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Comply P-Series Earphone Tips (Black, Medium, 3 Pairs)

Don't forget to check the right Comply for your earphones. Find out now!
Once bought, Comply ear tips are NOT eligble for return.

Comply Foam Eartips are an accessory just for In Ear Headphones and IEMs. These are more noise isolating and comfortable as compared to your standard silicone eartips, significantly enhancing your listening experience. The patented technology behind Comply Foam Tips is incomparable. The engineering involves the usage of innovative memory foam technology and adapting it to the human ear-canal structure.

Comply Foam Tips' P-series offer the highest level of noise isolation with excellent in-ear retention. P-Series tips are made with soft memory foam technology with a tapered shape for maximum comfort.

Every earphone has a different core diameter so it is very important to check compatibility of your earphone while choosing the Comply Foam Eartips.

This package comes with a set of three pairs of Comply eartips.

  • Enhanced Audio Performance

    Hear your music the way it's supposed to be heard, with all its highs and lows. Comply Foam seals the ear canal and funnels in pure sound to maximize the listening experience.

    Secure Fit

    Active lifestyles won't be tripped up by this secure in-ear fit. Comply Foam dramatically increases in-ear retention by expanding to fill the ear canal.

    Soft Comfort

    Made from extremely soft polyurethane, these foam tips are designed for long-term, comfortable wear. Being, thirty times softer than the silicone used on ordinary, Comply Foam Tips are extraordinarily comfortable, reducing irritation and fatigue and leaving listeners with clear, crisp sound.

    Exceptional Noise Isolation

    By sealing the ear canal against environmental distractions, you can enjoy music without raising the volume to compensate for external noise.


    Core diameter for an earphone varies from model to model. Every foam tip is engineered with materials that provide optimal friction coefficient for attaching tip to earphone and soft durometer for comfort; which is why it is important to check compatibility (100/200/400/500) of your earphone in the chart provided (next tab) or here.

    What's in the box:

    • 3 pairs of Comply P-Series eartips

  • Altec Lansing
    Bliss Gold inMotion 616 inMotion 716
    NR-10 NR-10i
    Aurvana 2
    Ear Sonics
    SM-2 SM-3
    Fischer Audio
    DBA-02 DBA-02 MKII
    Future Sonics
    Atrio Series
    Harman Kardon
    EP-710 EP-730
    PS 200
    SHE9850 SHE9900
    Rock It Sounds
    R-20 R-30 R-50
    E3c E3g E4c
    E4g E500 E5c
    i3c i4c SCL3
    SCL4 SCL5 SE 110
    SE 115 SE 210 SE 215
    SE 310 SE 315 SE 420
    SE 425 SE 530 SE 535
    Sleek Audio
    BA100 BA200
    IQ Pyco Tio
    Adeventure Alpha Talk Series UM1
    UM2 UM3X Westone 1
    Westone 2 Westone 3 Westone 4

  • "If you listen to IEMs for hours at a time on a daily basis, like I do, you're going to want them to be comfortable and comfort is something the Comply foam tips excel in. An excellent buy for users looking for the maximum amount of comfort"
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