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Beyerdynamic - Custom One Pro Plus

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V-Shaped Sound




2 Year of

Designed & Made
in Germany


Customizable Look

Beyerdynamic’s genius design, the Custom One Pro Plus, lets you apply your own creative genius and change the style of your headphones according to your personal aesthetic needs. You can design a style yourself or choose among a myriad options that Beyerdynamic gives you. With this particularly interesting feature, it is as if you have a new headphone every day.

Sound-Slider Feature
If anything, the Custom One Pro Plus does call for interesting design. The Sound-Slider at the lower side of the headphone allows you to differentiate between your music, in a distinct and authentic way. You can choose between Heavy Bass, Linear Bass and Light bass, to select if you want to stress the bass in a particular song. If you like heavy bass in your music, you can select the heavy bass option and so on.

Detachable Cables with Remote & Microphone

These headphones, come with a detachable cord, the ports being on both sides. They let you customize the type of mobility you want so that you can attach the cable on either side. These headphones come with two cables: one 1.30 m long cable with a remote control and microphone for use with smartphones and tablets and a 1.50 m long cable for universal use as a pure headphone.

Noise Reduction System

Unlike other headphones, these have a very fascinating noise reduction system. These do not use batteries like other headphones and their variable noise reduction system that is built into the headphones does the job. Not only do they successfully reduce the noise, but also cut out any ambient sound, along with minimum sound ‘spillage’. This feature makes the Custom One Pro Plus highly optimised for travel.

High Velocity Drivers

Of course, one starts to wonder where the crystal clear music comes from in these headphones. The 16 ohms neodymium drivers take all the credit for that. Plenty of power and crispness, these even clarify the comparatively sub-standard music coming from smartphones or laptops.

Handcrafted to Perform

The Custom One Pro Plus are another example of unbeatable German technique. These headphones have been delicately handcrafted from the flexible headband to the metal forks. As is Beyerdynamic’s promise, each part can be replaced after years of use and eventualities


MAGNET Neodymium
WIRED CONNECTIVITY 3.5mm Gold plated
GRILL Closed Back
Beyerdynamic - Custom One Pro Plus Headphone
1.3 m headset cable with one-button remote
1.5 m standard cable with screw-on type 1/4" adapter (6.35 mm)
16 design cover
Hexagon screwdriver to change design cover


Don’t sweat it, This Beyerdynamic product is covered by a 2 Years manufacturer's warranty.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Custom Audiophile!


Following is my brief review of Custom One Pro Plus after use it for more than one month with different sources(review is especially for friends who are planning to buy it from DROPZONE; Powered by HEADPHONEZONE).

Type: Studio & Monitoring; Professional; Over the ear

(1). Balanced highs, laid back & relax mids & properly present lows; Overall robust & pleasant
sound signature;
(2). Customised sound stage through slider for both(audiophiles & bass heads);
(3). Bass doesn't bleed mids/lows like some bass heavy headphones, but subtly flaunt(only if we want) & mixes itself well with sound; treble is not at all overpowered;
(4). Customised bass slider acts as air vent. It gives "open back" kind of signature when it is open & "close back" kind of signature while it is close;
(5). Customisation is also possible at outer surface for entire headphone set(including for ear cups, ear bands & headband) makes it good for DJing/as decent looking headphone;
(6). "Handmade in Germany" Beyerdynamic establishment(Beyerdynamic is oldest & respected brand among audiophiles)

(1). Impedance of this headphone is 16 ohms. More value of impedance of this headphone could have been more better to be able to drive it through good source & for proper synchronisation(though that's not con for those who don't want to invest in dedicated/costly source).
(2). Doesnt support aptX, aptX HD, LDAC etc. But that's also not issue for audiophiles who believe to listen music only through cable.

Custom One Pro Plus has soothing sound signature in price range. This headphone is well suited for both Indian & western music where "Customisation" in sound makes it multiple headphones in one.

Excellent Customisation and Sound

Though the custom one pros are huge, they are actually light and extremely comfortable to wear for long listening sessions as the ear pads are soft and wrap around the ears completely. But portability takes a hit considering they cannot be folded and don’t come with a carry case.

They have a very laid back and non-fatiguing sound signature with strong bass presence depending on the level of the bass setting. I preferred it all the way up because the bass does not bleed into the mids and highs even at the highest bass setting.

