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Dekoni Audio - Earpads for Bose - QC15/25/30/35

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Platinum Series :

Dekoni Audio’s Platinum Series are the flagship earpads. This idea was prompted for making the headphone experience more comfortable that will fit better, feel better & look super trendy than the other earpads in the market. Dekoni wanted to create the replacement earpads as a full scale upgrade to the listening experience. Platinum Series earpads are true Protein leather cover over a slow rebound and has a dense memory foam that curves and contours so it feel s like your’re wearing nothing at all. This earpads are designed by keeping full isolated listening experience in mind so that you can focus on your music.




Why you should change your Earpads?

How Earpads affect the timbre of your cans

Earpads are the most important part of the acoustic design of a headphone. Undamped bounce of earpads can create an undesirable low frequency resonance. Dekoni Earpadz leave your headphones balanced and still in tune with the original design without a change in the timbre of your headphones.

Earpads disintegrate with time

Replacement earpads are the saviour for your headphones as the 1st pair of earpads starts to disintegrate and smell after few months due to hot and humid weather. The earpad material also starts coming out due to lack of sweat absorption. For such cases, Dekoni Earpadz are the way to go.

  • Made from top quality soft sheepskin protein leather
  • Ultra breathable velour earpads with advanced memory foam and slow rebound technology
  • Excellent noise isolation so you can focus on your music better
  • Experience the highest level of comfort with different types of earpads



Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Spacious Sound

The earpads are very comfortable even better than the already comfortable stock earpads.
The sound signature does change......you lose a little bass impact and the sound becomes more airy.
Also important to note is noise cancellation is not as good as the stock earpads,not bad just not as clean as it is with original earpads.

Overall however the sound is fantastic and more enjoyable to hear.