, worry no more. Fitted with a high performance rechargeable battery, it allows you to play music for upto 7.5 hours for a nonstop music listening experience. Its internal battery can be charged within two hours using the included charging cable.

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    Three Button Mic & Remote

    10Hz - 23,000Hz

    23 Ohms
    Bluetooth 4.1

    Runtime Music: 7.5 hours
    Runtime Standby: 5 days
    Runtime Talktime: 9 hours
    Charging time: 2 hours
    Upto 10 metres


    Normal: 90 dB SPL (1 mW / 500 Hz)
    Max: 100 dB SPL (200 mW / 500 Hz)

    Not disclosed by the manufacturer
    Not disclosed by the manufacturer

  • Two Years 

    Authorized Service Partner: BEYERDYNAMIC INDIA

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Beyerdynamic India

    1. Beyerdynamic - Byron BT

    2. Silicone eartips in three different sizes

    3. Charging cable (USB-A to micro USB)

    4. 1 Carry Case

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    "The Beyerdynamic Byron BT’s earpieces are all-metal and extremely robust. They display plenty of energy, and powerful low-frequency bass that’s cleaner than that of the Byron or the rival SoundMagic E10BT. Also on the rear of each earpiece you’ll find a magnet, which enables the two units to stick together."
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    "The sound of the Beyerdynamic Byron BT is a little more ambitious than the wired Byron. They couple excellent definition with powerful-but-balanced bass."
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    "Beyerdynamic balances all the competing requirements of a Bluetooth earphone with great judgment. The Byron BT's soundstage isn't huge, but by neckbud standards, it's hugely impressive. My music never feels constricted or compressed."
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  • Comfort

    Comply - comfort
    ear tips

    Rs. 1,299/-



    Rs. 999.00/-



    Rs. 699/-



    Rs. 999/-





    Rs. 199/-



    Rs. 899/-



    Rs. 299/-



  • Beyerdynamic
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  • RHA - MA650 Wireless Beyerdynamic - Byron BT EOZ One Sennheiser - CX 6.00 BT
    RHA - MA650 Wireless
    Beyerdynamic - Byron BT
    EOZ One
    Sennheiser - CX 6.00 BT
    Price Rs. 7,999/- Rs. 6,799/- Rs. 6,999- Rs. 7,490/-
    Warranty 3 Years 2 Years 1 Year 2 Years
    Battery Life 12 Hours 7.5 Hours 9 Hours 6 Hours
    Wireless Range Not disclosed by the manufacture 10m 10-20m Not disclosed by the manufacture
    Bluetooth Version v4.1 v4.1 v4.1 v4.2
    Multipoint Yes Yes Yes Yes
    Mic & Remote 3-button Mic 3-button Mic 3-button Mic 3-button Mic
    Best For Android, iOS & Windows Android, iOS & Windows Android, iOS & Windows Android, iOS & Windows
    Sound Signature
    BalancedA neutral sound that doesn't emphasise on one frequency. Genres: Everything if you're a purist!
    BalancedA neutral sound that doesn't emphasise on one frequency. Genres: Everything if you're a purist!
    V-ShapedAn equal amount of bass and treble that adds excitement & is enjoyable. Genres: Rock, Pop, EDM, Bollywood
    Warm & SmoothA little warmth in bass with natural vocals and treble. Genres: All
    Driver Unit Not disclosed by the manufacture Dynamic 9mm Not disclosed by the manufacture
    Frequency Response 16 - 22,000 HZ 10Hz - 23,000Hz 20Hz - 20,000Hz 17-21,000 Hz
    Silicon Eartips (s/m/l) Double flange Eartips (s/l) 1 pair comply eartips USB A - USB C Charging Cable Shirt Clip Premium Carry Case Silicone eartips in three different sizes 1 Pair of ear hooks Charging cable (USB-A to micro USB) 1 Carry Case Leather carrying Pouch USB fast charging cable Silicon ear tips (S, M, L) Memory foam Ear tips ( M ) USB charging cable Ear adapter set (XS/S/M/L) Carry case

    Beyerdynamic-Byron Beyerdynamic-Byron-BT Beyerdynamic-Byron-BTA
    Byron BT
    Byron BTA
    Frequency Response 10Hz - 23,000Hz 10Hz - 23,000Hz 10Hz - 25,000Hz
    Impedance 23Ω 23Ω 23Ω
    Bluetooth -
    AptX - -
    Battery Life - Runtime Music: 7.5 hours Runtime Standby: 5 days Runtime Talktime: 9 hours Charging time: 2 hours Runtime Music: 7.5 hours Runtime Standby: 5 days Runtime Talktime: 9 hours Charging time: 2 hours
    Mic/Remote -
    3 pairs silicone eartips
    Earhooks -
    Charging cable -
    Carry case

Frequently Asked Questions

rha vs competitors
Beyerdynamic - Byron BT rha vs competitors
₹ 4,999/- ₹ 7,150/-

RHA vs Beyerdynamic
JAYS - a-Six Wireless rha vs competitors
₹ 5,999/- ₹ 6,999/-

RHA - MA390 Wireless rha vs competitors
₹ 5,999/- ₹ 6,999/-

RHA vs Sony
Sennheiser - CX 6.00BT rha vs competitors
₹ 7,490/- ₹ 7,490/-

Warranty 1 year 1 year 3 years 2 Years
Sound Balanced Warm & Smooth Warm & Smooth Extra Bass
Housing Aluminium Housing Aluminium Housing Aluminium Housing Hard Plastic Housing
Volume Controls 3-Button MEMS, 3-Button Remote & Mic 3-Button 3-Button
Battery Life 7 Hours 12 Hours 8 Hours 6 Hours
Compatibility Universal Universal Universal Universal
Carry pouch
Eartips 3 Pair Silicon Eartips 5 sizes silicone ear tips 6 Dual Density Silicon Eartips (S,M,L) 4 Pair Ear adapter set
Clip No No No
Should You Buy?
Our Verdict

A balanced and flat sound is the top priority with the Byron BT.

