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DITA Audio - Answer

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DITA has finally come up with the ‘Answer’ for a luxurious sound experience. It is the ultimate solution for a purist, who doesn’t want to get confused with tongue twisting technologies accompanied with high-end earphones. A stylish, universally fit and the finest sound reproducing pair of earphones which focuses on performance and nothing else.

Crafted with precision, these earphones have an impedance of 16 ohm, which means you don’t need a DAC to enjoy your music. Just plug it on your phone or computer and off you go. The 10mm Transducer Driver, with Ultra-wide Bandwidth captures every frequency between 18-25000 Hz. This insures that deepest of bass and sharpest of treble are captured precisely for a mesmerising sound experience.

The Answer comes with a plethora of accessories just for the convenience and adaptability from one person to another. These accessories are tried and tested in harshest of conditions, so that they deliver what they are expected. Which in this case, a perfect fit and an amplified music experience.



    DITA’s ideology of design is to fulfill the expectations and aspirations of people who are searching the realms of internet just to find that beautiful, yet subtle piece of earphones where price isn’t a barrier. And they have hit the ball out of park with ANSWER.







    DITA Audio - Answer

    Robust Design & Built

    The Answer is hand crafted with solid T6 Aluminium, with no cheap plastics involved. Apart from making it indestructible, it makes sure that there is no internal coloration among two different materials. With clean, distinct lines and no gimmicks involved, these pair of headphones are an absolute eye-candy. The laser engraved logo and distincts right and left markings, these buds give gem-like appearance.




    The 10mm Transducer Driver focuses on two major aspects: the rigidity and the weightlessness, so that it can be strong and agile. These dynamic transducers ensures that a wider range of frequencies are covered for an optimum audio experience. These mature drivers ensure longevity and all the practical aspects of an earphone elegantly.

    DITA Audio - Answer


    DITA Audio - Answer


    One of the reasons of an average audio output is the resonance of sound caused by cheap products, like plastic or low density rubber. The chassis of Answer is created by the T6 Aluminium, which was used to create the metal housings as well. The industry grade Aluminium ensures maximum dynamics with bare minimum coloration and resonance.



    These Designed-to-kill cables are not only there to soothe your eyes. They can do the power-lifting, whenever needed. The ‘fat cable’ that comes with Answer is made of premium rubber, thus giving it a requisite strength. These cables ensures minimum entanglement, thus one less thing to resolve in your life.

    Tangle Free


    DITA Audio - Answer


    These pair of elegant earphones comes with a modish Leather Case, which are appealing enough so that you don’t lose it or keep it somewhere where you aren’t supposed to. The case is made with genuine leather, and can withhold any wear and tear and any physical stress brought on it. Therefore, the style quotient is taken care of when the headphones are outside in world as well as in the case.


    DITA Audio - Answer


    The Answer Truth edition was awarded by the President’s Design Award in Singapore on September 2015. “We wanted our products to be as easy to use as possible while also balancing certain specialist technical merits. A mantra that we used and reminded ourselves throughout the entire process was ‘elegant simplicity, ultimate purity” Danny Tan, CEO DITA Audio.


  • In-Ear
    10mm Transducer

    18Hz - 25,000Hz

    16 Ohms
    The Flat Cable 1.2M

    3.5mm, Gold plated
    Not disclosed by the manufacturer

    Not disclosed by the manufacturer

    Not disclosed by the manufacturer
    Not disclosed by the manufacturer

    1. Dita - Answer

    2. 3 Pairs Small Bore Tips S/M/L (sweeter highs)
    3. 3 Pairs Medium Bore Tips S/M/L (reference tuning)
    4. 3 Pairs Large Bore Tips S/M/L (airier highs)
    5. 1 Pair Double Flange Tips

    6. 1 Custom Flight Adapter 

    7. 1 3.5mm to 6.3mm Adapter

    8. 1 Premium Leather Carrying Case

    9. 1 Casual Carrying Case

    Dita - Answer (Truth Edition)

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Customer Reviews

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Will max out mid range sources easily

First let me tell you these iems sell for $650. Hpzone price of 30k is pretty decent. Dita is a relatively small company and they must've bowed down to Raghav's haggling skills.

Onto the iems. Very easy to drive. I am using fiio x5 1 gen to drive it. Iems completely max it out. Its astounding the amount of detail old x5 has. No other iem or hp i have tried with it reveals all the detail x5 has. I also have a burson soloist sl. Most of the iems i have tried benefit when driven by soloist fed by x5. Not dita. All it asks for a good dap or dac. Chances are it will max it out. You will get full bodied sound with slightly lively treble and a darkish timber. And details galore.