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Cayin - N5ii

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Go for an easy EMI scheme which allows you to pay for your orders over a convenient period. A minimum purchase value of Rs. 500 is required to avail the EMI facility and the facility can be availed for tenures of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months.

This payment method is currently only available for customers using credit cards issued by Kotak, Axis, ICICI, IndusInd, HDFC, HSBC, SBI, AMEX, RBL & STANC Banks.

After checking out, Select the "Credit Card / Debit Card / Net Banking / EMI" option, which will then direct you to the PayU Payment gateway. Select your card and check the installment value and the overall interest charged on the transaction. 

The interest rate charged varies from bank to bank. Here is a summary of the interest rates:

Bank Min Amount (INR) 3 Months 6 Months 9 Months 12 Months 18 Months 24 Months
KOTAK 500 12% 12% 14% 14% 15% 15%
AXIS 2500 12% 12% 13% 13% 15% 15%
ICICI 1500 13% 13% 13% 13% 15% 15%
INDUSIND 2000 13% 13% 13% 13% 15% 15%
HDFC 3000 13% 13% 14% 14% 15% 15%
HSBC 2000 12.50% 12.50% 13.50% 13.50% 13.50% -
SBI  2500
- -
- -

These are annualized interest rates charged on a monthly reducing balance, which means that the principal amount is reduced with every EMI and the interest is calculated on the outstanding balance.

No processing or convenience fees are charged on any EMI transactions.


  1. Minimum Order value for EMI eligibility varies from Bank to bank. 
  2. EMI purchases need to be made on a single credit card and cannot be split across multiple cards.
  3. EMI monthly schedules begin from the next card billing statement post the transaction date as determined by your bank.


Cayin Save upto Rs. 3999/- by choosing an Pre-Owned instead.
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Confused? Don't be, when there's a Guru to guide the way.

Introducing the Cayin N5ii, the newest  DAP from Cayin, offering all the features that one could ask for. The successor to the original N5, the N5ii is almost an entirely brand new design from the ground up.

Featuring a  completely Balanced Design, based around the carefully tuned  ESS9018K2M, paired with  Three active oscillators, to make sure all playback formats are free from digital artifact, make the N5ii a truly Hi-Res music listening experience. The  Quad Core processor offers a smooth user experience and supports a whole host of formats including DST and DTS encoded formats.

You don’t even need to skimp on the amount of music you get carry as you get  Two Micro SD card slots  in addition to the 32 GB of Internal Storage. It will even keep running to play all that music with a fantastic  12 Hours of battery life.

The Cayin N5ii makes no compromises and is thus an ideal solution for some one looking for a No Compromise DAP. Check it out!

  • 2.5mm Balanced Output

    Get better details and dynamics in the audio along with enhanced handling power, separation and soundstage. With Cayin N5ii you get fully differential amplification for 2.5mm balanced output and completely independent 3.5mm single end output. It has balanced output for a brand new experience.

    32 GB internal memory + 800 GB Expandable

    Running out of space to store your favourite music is never good. The good folks at Cayin know the feeling you get when you just want to add that one more playlist but you also don’t want to delete an older one. That is exactly why the N5ii comes with not just 1, but 2 expandable TF Card (Micro SD card) slots. So along with the the 32 GB of Internal Storage, you also get 2x400GB of expandable storage. If that wasn’t enough, you can also access OTG Flash Storage via the USB-C port.

    Upto 12 Hours of Non-stop Music

    Charge your Cayin N5ii with 2A USB-C Charger for 3.5 hours and you can get up to 12 hours of battery life. Enjoy your favourite tracks non-stop without worrying about the battery.



    High quality desktop grade line out rated at 2V

    Flexibility and versatility is one of the best features you can get along with Cayin N5ii. With desktop grade line out rated at 2V, it is compatible with audio equipment which has input impedance higher than 10k Ohms. It is high quality analog source for portable or desktop amps and active speakers.

    Maximise your Audio Performance

    Best Audio Performance by eliFminating any interruptions and disturbance is now possible with N5ii. It has Audio Priority Mode specially for critical listeners to enjoy music without any interference.

    Pair with Headphones and speakers with Bluetooth 4.0

    Wires are no more the cause of your limitations anymore, it is compatible with Bluetooth v4.0 devices, so you can connect now with your wireless headphones and speakers and enjoy delay free music.  



    Access your music using Wi-Fi

    You can now access music library in NAS or computers, connect to a LAN via DLAN. Now play Hi-Res files from anywhere.

     Stream music using Android Apps

    It has customized Android 5.1 system so now you can install music apps like Tidal, Spotify, Saavn and Gaana through Google Play. It supports a wide range of Play Store music and playback apps.