Super lightweight design with great battery life. Good for all genres.

Scottish brand offering a 3-year warranty & flexible neckband. One of our top picks for wireless earphones at this price point.

An extra bass wireless in-ear that comes with the new Bluetooth v4.2 and Qualcomm aptX.

Customer Reviews

Based on 43 reviews
Sweet Sound :-)

Beyerdynamic did it again!

Sound: These earphones sound pretty awesome, sound output is balanced and at the same time coloured to Beyerdynamic standards, it has decent amount of bass which does not distract mid or high frequencies. The exact word would be very 'Sweet sounding' earphones. They sound great with non-aptx devices as well. Soundstage is decent with decent instruments separation, they wont get you bored ever, just don't expect too much exaggerated bass and you're good to go with quality bass.

Build: Included magnets on the earphone end help in keeping them together which ensures that they do not fall during day to day usage. Also they're feather light, just wear them and you'll forget they're there. Provided eartips are amazing, I haven't seen such great quality eartips even with expensive IEMs they fit well, sound well and isolate the sound well, just ensure that you choose right size of eartips.

My only negatives would be for the cable quality which seem little delicate and might not survive very rough usage.

Connectivity: You would be able to connect them easily with any Bluetooth enabled Device. Bluetooth connectivity is also top notch without any disconnection.

Overall it justifies the asking price and it's a must buy if you are looking for a quality bluetooth earphones and have this much of budget. If having higher budget then go for Senheiser momentum BT IEMs or amazing Vmoda Forza metallo.

And as usual headphonezone.in team was very prompt with delivery and received the product within 24 hrs.

Pretty Good

First the Pros:

-The earphones are built like a tank, very solid in look and feel both
-Once paired with a device they connect almost instantly every time you turn them on
-The battery life is more than satisfactory, workouts included it even runs me a full office day on a single charge
-the fitting in the ear is really good especially with the ear hooks added, great sound isolation also.


- Nearly the only issue I had with them is that after I've been using my Jays Five for 2 years now, I found the Baredynamic sound signature to be lacking in deep head-pounding thumping base.
- The sound is not as crisp [not bad at all but not what I expected after reading all the praise about baredynamic] in very demanding music like heavy metal and complex EDM.
- The music would very rarely stutter with my android device, some sort of connection issue.

Summary: I'm not totally disappointed, but I somehow don't feel that I got the full value of the time and money I invested in choosing these earphones, and found myself going back time and time again to my previous pare, The Mighty: A Jays Five

Balanced sound, great built, a bit shrill

These have a brilliant sound stage which is a league above than Bose in ears and even better than my previous Jaybird Freedom. Sound is quite balanced unlike the base heavy competition but it tends to feel a bit shrill at the top end.
Worth the money for 5k earphones. Tip to headphone zone: Introduce combo offers with comply eartips

Beautifully balanced pair of Wireless earphones.

I was quiet skeptical when i bought this pair. Wasn't expecting the quality of wired earphones. Wanted to make the move from wired to wireless since most phones these days come without headphone jacks. Sound signature-wise,its very much balanced.Sound stage is very much wide. One of the best features of this pair is the voice over each time you do something( Like if you are trying to pair them,turn them off,turn them on,check the battery status).I am just waiting for them to burn in now. If you listen to a lots of Dave Matthews,Metal and other genres where you want the mids to be pronounced,this is your go-to pair (in case you are going for wireless) .I came from the Sound Magic E80. That pair was brilliantly balanced but sadly they don't have a wireless pair. I have one suggestion to you guys though.Please increase the stock and variety of your wireless section. Its going to the in thing from now on since most phone makers are ditching the headphone jack.But otherwise you guys are doing a swell job.This is my 2nd order from Headphone zone. Have recommended you guys to other people and they are fans as well. You guys always ace the delivery part .Got my pair in 2 days from my order. Brilliant job,keep it up.

Beyerdynamic is Impressive !!

Why I like Beyerdynamic BT? Well, it's about the feel, the quality, the sound that impressed me. I am giving this review after using this for more than 6 months now.This is my first Bluetooth earphone, I have been using Bose OE 2 headphones since 2012. The earphone has a soft and suttle feel with quality materials used. The Bluetooth voice prompt is just right as you'd like it.The silicon buds are quite comfortable for listening to more than 3 hours of music at one go, once you select the correct size to fit your ears. The sound is balanced with noticeable mids, highs and lows. However, the lows may not please the bass loving fraternity as this misses on the punchy bass. The sound is warm and makes good listening. I recommend this to music lovers who are looking for quality Bluetooth earphones with impressive features. Happy Listening !!

Excellent product!

The sound output is absolutely great and very balanced. The only issue that I had was related to pairing. Everytime I try to switch devices the headphones will have to be factory reset! Beyerdynamic has acknowledged this as a flaw and has decided to replace the same.

Go for this headphones if you are looking for good balanced sound output and not base heavy. Headphones zone delivery was very prompt and also appreciate Beyerdynamic customer service and responsiveness.

I would have definitely given a 5 star rating if it didn’t have the pairing issue!