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Sony - MDR-Z7 + Sony - PHA-3 Amplifier/DAC

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Own this at an EMI of Rs. 8,485 onwards

Headphones are capable of much more than you would imagine. A simple addition to your setup can make all the difference to your listening experience. Headphone Zone now offers your favourite headphones bundled with complementing gear and accessories. These combos are strategically curated to assist you in your pursuit of sound excellence.

What will I get?

1) Headphones: Sony - MDR-Z7
2) Headphone Amplifier/DAC: Sony - PHA-3

How does an amplifier and DAC make a difference?

Every good headphone can be made better with an amplifier.  But why do I need an amplifier?

At 70 Ohms of impedance, the Sony - MDR-Z7 can do without an amplifier but with some power, it definitely can perform better.  What does that mean? 

As for a DAC, it  eliminates interference that your onboard sound card may experience inside your computer and ensures you’re getting the best possible sound quality. So if you're someone who uses your headphones with a desktop, you'll need a DAC.

Also, you manage to save Rs. 16981 /- when you buy them as a bundle!

Headphones: Sony - MDR-Z7

T he Sony MDR-Z7 arepowerful sound monitoring headphones that guarantee luxurious comfort with phenomenal sound. The Majestic 70mm High-Resolution Audio HD driver units deliver spacious, wideband audio with a wonderfully wide frequency response. Also, the MDR Z7 comes with Aluminum-coated Liquid Crystal Polymer Diaphragms which ensures outstanding clarity.

Headphone Amplifier/DAC: Sony - PHA-3

Powered with high-end D/A conversion technology, this Sony headphone amplifier is compatible with most High-Resolution Audio formats (PCM 384 kHz/32bit and DSD). Featuring a digital connection for Walkman®, Xperia®, iPhone/iPad/iPod®, the PHA-3 has a L/R balanced output. With high quality components, the DAC+AMP is a powerful package for premium home audio. All this and more combine to create an immersive listening experience with a 3D soundstage.