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Beyerdynamic - Custom Street

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This payment method is currently only available for customers using credit cards issued by Kotak, Axis, ICICI, IndusInd, HDFC, HSBC, SBI, AMEX, RBL & STANC Banks.

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Pre-OwnedSave Rs.999/- with a Pre-Owned product.

Custom Street is now available in white! Beyerdynamic’s Custom series is one that hasn’t been paralleled before. The newest offspring of the well-acclaimed Custom series. Music lovers who love all things customised, listen up, these headphones are made for you. The headphones come in a commendable customizable design. Built with a custom slider, you can choose the profile that suits your music genre perfectly. The headphones feature a built-in mic and remote, thus you can easily answer calls and control your music. The cable too can be detached or attached according to the need of the user. You can even share your music, connect to your audio device through one socket and share music through the other.

Further enhancing your customizable experience, the headphones come with interchangeable covers that can be replaced as per your mood. 

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    Customize your sound signature

    Beyerdynamic indeed brings great innovation to the Custom Street. The Sound-Slider on the headphone's earcups allows you to tune your music to your preference. The headphones let you choose from three distinct profiles ranging from "Analytical" to "Heavy-bass".
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    1-button remote
    Not disclosed by the manufacturer

    20 Hz - 20.000 Hz
    38 ohms

    Not disclosed by the manufacturer
    1.2 mm detachable audio cable

    3.5mm (1/8") Gold Plated
    245 g

    < 0.2%
    Not disclosed by the manufacturer

    Not disclosed by the manufacturer
    Not disclosed by the manufacturer

    1. Beyerdynamic - Custom Street On-Ear Headphones 

    2. 1.3 m Headset Cable with One-Button Remote
    3. Hexagon screwdriver to change design cover 

    4. Rugged Transport Case 

    5. Design Cover


    Two Years 

    Authorized Service Partner: BEYERDYNAMIC INDIA

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Beyerdynamic India.

  • PC-Mag-Logo
    "The Beyerdynamic Custom Street would feel gimmicky if the swappable outer panels on the earcups were the main attraction. Instead, the most alluring aspect of the headphones is the bass adjustment switch and an overall sound signature."



    "To sum it up I’d say the CUSTOM STREET headphones from Beyerdynamic are exactly what they claim to be… a smaller and more portable headphone for great quality every-day music listening, gaming or even podcasting."




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Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews

I'm writing this after using it for a month and I've purchased this on 60% off sale.
Material and build quality is superb, feels sturdy and can handle abuse. Hard casing provides extra protection while travel and you can customize the outer cover to you liking.
Sound quality is good, Bass slider is very practical and boy it really works.
I never been a big fan of on-ears and my ears start hurting a bit after awhile. Due to this after every 30mins of usage I give it a rest.
Bonus: You can connect another headphones to this and share play. My wife was like 'you can do that'?
I wish these were over-ears and the cable to be slightly long . These headphones are really worth for what it's priced.


i was so happy when i recd this headphone. for the price the bass, mids and lows were more than what i was expecting. 3-4 weeks on i am watching Netflix on my laptop and suddenly the left side goes dead. did not expect that from a german brand. what do i say its very disappointing. i will contact beyerdynamic on monday. i will update everyone on their customer support service. they are base in bangalore and i am in delhi, that sucks. beyerdynamic just made a very happy customer extremely frustrated.

Headphones meant for the Fury Road

This headphone feels like it's built for the Fury Road. If this is an upgrade for you, it will make you realize what "mediocre" means. No gimmicky features, no shiny bells and whistles. Everything on this is purpose built and do their job well. This one is "The War Rig".
Here's a few things I've found good about this War Rig:
* The bass reflex system does work. Best way to experience this is to turn to the "Linear" setting on the BRS. Put on a Bass heavy track and gradually switch to the Heavy Bass and prepare to get bulldozed by the bass being delivered just like on the Doof Wagon.
* Don't make the mistake of assuming that this is just a run-of-the-mill bass head headphone. They deliver equally well on the highs and mids. I've been enjoying my podcasts on these as much as I enjoy listening to music.
* The experience of switching skins on the headphones is as raw as it can get. 2 sets of four screws that's out there and an allen key to unscrew them. I love most of the skins. If you're into modding, then its easy to make your own skins since the template is the same.
* I have been aware of detachable headphone wires for a while, but have never experienced it. The detachable cable give you a lot of flexibility in terms of mobility, customizability in terms of switching the cable type.
* The faux leather on the headrest and ear-cups fare comfortable. Talk about rough edges and this headphone has quite a few of them. The metal around ear cups and the extensions gives you the feeling that these came right out of German war rig workshop. The headphones are built to last.
* All though this is a War Rig, it doesn't feel heavy on your head when used for extended hours.
* There is barely any audio leak from this headphone making it ideal for use within office spaces and crowded surroundings.
* The ear cups do a great job in terms of isolating external noise without and ANC.
Thank you HPZ for timely delivery and great experience through the delivery process.

Trust me, Buy this

I swear I made of the best decision of buying these headphones. Its like I never heard music only before this. When I wear them, I can listen to every mid and low so clearly, that I don't even want to focus on the lyrics anymore. The slider function works properly and definitely provides you with a versatile experience, although I found the vibrant mode best, as in base mode, the mids and lows tend to be overpowered. The clamping force was too much earlier, the force has reduced now after some time, but I still have to remove it after using it for long hours. Also, this helps in noise cancellation. Plus, those cover designs are really cool. The length of wire is good enough.
You should definitely try the 3D sounds with this, they give such an amazing clarity.
Thank you Headphone zone for providing such a good deal on these headphones. KUDOS!


Trust me,it is infectious sound,clean what it should be, bass is good at center position of switch,good for Android phone without amp also,con is fitting in,. broad head is painful

That was a really good review. We love the infectious tag :)
Amazing bass

these pairs have amazing bass and also an slider option which gives a good punch to songs in different genrs

Hey, Thanks for your kind review! You are awesome :)