JAYS - a-JAYS One + FiiO - A1 Amplifier
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Headphones are capable of much more than you would imagine. A simple addition to your setup can make all the difference to your listening experience. Headphone Zone now offers your favourite headphones bundled with complementing gear and accessories. These combos are strategically curated to assist you in your pursuit of sound excellence.

What will I get?

1) Earphones : JAYS - a-Jays One
2) Headphone Amplifier/DAC :  FiiO - A1 Amplifier

How does an amplifier make a difference?

Every good headphone can be made better with an amplifier.  But why do I need an amplifier? Your earphones  can do without an amplifier but with some power, it definitely can perform better.  What does that mean?  

You manage to save Rs.99 9/- when you buy them as a bundle!

Earphones: JAYS - a-Jays One

The a-JAYS One have flat wires that decrease the chance of tangles. But it is perhaps more important that these seem to be the best balanced earphones we have heard for some time - good bass, but not compromising on the treble: which is clean and not raspy. Besides this, their noise isolation is commendable as ambient noise is suppressed by up to 40 db.

Headphone Amplifier: FiiO A1

FiiO's A1 is the replacement of the immensely popular FiiO Fujiyama E06 portable headphone amplifier. It is Sleek, compact, morefashionable, user friendly, durable and more portable with better sound quality.  It is an entry level Headphone amplifier that can be used perfectly along with Earphones and Headphones across ranges for added power, and higher bass response and output. 3 different built-in Bass EQ effects allow users to explore different Bass responses depending on preferences. T he FiiO A1 is designed as the perfect accessory to use along with high impedance and low sensitivity earphones and headphones while on the move. 

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