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Campfire Audio - IO (B-Stock)

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7 Day Replacement Guarantee

All products are covered by the Headphone Zone 7 Day Replacement Guarantee. This product is eligible for a free replacement in case you receive a damaged, defective or different item.

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Designed in

V-Shaped Sound

Ideal for

Best Suited for
Portable Use

90 Days of


Litz Cables

2 Balanced Armature

MMCX Cables



Campfire Audio started small before growing big, just like a bonfire starts with a small flicker of light. Their aim is to create something special for those who care about their audio the most. Each model in their range has been refined over the years to create what we hear today—including the IO.



Experience a life-like sound with unbelievable imaging and layering that you’ve never heard before. The IO consists of 2 separate woofer & tweeter balanced armature drivers that delivers an articulate bass that complements the refined mids & treble. The Tuned Acoustic Expansion Chamber (T.A.E.C.™) technology provides a natural and open top-end extension that people have come to expect from Campfire Audio earphones.



The Campfire Audio IO features a ‘Garnet’ Red Anodized finish with 24K gold-plated screws and a custom beryllium/ copper insulated MMCX connector. The machined aluminium body and stainless steel spout are lightweight and durable while the moulded ear hook is designed to replace the memory wire for a secure fit. The Super Litz Cable is the perfect balance of physical gauge and performance. Its smokey jacket adds a unique finish to it.



The IO has been designed in Portland, Oregon on French Paper Co. Stock, U.S.A. Each piece is carefully assembled by hand. The handmade construction ensures a superior build due to the attention paid to every detail. Thus, this in-ear is one of the finest in its class.



DRIVERS Dual Balanced Armature Drivers
CABLE TYPE Tangle Free
CABLE TYPE Super Litz Cable

In the Box

BOX CONTENTS 1. Campfire Audio-IO Earphones
2. Includes 3 complete sets of ear tips
3. Cable
4. Carrying case
5. Campfire Audio pin
6. Non-retail packaging
7. Manual



Campfire Audio - IO (B-Stock) vs competitors
Campfire Audio - IO (B-Stock) Campfire Audio - IO (B-Stock) vs competitors
₹ 18,990/- ₹ 29,990/-

Audeze - iSine10vs competitors
Audeze - iSine10 Audeze - iSine10 vs competitors

O Bravo - Cupid (Prime)vs competitors
O Bravo - Cupid (Prime) O Bravo - Cupid (Prime) vs competitors

Astell&Kern - Billie Jeanvs competitors
Astell&Kern - Billie Jean Astell&Kern - Billie Jean vs competitors
14,990/- ₹ 24,999/-

Sound Signature
Warm & Smooth
Driver Type Balanced Armature Planar Magnetic Hybrid Balanced Armature
Driver Config 2 x BA 1 x PM 1 x DD 1 x PM 1 x BA
Sensitivity 109dB 110dB 105dB
Impedance 26 ohms 16 Ohms 16 ohms 18 ohms
Detachable Cable
Connector MMCX 2-pin MMCX 2-pin
In The Box Campfire Audio-IO Earphones
Final Audio Tips (Xs/S/M/L/Xl)
Campfire Audio Marshmallow Tips (S/M/L)
Silicon Earphone Tips (S/M/L)
Campfire Audio Lapel Pin
Warranty Card
Cleaning Tool
Audeze ISine10 In-Ear Earphones
Certificate Of Authenticity
User Guide And Warranty
1.5m Audio Cable
1/8” Stereo Plug Input To 2-Pin Plug Output
OBravo - Cupid Earphone
Gold Plated OCC Copper 2.5mm Balanced Cable
3.5mm Adapter
Silicon Tips
Comply Form Tips
Astell & Kern Billie Jean IEMs
3.5mm Unbalanced Cable
3 Sizes Silicon Eartips
Carry Case
Expert Verdict "The IO reminds me of the Atlas. Not that they have a similar tuning but rather the bold focus by brand on developing a tuning that goes in a very specific direction than generalize to the masses."
"It is a fun musical and very spacious sounding experience that I really find hard to compare to much else out there. At $399 these are a bit of a steal."

"Some matches are made in heaven.The Billie Jean in-ear monitors deliver clean, engaging, well-balanced sound at a reasonable price for the audiophile and music lover alike."
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Warranty & Media Reviews

What are B-Stock Headphones?

Each high-end headphone or IEM undergoes a thorough inspection by the brand before being packaged to maintain high-quality standards. As such, products with aesthetic imperfections do not make the cut. These are then sold at huge discounts. The flaws are limited to only visual defects. The sonic qualities are uncompromised and work similarly to a new product. You get the same uncompromised service, and features along with massive savings.




