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Bowers & Wilkins

Bowers & Wilkins - C5 Series 2

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  • The Short Story

    Ideal for Casual
    Music Listening

    Ideal for

    Ideal for
    Taking Calls

    Balanced Sound

    9.2mm Dynamic



    Super Lightweight

    2 Years of

    Designed in
    the UK

  • The Long Story

  • Specifications

    Drivers 9.2mm
    Driver Type Dynamic
    Impedence 32 ohms
    Sensitivity 115 dB/V at 1 kHz
    Frequency Response 
10Hz to 20kHz
    Max Input Power 
    Wired Connectivity 3.5mm
    Microphone 3-Button
    Compatibility Universal
    Wearing Style in-ear
    Weight 20g
    Cable Lenght 1.2m
    Bowers & Wilkins - C5 Series 2 Earphones
    3 Different Sized Eartips
  • Warranty

    Don’t sweat it, This Bowers & Wilkins product is covered by a 2 Years manufacturer's warranty.
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  • What the Press say

    "Bottom Line The Bowers & Wilkins C5 In-Ear Headphones offer beautiful, rich bass and fantastic audio performance inside the most secure-fitting earphone design in its under-$200 price range."
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    "The bottom line: While the Secure Loop design may not be a perfect fit for every ear, the Bowers & Wilkins C5s are among the best-sounding earphones in their sub-$200 price class."
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    "The bottom line is that they pack a massive sound into tiny buds. But even better, they stay in well and are exceptionally comfortable, even when you wear them for long periods of time. While they're expensive, if you've got the beans to dop on quality buds, you won't be disappointed."
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    "We think B&W did a pretty great job with their first venture into the world of earphones. These canalphones have class, style and a sound that is consistent with B&W’s standard of excellence."
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Dynamic and very revealing

The B&W C5s had an almost unbearable treble and mids that were quite forward in the mix out of the box. But after about 3-4 hours of use, the treble dropped significantly. So those of you who don't yet believe in burn-in may need to reconsider their beliefs. Now if I listen to Adagio(Sonata no 1 in G-minor) by Bach as played by Milstein, I can hear the violins crying out with emotion. And they're very revealing. If instead, you bring a sibilant recording to it's attention then it will sound exactly as it was recorded.

The mids are slightly recessed, but sound absolutely gorgeous. Guitar strings sound very soulful, they are heavy when they should be and light as a flutter otherwise. Voices sound very natural. It is quite dynamic as well and timing is spot on. The bass is tight and fast, though certainly not as fast as some headphones out there. The bass is also not that much. It's just there when it must be there, never overpowering, but always welcome.

All in all, these are a worthwhile investment and you wont regret buying them if you intend to use them with well recorded music ripped from CDs or MP3s with at least 320 kbps bitrate. They are very high on clarity and let you know whats wrong with the recording otherwise. But on a well recorded track and CD quality music, you cannot hope to take a better friend along for the ride. Oh, the sparkle and the flutter and emotion.

Clean, warm, rich and detailed

I've heard some of the most historic headphones including the shure se535 and the HD 800. Always wanted to own shure but due to my budget these were the ones I stalked my 200 bucks (13000) on.

They sound very detailed and rich. They sound more like a audio technica msr7 with a much more controlled hi end. The loops are innovative and effective... But don't tighten them to much in your ears, Use as much needed or else comfort issues may rise. And my personal suggestion, use comply foam ear tips or Sony hybrid ones instead of the provided ones to get the most out of these... Everything else is quite awesome about these headphones. They aren't built like tanks... They aren't very durable specially the cable but are high quality.
Conclusion - a very delicate and handsome headphone with one of the best sound quality under 200 dollars.

Hey Ananta, thank you for your detailed review man. We are glad you loved them :)
4 star

Bowers & Wilkins - C5 Series 2

5 star

Bowers & Wilkins - C5 Series 2

Exceptional Audio Quality from B&W

One of the best headphones i bought in recent times.. previously i used Klipsch, Bose, B&W P5 and Shure.. But these are much more better than those..

Note: The audio quality differs if you use with android devices.. As these headphones are exclusively made for Apple devices..

Hey Pawan, we're so glad that you loved the product! Thank you so much for the detailed review, you're awesome!
Worth every penny!