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Sennheiser - HD 800 S + Astell&Kern - AK300

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Headphones are capable of much more than you would imagine. A simple addition to your setup can make all the difference to your listening experience. Headphone Zone now offers your favourite headphones bundled with complementing gear and accessories. These combos are strategically curated to assist you in your pursuit of sound excellence.

What will I get?

1) Headphones: Sennheiser - HD 800 S
2) Headphone Player: Astell&Kern - AK300

How does a music player make a difference?

When you use expensive headphones, it only makes sense that the quality of your audio files are good enough so as to be using your headphones' full potential. With a high resolution music player that is capable of playing lossless file formats like FLAC, ALAC, WAV you get the best of both worlds and a superior listening experience. Why should I switch from Mp3 to FLAC?

Headphones: Sennheiser - HD 800 S

The HD 800 S are probably the world’s first headphones ever to truly make you forget you are wearing any. It lives up to its promise with every detail: a completely new type of ring driver , delivering the best ever simulation of spatial hearing by way of a curved sonic wave front. Superlatives in so many parts combine to create an overwhelmingly rich and detailed sound experience . It’s hard to describe a piece of gear which, upon listening, sounds different than anything you’ve heard, yet sounds so completely effortless and musical that you’re left with the singular impression that the previous way you’ve listened to music is somehow incomplete, a wrong path if you will, and that this is clearly a better way.

Digital Audio Player: Astell&Kern - AK300

The Astell&Kern AK300 Portable High Definition Music Player and USB DAC  is the latest from Astell&Kern's flagship music player series. The AK300's integrated  AKM AK4490  DAC provide exemplary sound quality and detail. It can also be used as an external DAC with your Mac or PC via USB. This hi-res player features64GB of inbuilt memory and amicroSD card slot that supportsup to 128GB. With the help of its WiFi and Bluetooth  capabilities, you are not just limited to playback of songs you have on your device, you can also stream tracks from your Mac or PC that have been connected to the same wireless network.