    Extreme Low Jitter

    The Cayin N5ii ensures that all your playbacks are free from distortions like digital artifact. You can get audio free from interruptions and disturbances. For PCM and DSD bitstream with different sampling frequency, THREE Active Oscillators facilitates perfect clock syn.




    ESS Sabre 9018k2m DAC + Dual OPAMP Design

    Cayin N5ii is designed around the ESS9018k2m DAC chipset to deliver you nothing but the best sound quality. Now listen to Cayin house sound in Hi-Res. It has independent amplification for 2.5mm and 3.5mm phone out.





    Quad-core Processor supports native DSD256

    It supports all common formats including DST and DTS encoded formats, DSD, DSF, SACD ISO, FLAC, WAV, MP3 delivering intuitive user experience and extraordinary digital audio capability.

    Versatile digital out to use with external DACs

    Specifically designed for Cayin DAPs, the CS-40TC35 (Optional Accessory) is a Coaxial Cable with a Type-C to Gold planted 3.5mm TRS connector.







    Power rating: 130mW+130mW (@32Ω)

    Frequency Response: 20-20kHz (±0.2dB, Fs=192kHz) 5-50kHz (±1dB, Fs=192kHz)

    THD+N: 0.002% (1kHz, Fs=44.1kHz;20Hz-20kHz, A-Weighted)

    Dynamic Range: 116dB (20Hz-20kHz, A-Weighted)

    SNR: 116dB (20Hz-20kHz, A-Weighted)

    Channel Separation: 76dB Output Impedance: ≤0.4Ω Connector: 3.5mm TRS (shared with Line Out)


    Power rating: 250mW+250mW (@32Ω)

    Frequency Response: 20-20kHz (±0.2dB, Fs=192kHz) 5-50kHz (±1dB, Fs=192kHz)

    THD+N: 0.002% (1kHz, Fs=44.1kHz;20Hz-20kHz, A-Weighted)

    Dynamic Range: 117dB (20Hz-20kHz, A-Weighted)

    SNR: 117dB (20Hz-20kHz, A-Weighted)

    Channel Separation: 92dB

    Output Impedance: ≤0.6Ω

    Connector: 2.5mm TRRS

    LINE OUT - 

    Output Level: 2.0V (@10kΩ)

    Frequency Response: 20-20kHz (±0.2dB, Fs=192kHz) 5-50kHz (±1dB, Fs=192kHz)

    THD+N: 0.003% (1kHz, Fs=44.1kHz;20Hz-20kHz, A-Weighted)

    Dynamic Range: 116dB (20Hz-20kHz, A-Weighted)

    SNR: 116dB (20Hz-20kHz, A-Weighted)

    Channel Separation: 92dB

    Imp. matching: ≥10kΩ (suggested)

    Connector: 3.5mm TRS (shared with Phone Out)


    DSD Mode: DSD64/DSD128, DoP or D2P*

    PCM Mode: Upto 24Bit/384kHz


    DSD Mode: DSD64, DoP or D2P*

    PCM Mode: Upto 24Bit/192kHz convert higher resolution to 176.4kHz or 192kHz

    Recommended Headphone: impedance Range 16~200Ω (recommended)
    *D2P: DSD to PCM, always output at 24bit/88.2kHz


    MCU: Rockchip RK3188

    Display: 3.65” 845x480 TFT touch screen

    DAC: ESS9018K2M

    Op-Amp: OPA1622 x 3

    Storage: 32GB + TF (upto 256GBx2)

    Headphone: 3.5mm + 2.5mm (Balanced)

    Line: 3.5mm (shared)

    Digital: Coaxial, USB Audio (in/out)

    USB: Type C (2.0), charging, OTG

    System: Custom Android 5.1

    RAM: 1G DDR3

    Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz

    Bluetooth: BT4.0

    Battery: 3000mAH

    Duration: ~12 hours

    Charging: ~3 hours (2.1A)

    Dimension: 115*57*15.3 (mm)

    Weight: ~150g

  • One Year 

    Authorized Service Partner: Headphone Zone

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headphone Zone.

    1. Cayin N5ii

    2. Plastic Cover Case

    3. USB - USB C

    4. User Manual

  • Headfonia
    "The Cayin N5ii simply is a killer DAP in this price segment that kind of makes it difficult for the competition to live up to it."



Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews

My impressions of Cayin N5MK2 after few days of usage.

Packaging was good n the player comes in a very nicely build black box. There is a silicon case and USB C cable included with it.

