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Comply - Sport & Sport Plus Universal

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Comply Foam Eartips are an accessory just for In Ear Headphones and IEMs. These are more noise isolating and comfortable as compared to your standard silicone eartips, significantly enhancing your listening experience. The patented technology behind Comply Foam Tips is incomparable. The engineering involves the usage of innovative memory foam technology and adapting it to the human ear-canal structure.

The Sport S and Sx Series are for active lifestyles. These tips optimize to give acustom fit that will stay in place all day comfortably and deliver superior sound quality without outside noise distraction. Made from arugged, more breathable foam which offers increased retention , these are perfect for any kind of physical activities. Apart from that, the the Sweat Guard from the Sx series will provide anti-moisture protection, which will also act as a wax guard.

The patented SmartCore™ of the Universal design fits on a wide range of earphones that have sound port nozzles with a 0.191” - 0.246” (4.85mm - 6.25mm) diameter.

This package comes with a set of two pairs in medium size.

  • Secure Fit

    The Foam tips are designed to be sleek and tapered shape to provide easy insertion and stability in the ear canal. The tips are heat-sensitive and breathable, conforming to the dynamic shape of your ear canal, thereby fitting perfectly.

    SmartCore Design

    The Patented SmartCore™ design fits on a wide range of earphones. 

    Soft Comfort

    Made from extremely soft polyurethane, these foam tips are designed for long-term, comfortable wear. Being, thirty times softer than the silicone used on ordinary, Comply Foam Tips are extraordinarily comfortable, reducing irritation and fatigue and leaving listeners with clear, crisp sound.

    Sweat Guard

    The Sx eartips have a built in SweatGuard which keeps moisture out of earphones and it'll also prevent earwax and debris from getting into the earphones sound port. Over time, wax build up can damage an earphone or change the sound signature, which is why these are highly recommended for high end earphones.

    Exceptional Noise Isolation

    Comply Foam Tips offer excellent noise isolation. Actual attenuation depends on earphone design and frequency. The foam's passive noise-reduction technology seals out unwanted ambient sound and funnels pure music directly into the ear canal.

    Sustained Response

    On testing, there was no noticeable reduction in the frequency response when Comply Foam Tips were tested against ordinary silicone tips. (Testing performed using a pure tone frequency sweep from 200Hz-8000Hz)

    What's in the box:

    • 2 pairs of Comply Foam eartips

  • Check the compatibility of your earphones with Comply Foam eartips here!

  • "If you listen to IEMs for hours at a time on a daily basis, like I do, you're going to want them to be comfortable and comfort is something the Comply foam tips excel in. An excellent buy for users looking for the maximum amount of comfort."
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