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Campfire Audio

Campfire Audio - Atlas

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With the Campfire Audio Atlas, experience the perfect blend of art and science. This in-ear is made of 3D modelled parts and has an extremely durable stainless steel body.

The 10mm A.D.L.C Drivers give you a super loud sound while the subsonic bass is sure to impress many. The Litz cable used for this earphone is extra special and unique as it has pure silver conductors.


    A Company That Aims for Astronomical Heights

    Campfire Audio started small before growing big, just like a bonfire starts with a small flicker of light. Their aim is to create something special for those who care about their audio the most. Each model in their range has been refined over the years to create what we hear today—including the Atlas.

    Gorgeous Sound

    While the Atlas’ sound may be summarised to huge and dynamic, it is so much more than that! The subsonic bass lets you really relish the lows while the clear mids and highs are certainly enjoyable.

    High Fidelity with Low Distortion

    Experience audio from a wide frequency range as well as super-low distortion with the Atlas’ 10mm A.D.L.C. (Amorphous Diamond-Like Carbon) drivers. This rigid material also achieves superior fidelity.

    Crafted in Portland

    The Atlas has been designed in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. Each piece is carefully assembled by hand. The handmade construction ensures a superior build due to the attention paid to every detail. Thus, this in-ear is one of the finest in its class.


    Super Durability

    The Atlas certainly wins an award for durability due to its stainless steel body. The earpieces are CNC machined and drop forged. This is then hand polished till it shines like a mirror.

    Refinement Via 3D

    A perfect blend of art and science, the Atlas is built with 3D modelled parts. This offers a refinement you won’t find in any other in-ear.

    High-Quality Cable & Connector

    The Litz Cables have pure silver conductors. This cable terminates in a high-quality Beryllium Copper MMCX and 3.5mm stereo plug.

    Expertise Like No Other

    Each element of the Atlas is inspected by experts. The best sound engineers test the earphones so that everything works perfectly and you get an enhanced musical experience.

    Just Like Stars—One in a Million

    Each part of the Atlas is carefully made, assembled and inspected. Thus, for absolute great quality, it is only possible to create these IEMs in a small batch. When you own an Atlas, you are one of few who have a pure audio marvel in hand (or in-ears).

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    No Mic

    5Hz–20 kHz

    19 Ohms @ 1kHz
    Not disclosed by the manufacturer

    3.5mm L-Shaped

    Not disclosed by the manufacturer
    105 dB

    Not disclosed by the manufacturer
    Not disclosed by the manufacturer

    1. Campfire Audio Atlas Earphone

    2. Litz Copper Cable
    3. Final Audio Tips (xs/s/m/l)
    4. Campfire Audio Earphone Tips(s/m/l)
    5. Silicon Earphone Tips (s/m/l)
    6. Campfire Audio Lapel Pin
    7. Cleaning Tool
    8. Campfire Audio Dark Leather Earphone Case

  • One Year

    Authorized Service Partner: Headphone Zone

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and contact Headphone Zone .

  • User Manual

    Learn how to use the Campfire Audio Atlas


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