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Beyerdynamic - T 90

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Confused? Don't be, when there's a Guru to guide the way.

The Beyerdynamic T 90 is the first open-backed high-end headphone from the range with the revolutionary Tesla technology. These over-ear headphones provide a feeling of closeness and transparency.

The T 90's balanced neutral sound has been tuned for spontaneous listening enjoyment allowing music enthusiasts to immediately immerse themselves in the sound. 
Combining the neutral analytic sound of the Tesla transducer with a full, warm timbre, the T90 has been created to provide joy and pleasure of listening to all genres of music. 

The T90 is hand-crafted in Beyerdynamic's plant in Germany. The headphones' elegant appearance and velvet materials used on the headband allow supreme comfort and a premium feel. Solidly built and very impressive, you will find the T90 comfortably sitting on your ears.

A nifty hard carry case comes included with the package. The well-padded interior keeps your headphones safely snug inside. The handle lets you carry your package everywhere you go.




    Superb Sound Quality

    The T 90 sounds accurate and imparts less of its own sound on the music than mostheadphones . The purity and clarity of the sound is astonishing, you can hear "into" recordings with rare precision. The bass, treble and mids are all very balanced and neutral throughout.



    Tesla Technology

    Completely re-engineered transducers (drivers) based on a neodymium ring magnet with optimized magnetic field characteristics. This combination creates a magnetic field inside the transducer which is far stronger (> 1,2 Tesla - measuring unit for magnetic flux density - with current headphones the strength of the magnetic field is < 0,65 Tesla) than in standard headphones. Because of this increased magnetic field, the voice coil is more compact but still provides a very high degree of efficiency. The membrane, consisting of a 3 layer "compound foil", delivers an extremely precise frequency response and guarantees, in collaboration with the strong magnet, a transparent and distortion free sound.




    Wide Sound Stage

    These open-backed headphones provide spacious stereo imaging along with a wide and dynamic sound stage that allows you to hear every nuance clearly.


    250 Ohm Headphones with Powerful Sound

    The 250 Ohm headphones with a maximum input power of 200mW, these headphones can drive strong and the best sound possible fro your high-end amplifiers to provide you with a premium aural experience.



  • Over-Ear
    Open- Back

    Tesla Driver

    5Hz - 40,000Hz

    1.2m Single-Sided Straight Cable

    Jack plug (3.5mm)
    1/4" adapter (6.35mm)

    Not disclosed by manufacturer
    102 dB @ 1 kHz

    200 mW
    Not disclosed by manufacturer

    1. Beyerdynamic - T 90 Headphone

    2. Carrying Case

  • Two Years 

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Beyerdynamic India Private Limited at the Fixed line: +91-80-23310101 or fill the contact form here.

  • Is it Open Back or Closed Back?
    They are Open Back.
    Does it have a detachable cable?
    No, it does not have a detachable cable.
    Do they have replaceable earpads?
    Yes, it does.
    Does it work without an amplifier?
    No, it does not work without an amplifier, also it will work at its full potential only if paired with an amplifier which can support more than 250 Ohms impedance.
    Does it come with an adapter?
    No, it does not.
    Does it have a good bass?
    No, it does not, it is infact good for studio monitoring.

  • "Sure, the Beyerdynamic T90 is pricey, but no other less-expensive headphone can match the T90's combination of comfort, sound, and build quality."



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