Headphone Zone - Hard Case for Earphones & IEMs

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Stow Away your Earphones in a Solid and Secure Carry Case -  That’s why we’re proud to introduce the stunning earphone pouch, whose strength and durability should easily protect and even outlast your current earphones, whilst the signature zipper prevents unwanted opening and adds design flair.

Packaged in a small, durable box the earphone pouch is a thoughtful present for any audiophile. Its adaptable design means that it also serves as the perfect multi-purpose pouch.

Hard Case with Superior Protection

This case adds durability and strength  b y increasing the portability, so you can confidently carry around the player with this case on, protecting it from dust and accidental scratches.

Spacious Interiors for Storing More than Just Earphones

Cleverly designed, these cases offer plenty of space in the inside. It Can be used for earphones, USB cables, connection cables, pen drives, memory cards, coins, jewelry, screws, connectors and other knick knacks. There is also an inner mesh pocket to store smaller objects securely.

Soft Inner Lining

Elegant inner lining also protects elegant high-gloss ear phones against scratches.

Smooth & Stylish Zipper

The case is adorned with a Stylish looking zipper that opens and closes quite smoothly.  The circumferential zip makes it possible to open the InEar bag wide so that you can put in or take out your InEars without fumbling.

Mesh Compartment

On opening the case, you're welcomed with a tiny mesh compartment that's stitched on one side. We made this compartment for you to stuff in any Comply or silicone eartips or earfins you need to use along with your earphones.


Medium - Weight: 30 g
                Diameter: 8 cm

Large - Weight: 40 g
             Diameter: 10 cm