There are 16 side plates included in the box which allow you to customise the looks of the custom one pro plus, which is a nice touch. Even the headbands and the ear pads can be changed but I am not sure if they are available at headphonezone.

Hooray to Beyerdynamic

I had an idea of buying a over head ear phone after giving away many idle head phones. I had many offers and took many research. I came to know this Beyerdynamic custom one pro plus. Finishing and the packing was very good. It is original imported Germany. It has been engraved on the Head phone. Thanks to Hpz I got the original. Comfort and sound noise isolation was very good. After going through burn in process of 10 hours the head phone started singing for me. Hope it has not reached its full potentiality even though it is really good. I had Bose Ae2w , Alessendro music series, Sennheiser two models dont remember the name. Fischer wood series and two other lower end. Regarding Sq it is being told 16 ohms so my Iphone 6 is just enough to drive it full potential my fiio e11 is idle now. Fiio x1 does not find hard to drive it. Since there is many adjustment for adjusting the bass we can adjust according to our taste. Bass does not bleed in to mid. Highs are not some detail lacking. after the full potential it will do I staunchly hope. Drawbacks since its good noise isolation capacity careful of your home maker some times she may use it to blame you. After some time of listening it is sweating. Long listening should be avoided. Other wise it is value for money. I highly recommend it to my fellow audiophile friends. To my surprise some head phones have been acclaimed as the best or in the top 5 range or in the top 10 range are quite disappointing. It is purely natural. Not V or U shape or any roll off.Bass is just enough for me. Not boomy or over low just covering mid to low frequencies in good pure manner. To simply say it is Purely nearly studio performance nearly means 80%. HIghs will come to its peak detail says my previous experiments. I let u know later on. So I highly recommend this hp and thank HPZ for providng a good genuine hp. Hooray Beyerdynamic.

Worth for money...

First of all thanks to Headphone zone for giving many suggestions based on my desire and budget. That gave me more ideas and was able to explore even more. I have ATH M40X already, which am using with Amp ( Fiio Alphen 2 ). I was very much happy with its clarity and neutral sound. Its earpad got aged and had to buy new one and am now hearing sound leakage, through the new Dekoni ear pad was so cushion like and very much comfortable. Meanwhile I was looking for another headphone with the same clarity of ATH M40X and with real punchy Bass.I was looking for ATH M50X.But my mind couldn't settle in ATH M50X. Might be because am having its little bro already. So I was looking for something even better than ATH M50X and there I found this Beyerdynamics Custom one pro plus.
It has the clarity and clear Bass. Its customizable bass is really good.I could feel different headphones in one, whenever I do change w.r.t songs. Some songs need more bass to enjoy the lows. Some songs need less bass to enjoy their highs and classics kind of musics.With Beyerdynamics Custom one pro plus, I could do adjust according to songs. Due to low impedance without Amp itself, it sounds so good. With Amp I see even better sound effects too. Currently am burn-in the headphones. I couldn't tell whether it has effect, but may be after reading many reviews, my mind adapt to the belief that there is a change in bass quality. I felt little muddy for some songs on fresh open. After a weekend of burn-in, I felt that muddy sound got little controlled.Thanks for the customizable ear cup design too.Another thanks to the additional cable with mic. that helps me a lot.
Unfoldable and no case given in the box is a disappointment.So this will be very useful if you stay in a place for long time. If you keep roaming, then this is not the right choice for you. As I use in the office, I am managing.I bought a Hard case too.Even in Amazon.in, I couldn't get the Beyerdynamics hard case. But in Headphones Zone, I...

Brilliant headphone!!!!

Have been using it for 3 months now. It is simply brilliant. The music output is simply amazing. The bass adjuster allows you to make some intelligent choices. Suits for all types of music. Watching a horror movie with this headphone is really really scary. Go for it!!


Nothing against Headphone Zone but these headphones certainly dont work as advertised. I have had sennheiser earphones worth 1000 bucks and that pair gave me better audio quality than these 15k ones. Bass is just fine, never experienced any kind of major improvement with those sliders. On the bright side, it is very well built. Ear cups are large and comfortable. Distortion is minimum. Over priced for the quality id say. 3 stars to Headphone Zone for excellent service.