Soundmagic - E10C + FiiO - M3 Music Player

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Headphones are capable of much more than you would imagine. A simple addition to your setup can make all the difference to your listening experience. Headphone Zone now offers your favourite headphones bundled with complementing gear and accessories. These combos are strategically curated to assist you in your pursuit of sound excellence.

What will I get?

1) Headphones : Soundmagic - E10C
2) Headphone Player : FiiO - M3

How does a music player make a difference?

When you invest in a pair of good headphones, it's a mandate to pair it with the right source device. Ditch lossy mp3 files in your smartphone or laptop computer for high-definition audio. Why should I make the switch?

Headphones: Soundmagic - E10C

The E10C retains the performance of previous E10S model and adds a three button mic and remote compatible with all smartphones , allowing the listener to adjust volume, skip tracks, start and stop their music and answer phone calls on the go. Its offers a balanced bass with detailed music experience and a more realistic soundstage with natural vocals. Highly notable is its enhanced bass output, it extends deep with enhanced punch and impact thereby giving you a power package experience.

Headphone Player: FiiO M3

FiiO is renowned worldwide for its audiophile-grade music players: notably the X7 smart Android PMP, amongst the X5, X3 and X1. The FiiO M3 is the first budget micro-sized digital portable audio player. It's as small as a matchbox! It offers a phenomenal 24 hours of playback, more than any of its other players. With an internal memory of 8 GB and an expandable memory of 64 GB via MicroSD, supporting FLAC, APE, WAV, and many other formats, the FiiO M3 is quite possibly the best PMP available for budget audio players in the market anywhere in the world.