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Creative - Aurvana Live! 2

Own this at an EMI of Rs. 1,071 onwards

The Creative Aurvana Live!2 has been modeled after its critically acclaimed predecessor, the Creative Aurvana Live! The Live!2 has been updated ensuring increased comfort, a rich bass response and true-to-life acoustic performance.

The headset comes in a black-and-metallic and black-and-red model. These over-ear headphones have extremely comfortable and premium faux leather padding in the headband and earcups, with the memory-foam earcups providing an exemplary seal against ambient noise. The headphones are also foldable, lightweight and portable.

The 40mm Bio-Cellulose Drivers also provide impeccable audio with crystal clear highs and remarkable bass tones. It also comes with a detachable, tangle-free cable and in-line microphone with a one-button remote for easy communication through your smartphone.

    • Crystal Clear Audio

      The 40mm Neodymium drivers with bio-cellulose diaphragm are scrupulously tuned to deliver authentic audio, reminiscent of the sound in a live performance! The sound produced is faithful and detailed with clear highs and deep and rich bass tones.

      Easy Playback and Calls

      A high-purity, tangle-free and flat audio cable with an inline mic is used by the headset, which also has a one-button remote with volume adjustment for convenient use with your cellphones. The cable can either be retrofitted with an alternative one of your choosing or can be detached.

      Comfortable Design

      The earcups are padded with premium faux leather and memory foam for unmatched comfort for long listening sessions. Its design also makes it desirable for studio monitoring.


      The Creative Aurvana Live!2 is designed to be aesthetically appealing while being lightweight and portable. The earcups can be flat folded which is ideal for storage and travel. A soft microfiber travel pouch is provided for the same.

      PC Compatibility

      You can use the Aurvana Live!2 with your notebooks or PCs that have separate audio and microphone connectors by using your Audio/Mic splitter adapter.

    • Over-Ear

      Inline Remote & Mic for Smartphones

      10Hz - 30,000Hz

      32 Ohms

      1.2 m Cable

      3.5mm Gold Plated


    • One Year

      Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page.

      To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Creative Peripherals - Official Distributors of Creative in India here.

    • "While it sounds significantly different form the original Aurvana Live, the new Aurvana Live 2 is also a very good over-the-ear headphone value."

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      "Tight bass that extends really far, comfort, aesthetics, SOUNDSTAGE, sparkly treble (I love this aspect), pleasing to listen to for long periods."

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      "The presentation of the CAL! 2 is good, especially compared to the vast majority of on-ear headphones. It gives up a little bit of soundstage width to the R-DJ and the heavy bass can be a touch detrimental to overall imaging but overall, for a bass-heavy headphone, the CAL! 2 is plenty spacious."

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      "Even if Live 1 has a more linear sound with more present upper midrange and more linear treble, I must say I wouldn't look back to CAL1 if I have the newer model. Every time I've put the Live 1 on my ears to test it on a song I've started missing the sound from CAL2 that for me is simply better."

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      "They say the audio is authentic, and we agree. Every genre shines, from acoustic to electronic. The only issue we have (which isn't necessarily bad) is that they don't have the best sound isolation. You can hear background noise and in loud situations, like busy streets or subways, you'll lose some clarity and compensate by turning up the volume. In New York City, it's beneficial to have a sense of your surroundings, though it'd be nice if there was noise canceling for the subway or airplane."

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      "The affordable Creative Aurvana!2 delivers round low-end and clean audio in a comfortable over-ear headphone design."

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