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Confused? Don't be, when there's a Guru to guide the way.

  • Secure Fit

    The Foam tips are designed to be sleek and tapered shape to provide easy insertion and stability in the ear canal. The tips are heat-sensitive and breathable, conforming to the dynamic shape of your ear canal, thereby fitting perfectly.

    Soft Comfort


    Made from extremely soft polyurethane, these foam tips are designed for long-term, comfortable wear. Being, thirty times softer than the silicone used on ordinary, Comply Foam Tips are extraordinarily comfortable, reducing irritation and fatigue and leaving listeners with clear, crisp sound.

    Exceptional Noise Isolation

    Comply Foam Tips offer excellent noise isolation. Actual attenuation depends on earphone design and frequency. The foam's passive noise-reduction technology seals out unwanted ambient sound and funnels pure music directly into the ear canal.


    Core diameter for an earphone varies from model to model. Every foam tip is engineered with materials that provide optimal friction coefficient for attaching tip to earphone and soft durometer for comfort; which is why it is important to check compatibility of your earphone in the chart provided (next tab) or here.


  • What the Press Say

    "If you listen to IEMs for hours at a time on a daily basis, like I do, you're going to want them to be comfortable and comfort is something the Comply foam tips excel in. An excellent buy for users looking for the maximum amount of comfort."
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Comfortable but thin

It's comfortable than stock silicon tips. But it's not thick as i expected. Next time I'll prefer isolation or comfort series.

The best upgrade you will need.

I have just used these for over a 1week and installed then in 2 of my favourite headset and dame they are worth the money. Thank you team Headphones zone for helping all music lover out here a big shout out on your YouTube channel and keep up the good work.


It is really way better than the original tips came with earphones, they are comfortable and dont fall down easily, I am using them for my Soundmagic E10c.