Chord - TToby

Stereo Power Amplifier
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Warranty & Services

Don't sweat it, this Chord - TToby comes with a 3 Year warranty from Chord Electronics that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about Chord Electronics's warranty in India.

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Designed & Made
in the UK

3 Years of

Ideal for Audiophiles

These DAC & Amps are designed for discerning music lovers. If audio quality is important to you, a set of DAC & Amps like these would be ideal.

You can expect these DAC & Amps to present you with a refined listening experience. The audio quality exhibited by these DAC & Amps is a beautiful mix of musicality, technical brilliance and high precision.

These DAC & Amps deliver a spacious & open soundstage that makes you feel you are sitting at a live concert. Experience the magic and delve into pure sonic tranquility!

Ideal for
Indoor Use


Connect With

Upto 100w @ 4Ω
Power Output


The TToby range is best suited to small living spaces regardless, doesn't compromise on power, and presents you with the clearest audio experience imaginable, thanks to legendary amplification developed from the SPM range. The TToby can work in tandem with a desktop DAC/headphone amplifier. The combination of TToby and M Scaler, a 1M-tap digital upscaling device, results in a high-quality hi-fi system with desktop size and a small footprint. Despite its size, the TToby raises the bar for tiny amplifiers by utilizing Chord Electronics' exclusive amplification technology and design expertise. TToby delivers an Output Power of 100w RMS per channel @ 0.016% distortion into 4Ω with a Frequency Range of 5Hz – 100kHz +/- 0.5dB. With enhanced rawness and body, the TToby will be able to transmit depth and agile subtleties in a highly composed manner. The TToby's midrange richness and clarity are exceptional. It effortlessly produces a tuneful and expressive presentation with a noticeable texture and intensity. No matter how busy a track gets, there's an essence of composure and openness.



The Chord TToby has a very high-quality heft and design. This amplifier emanates confidence from the sturdy aluminum chassis to the high-quality connectors. Measuring only 5.9cm (H) 23.5cm (W) 25.6cm (D) and weight of 3.75kg, it fits neatly on the shelf. The TToby allows you to use it as a 'digital preamp' driving a wide range of loudspeakers. The TToby is a 100-watt amplifier with unbalanced and balanced inputs that includes two well-known high-frequency power supplies. It embeds forced-air cooling via an acoustically closed anechoic micro multi-speed quadruple-fan plenum chamber, which allows the design to be free of sharp heatsinks that gives it a spectacular look and feel. The M Scaler/Hugo TT 2/TToby combo provides class-leading DAC and amplification technologies via headphones and loudspeakers.



The amplifier design contains trickle-down technology from Chord Electronics’ best SPM line of amplifiers. Chord Electronics uses two of their high-frequency, switch-mode power supplies alongside a forced air-cooling system to accomplish the performance and preserve aesthetics. Chord TToby embedded with Class AB Sliding Bias, HF Switch Mode Power Supply, Chord MOSFET Construction, Fully Balanced Circuitry, Fan Cooled, Stereo Balanced XLR Inputs, Stereo Unbalanced RCA Inputs. It Idles at only a single watt of power and barely gets warm.

3 Year Warranty

Don't sweat it, this Chord - TToby comes with a 3 Year warranty from Chord Electronics that covers manufacturing defects. All products featured on Headphone Zone are backed by an original manufacturer's warranty.

Read more about Chord Electronics's warranty in India.

British Made Precision Designed since 1989

Chord Electronics, founded in 1998 and headquartered in East Farleigh, Kent, United Kingdom, is renowned for its commitment to delivering pure audio through its legendary DACs and amplifiers, all entirely designed and manufactured in England. Stemming from a background in aviation, where uncompromised standards were paramount, Chord Electronics has upheld this philosophy since its inception in 1989. Their amplifiers were initially supplied to prestigious institutions like the BBC and world-leading studios such as Abbey Road and Sony Music in New York.

Notably, Chord Electronics distinguishes itself through the use of FPGA technology in their DACs and amplifiers, ensuring studio-grade audio performance across their product range, including popular models like Mojo, Hugo, and DAVE.

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Apr, 2017

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Oct, 2018

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"The TToby surprised us. We weren’t expecting such a balanced and musical performance from something so compact. It just goes to show that everything should only be judged after listening."

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"The TToby is styled as the Hugo TT’s perfect match. Its dimensions and design ethos are identical, and it, too, is available in black or silver finishes. An utterly fabulous compact hi-fi stack that’s perfect for digital-only audiophiles."

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