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Dunu - Titan 1es

Dunu has to its credit, more than 18 years of experiece in the world of high resolution music. The Dunu Titan 1es earphones have superior 14mm dynamic drivers with a nano class titanium diaphragm to provide clean and refined sound with deep bass and crisp trebles. The exceedingly precise crafted diaphragm restores the power and pace back into the sound image with precision to achieve superior sound. It indubitably surpasses its price point in terms of output and sound quality.

A special design on the cable outlet means you can wear the earphones two ways: down or over the ear, making this version Titan a true IEM. The Titan 1’s main structure is made out of metal, ensuring both strength and aesthetics.

Designed to feature a trumpet design, the Titan 1es fits perfect in your canal, giving you a snug fit. Well suited for outdoor pursuits, these in-ears also do a great job at attenuating external noise. It also comes with eartips of various sizes that further aid in maximum isolation and comfort.

A metal pin, cable guide comes included in the package, while the portable hard storage case keeps your earphones safe and secure.

  • Titanium Diaphragm Drivers

    Different from traditional dynamic transducers, the nano class T-diaphragm drivers produce perfect transient response with powerful bass and enhanced treble clarity while retaining a natural yet energetic sound that has an uncoloured life-like listening experience.

    Distortion Free, Natural Sound

    To allow the Titan 1es to handle high power without distortion, the titanium diaphragm is able to create superior sonic clarity and transparency by spreading the energy evenly across its surface. With its exceedingly precise diaphragm, the Titan 1es restores the power and pace back into the sound image to achieve superior sound.

    Two Way Wearing Design

    A special design on the cable outlet and soft over ear guides means that you can wear the earphones either down or over the ear for enhanced flexibility. 

    Innovative Design & Fit

    Dunu's Titan 1es in-ear headphones have been designed to nestle in the ear comfortably without going too deep into the ear canal. Along with the vent holes in the metal housing, the Titan 1 offers powerful and natural sound that is as spacious as that from open backed headphones.

    Solid & Durable Metal Design

    The precision engineered solid stainless steel housing reduces resonance and ensures durability while looking timelessly beautiful.  

    Additional Eartips And Carrying Case

    The extensive accessory collection that comes with the Titan 1 includes silicone eartips in different sizes to find the perfect fit. Also included is a hard carrying case for ease in storage and protection.

    What's in the box:

    • DUNU Titan 1es In-Ear Earphones
    • Silicone eartips (S/M/L)
    • Double flange silicone eartips
    • Cable clip (Shirt Clip)
    • Over Ear Guides
    • Durable Branded Earphone Case

  • In-Ear
    14mm Dynamic

    20Hz - 20000Hz

    16 Ohms

    3.5mm Gold Plated Jack

    102dB @ 1 mW


    One Year 

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headphone Zone. Contact us at or +917506646988.

  • "With all things considered, I am extremely impressed with DUNU’s latest offering especially considering the price it retails for. The dynamism of the bass together with the clarity and detail of the mids and treble make the Titan 1 sound like a true hybrid."
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    "The DUNU Titan is an incredibly well designed, well built, and beautiful sounding “semi-open” IEM. It is relatively well balanced in frequency range, and has very good clarity. Its venting allows for a very open and spacious presentation of sound."
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Manu M. Manu
good. recommended

clear strong lows, mids are good but not prominent .highs are good but very high frequencies are not very crispy .overall a fun earphone. comfortable to wear, don't have to struggle to find a good fit due to its half in ear design. will definitely recommend if your'e looking for a good mid range in ear, wont be disappointed.

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