Dunu - DN-2000

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Dunu, the audio brand, brings with it more than 18 years of experience in the industry of sound. The Dunu DN-2000 is equipped with a dynamic driver custom-made by DUNU and two Knowles balanced armature drivers that offer an impressive audio performance fully optimised for on-the-go listening sessions with robust aluminium alloy housing.

Dunu DN-2000 presents all of the  sound spectrum in full realism, from the most intricate musical details to the explosive soundtracks of Hollywood blockbusters. DUNU has successfully achieved a natural sound and to this extent, the DN-2000 offers accurate and realistically articulated bass which feels perfect with the rest of the sound signature.Created for artists and recording professionals, the full range acoustics of the DN-2000 suit music of all genres.

The stylish metal design is extremely durableand has been designed to take a fair amount of abuse.  High on comfort the   unique in-ear fit can effectively reduce the external noise by up to 26 dB.

The DN-2000 comes in a package that includes  various silicone and Comply Foam eartips, while, the robustand  high quality aluminium alloy carrying case keeps your pair of earphones safe and secure.

  • High Resolution, High-Performance Sound

    The DN-2000 features outstanding frequency response range in a sound that combines clarity, spaciousness, dynamism and musicality all in one.

    Natural & True To Life Sound

    DN-2000's is powerful and elastic, being full-bodied without any muddiness. The mids are sweet and delicate while being textured, rich and well layered without being thick and grainy. The trebles have an excellent extension and sparkle, with crystal clarity and density that has micro-detail and sparkle without being over-bright.

    Hybrid Balanced Armature & Dynamic Drivers

    The Dunu DN-2000 IEM produce very clear mids and highs from the dual balanced armature drivers and manage to pull off a clean deep bass response with the help of its single dynamic drivers. Plenty of energetic lower bass is produced without overpowering the other frequencies.

    Solid & Durable Design

    To minimise vibrations that lead to distortion in audio, the housing is crafted using metal. This design allows the DN-2000 to offer not just superior audio experience, but also an earphone that will last a lifetime.

    Exclusive Bass Tuning Ring

    The innovative bass tuning system allows for the earphone to have a deeper insertion for a more comfortable fit and improved sound quality by ensuring a secure seal. To reduce or enhance the bass response the perfect eartip and change in o-ring will achieve this easily.

    What's in the box:

    • Dunu - DN-2000 Earphones
    • 3 pairs of Silicone 1K Bass Tips
    • 3 pairs of 2K Delicate Tips
    • 3 pairs of Bi-flange Tips
    • 1 pair of Medium-sized foam Tips
    • Aluminium alloy carrying case
    • Small metal rings
    • 1 air craft adaptor
    • 3.5mm to 6.5mm adaptor

  • In-Ear
    Single 10mm Dynamic / Dual Balanced Armature

    10Hz - 30000Hz

    16 Ohms

    3.5mm Gold Plated Jack

    102 dB @ 1 mW


    One Year 

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headphone Zone. Contact us at direct@headphonezone.in or +917506646988.

  • " Overall then, the DUNU DN-2000 is one of few hybrid IEMs which truly combines the best of the dynamic and balanced-armature worlds and offers it in a sleek and elegant profile."
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    " Dunu DN-2000: An Earphone Forged by Heaven. It has b
    alanced sound with wow factors, spacious soundstage, and excellent transparency. The supple cable, the included tips, and the housing material.
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