The player is built like a tank. The built quality is really outstanding and at par with astell n kern like players. It has an all aluminum body. The nicest thing is the volume wheel which is among the best I've seen it has a nice tactile feel and the rotations r accompanied by clicks. The wheel has slight golden accent to it. The wheel is firmly attached with the body with no part of it protuding which can lead to accidental rotations. There is a decent weight to the player. It has three buttons on the right previous track,next track and play/pause. There r two micro SD card slots at right each can support upto 400 GB capacity card. On the left there is power button. On the top there is a SE 3.5 mm output and a 2.5 mm balanced output. The sockets r robust. At the bottom there is a USB type C port for charging and data transfer. It also support OTG storage.


The player runs on heavily customized android 5.1.1 the home screen has many options for folder view, artists,album,genre,songs. V can access both the cards n main memory of the device from here. The player comes with 32 GB of on board storage from which somewhere about 27-28 GB is available for user. Swipe on the right brings about the menu from where many options like third party app n music scan b accessed. One can Install Tidal Spotify n etc streaming services n play. Drop down menu has settings for gain (H/M/L), line out,brightness,wifi,Bluetooth. One can access android system settings from here by pressing the gear icon. Though the system is smooth it occasionally shows minor glitches the player is prompt in scanning the media and it's lightening fast at that. The play also starts instantly there is no lag. Overall the UI and software is lag free but can b improved with future up...

What a DAP!!

Let me admit at the outset that I am not an audiophile. In fact I'm relatively new to the field of HD Audio. I must credit Headphone Zone for this new addiction of mine..

I'd read a lot about Cayin N5ii, while searching for a good DAP for about INR 30,000 or so. It was not available at that time on Headphonezone, so I had to wait for sometime before I could buy one for myself. And I must say that the wait was worth it. I was blown away with absolutely pure music flowing from this marvelous device. I paired the DAP with Audio-Technica ATH M50X, RHA MA750, Beyerdynamic T51i and IDX 200IE (using an adapter), and even DT 990 Pro. Each combination had its own distinctly pleasant flavour, if I may say that. I was pleasantly surprised that the DAP had enough juice to drive even DT990 Pro (250 ohm) with some sparkle. I am definitely impressed at the way the hardware just disappears, while listening to music. These are excellent value for money.

I tried pairing it with Chord Mojo through USB. While it worked flawlessly with Cayin CS 40TC35 USB to coaxial cable, the sound was heavily distorted with USB to USB cable. Suspecting a faulty cable, I changed the cable and tried again, but still no change in status. I tried the same cables between Cayin N3 and Chord Mojo, absolutely no problem.. So, I presume that USB to USB implementation in N5ii does require some work. Although nobody would buy N5ii for using it as a DAT, especially when N3 is available as a much better option for the purpose at a friendlier price point and with a host of additional features, I still hope that the issue would be addressed in a future upgrade..

There are some minor glitches, especially with third party apps, which point that maybe a little more RAM would have been better... But then, maybe I am being a little greedy..

Overall, it's an excellent package, a wonderful DAP worth every penny of your hard earned money..

Highly Recommended..

An excellent player that loses out on user experience

This is the first time I have purchased a dedicated audio player and I'll do my best to review it.

The Good Stuff:

The Cayin N5ii is beautifully build. It feels solid and the aluminum finish offers a nice feeling when you hold it. The buttons are great and I love having quick access to skipping or pausing tracks. The volume wheel really stands out and is a wonderful thing to use especially with its tactile feedback. Overall, I love the quality of the product.

The software is a heavily modified version of Android and it does its job wonderfully. Loading up my music via USB was easy enough and the player is super fast at scanning. It took seconds to scan a 1000 or so tracks!

After buying the N5ii, I picked up a pair of Tin Audio T2's to pair it with. The sound quality is simply amazing! Before this, I'd either use my phone with LP 2 or my desktop with Edifier C2.1 speakers. I could immediately feel a huge difference in the clarity and quality of music on the N5ii and it has become my daily driver for music now.

The Not So Good Stuff:

- The UI does feel a bit clunky and sometimes taps don't register at all, especially if you try to tap the tiny back arrow on the screen instead of using the software button.
- The biggest problem for me though after installing Google Play Music, the buttons on the player became useless. It seems that Android apps have a problem where hardware buttons get forced to apps which are not even in use. After installing GPM, if I used the default player for music and press any of the prev/pause/next buttons, it would start playing music from GPM. Even if I was in Audio Priority mode where third party apps don't work, using these buttons would trigger GPM, pause my current track and start playing music from GPM. It was so annoying that I had to uninstall GPM and go back to physically loading tracks on the player.
- Bluetooth lacks AptX

Final Verdict:

I'm happy enough with the player to ignore the annoyances and love i...

Good player for the price

Really brings out the best in my JVC ha-fx700s and my tidal subscription

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