90 Days Warranty

Don't sweat it, this Campfire Audio IO (B-Stock) comes with a 90 Days warranty from Campfire Audio that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about Campfire Audio's warranty in India.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Experience (not to call it a review)

Package received made be awestruck, calling it a B stock. The box is small per se compact & is in deep blue color, adorned by stars & mountains prints, with brand name stamped in a gold. Blue box contents - There is a greyish brown canvas zipper hard case a quality one (expected leather maroon pouch). Gift opening excitement when the hard case was unzipped, to see the earphones tucked away in the mesh string pouch, further pampered by the awesome (fake) wool liner. Earpieces were put in a single mesh string pouch with separate compartment. Cables connected to earpiece, wound & tagged with 2 Velcro’s. Earpieces are work of an art, its small, light in weight, plated in gleaming Maroon red & gold-plated screws. People will never regret for shelling out those value printed papers for this contraption. The finish is matte/satin but shining. The construction is solid. Accessories in 2 mesh string pouches consist of marshmallow tips, silicon tips, Final E tips, a CA logo lapel pin & a cleaning brush put loosely in the box aong with Final E type tips referring document. Burning - I decide to hear it first before burn in. Some amount of warmness felt inside the ears hearing. Left it to burn in for 2hr the warmness were there. Once again ran it for 2 hrs next day, it was cool to touch & to hear. Out of the box & after burn in; the sound hasn’t changed drastically. For burn in I used the CD player. Wearing - This IEM fits well inside an ear without hurting or hitching & can be worn for long hours. I tried using all the tip options supplied, all were really good, with the Final E tip there was change in bass no major change in sound. When I used the Final E tip I had a pain in the concha area due to the edges of the earphone brushed, reusing earphones after sometime didn’t felt the pain. Cable – it as a smoked grey jacket, super light in weight & thin, one cannot feel its suspended, it is soft to touch & to wound, but there is a minor stiffness. There are no tangling issues for 98% of the time. This cable is so thin which scared me of getting it damaged due to tugs. With this thin cable there are no phonics issues. Gears - 1) Audio Technica CKX9 [1xDD, 13.5mm] 2) Audio Technica M30x [1xDD, 40mm], 3) KZ ZSN Pro [1xDD, 10mm 1xBA], 4) iBasso IT01 [1xDD, 9mm], 5) Sony MDR EX-150 AP [1xDD, 9mm]. DAC/AMP - 1) iBasso DC02, 2) Fiio BTR1K. Source - One plus 6T, HP Laptop with B&O, Sony CD player. Media - Amazon Prime music, CD's, MP3 (some FLAC audios included)

Sound to Music - For the first time when this is heard there will be no goose bumps which may be due to lack of bass. It has a unique tuning which will make one enjoy. Soundstage is impressive with width & depth being awesome, height is fair. This has a holographic sound at times. Vocal is pushed to center & bit forward with clean & loudness, which exhibits W shape sound. At times vocal is pushed far back of inside the head (a new experience), this give a U shape sound. This IEM has a bit of nose sounding. Imaging/separation is good but if the track has more mix it gets crowded. Sometimes some instruments are failed to get registered due to the fast nature of the driver & if those are placed low in the track. Bass is tight in bass heavy songs, kick drum are heard clearly, If it doesn’t sounds bassy it feels thumpy, if it is too thumpy then it is annoying. Sub bass is present, the impact is very lean. Treble are lean & peaky or say bright, but not hurting. Highs are smooth, lean and clean. Guitars & string plucks are clearly heard in tracks without much of empathizing. This IEM exhibits a bright & sparky nature of the tweeter BA driver, there is some smear or sibilance are heard based on the song & cannot be toned down, sensitivity of this IEM to be considered. occasionally some more volume is required. Couple of times I heard some creeks/scratch in right earpiece intermittently. To reduce the high ended nature an external DAC/AMP is required. This IEM produces music musically. I found IO is best for string filled songs, good for (Acoustic) POPs & cannot handle songs like EDM, heavy metal, rocks which has more mix or crowded instrument arrangement. Still movie songs sound good if it has a good recording, but the remastered or the old movie tracks like 1 or 2 decades old may not sound great.
Thank you headphone zone team, my brother and Darko.
Warranty mentioned in the headphone zone website and the document is not same, it day 90 days against 2yrs.

Just Grab it.

Even though it's a B-STOCK the Sound Quality of the Earphones is not compromise. I also Would like to thank "Delwyn" from HeadphoneZone for suggesting me the CAMPFIRE IO. M just loving this CA-IO. M a Rock-Indie Guy so, for me the CA-IO is Flawless. The Heighs is crisps and clear and the Lows is just the perfect Punch 👊 (Won't Recommend this for EDM and Heavy Bass Lovers)
Thank You HeadphoneZone.

Hey, this makes us super happy! So glad to know that you love them:) Happy listening !!

Welcome Newcomer