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EOZ - One

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EOZ Audio is a French company that aims at delivering audio for the millennials, by the millennials. The brand has come up with the EOZ One that has something in store for everyone. The catchphrase states that they are " The Most Stylish Bluetooth Earphones Ever", and they indeed are. These Bluetooth Headsets are handcrafted with a meticulous design, high portability and a battery enough to last you a day!Designed to accommodate your super busy lifestyle these in-ears do not compromise on the sound quality.

EOZ One is the cronut of the earphone world, it merges fashion with high-end audio to give you the best of both worlds. The 9mm electro-dynamic drivers, combined with the latest aptX® technology, deliver fine-tuned high-resolution audio for a natural sound signature. The EOZ One is the perfect companion who supports you in all walks of life.


    A Statement of Style

    The EOZ One provides a top-shelf sound experience characterised by powerful bass, and super clear and crispy mid-highs. The idea behind this is to bring elegance and timelessness to a device that has the most up-to-date audio technologies available.









    Each speaker of the EOZ One is powered by it's own battery. With 9 hours of Music Time and 20 Days of Standby Time, the EOZ One is completely charged within 90 minutes while plugged to a PC. It's battery performance is easily head and shoulders above other Bluetooth Earphones in the market. The EOZ One uses an unique OTG Technology enabling the Earphones to be charged from just a Smartphone while you're on the move. Just 5% of your phone's battery, will charge the EOZ One an additional 9 hours.





    The EOZ One is tuned for the modern audiophile. It uses state-of-the-art 9mm electro-dynamic drivers, which when combined with latest aptX® technology deliver a fine tuned High-Resolution sound signature. They can be characterized as punchy and tight, while balancing the bass with crisp and detailed highs. The EOZ One's audio performance will impress even the most critical of audiophiles anywhere.




    Ever heard of the golden ratio? Also called the 'Divine Proportion', it is a ratio found in nature, biology, cosmology and now, in the EOZ One. The EOZ One has been designed to follow the natural shapes and curves of the human ears and uses an over-ear design for perfect ergonomics. While most earphones will fall off while moving up an down or sweating on the run, the EOZ One stays in place.




    The EOZ One comes with 3 pairs of memory foam ear-tips and 3 pairs of silicone injected ear-tips of different sizes giving you several choices to choose from for the best comfort. Activated by your body heat, the EOZ memory foam ear tips are manufactured with a material 30 times softer than regular earbuds. They are designed to counter Ear-Fatigue and to provide a comfortable fit ensuring that the earphones do not fall out while being used. The memory foam will adapt to your ear canal perfectly and block 2 times more decibels than regular earbuds.





  • In-Ear
    Three Button Remote Mic

    9 mm
    20Hz - 20,000Hz

    Not disclosed by the manufacturer
    Bluetooth 4.1

    9 Hours (Play)
    90 minutes (Charging Time)
    10 – 20 metres

    Regular (550mm)

    Not disclosed by the manufacturer
    Not disclosed by the manufacturer

    Not disclosed by the manufacturer
    Not disclosed by the manufacturer

    1. EOZ - One Earphones 

    2. Leather carrying Pouch
    3. USB fast charging cable 

    4. Silicon ear tips (S, M, L) 

    5. Memory foam Ear tips (S, M, L) 

    What's in the box

  • One Year 

    Authorized Service Partner: Headphone Zone

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Headphone Zone.

  • "EOZ One earphones provide great sound. Across the board I would say the music felt full, never waning or thin. A pretty good sounding and looking headphone overall at a affordable price."

    "The EOZ One wireless earphones, without a doubt, the best-looking earphone. Luckily, for EOZ One, that segment happened to be Bluetooth headphones, where aesthetics go to die."

    "EOZ One Wireless Earphones Are Stylish On The Outside And Technically Advanced On The Inside. These mid-price wireless earphones are well worth a closer look.  The more I listened the better they got."

    "For the price, they offer a pretty amazing experience. The packaging and build quality will make you feel like you paid many times the price, and the flat response curve is an excellent choice for anyone who loves the organic."

    "The earphones are extremely comfortable and durable, thanks to their IPX4 rating and if you can take a leap of faith with the connectivity issues, then the EOZ One’s are quite frankly, one of the best pair of Bluetooth earphones out there. "

  • Does it have a mic and what are its features?
    The Eoz does have a built-in microphone with the latest CSR intelligent noise reduction chip for calling (and Siri) function on the remote control.
    What's the wireless range?
    The wireless range is 10-30 m depending on your surrounding environment.
    Do I get a charger with it?
    Yes, you will get a cable to charge the earphones.
    Can I use the EOZ One with any devices other than my mobile?
    Yes, you can and it will work with any device that supports bluetooth functionality
    Can I connect the earphones with several devices simultaneously?
    Yes, they employ a high end 8645 CSR Bluetooth chipset and it does support multi-connection so you can pair your earphones with two devices simultaneously.
    How long does it take to charge?
    The EOZ One can be fully charged in about 1.5 hours.
    Is the leather cable durable?
    Yes, it is as they use a leather specially designed for extreme durability and it skin contact friendly. It is also water resistant so you can use it under any environmental circumstances.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Good in Style, Awesome in Listening

The new EOZ ONE I bought from headphonezone are very good in style and especially different from others in the price range, they are also gives very crispy and bass boosting sound.
But be sure you have some good smartphone, before buying them, like. Apple, Oneplus (with Maxx audio/Dirac HD sound), Sony and HTC etc. Otherwise there will be a noise at higher volume.
One more thing, don't be panicked when these new earphones don't give you high quality audio in starting coz proper burning of earphones is necessary for these high quality earphones before they give the tremendous listening experience.

Also, headphonezone provides a very good service (better than Amazon).
Thanks, headphonezone.

Excellent IEM but having lot of distortion in streming

I'd like to appreciate HZ Team for their commitment to fulfill costumer's desire.
EOZ is the excellent one with bunchy bass and accurate vocal. Personally, I liked very much. but using in last two days, I found lot of distortion in BT connection, which I meant to used of activity purpose, streaming getting broken very frequently in certain condition.


EOZ - One

Eoz one

Ear phones are good looking sound quality is also good .But having connectivity issues.

Thanks for writing in Sai :) What issue are you facing regarding the connectivity?
They sound good!

I am absolutely happy with my purchase, these earpieces are worth the money!
The sound is clear and bass heavy as suggested by Headphonezone expert Joel Dsouza.

The only thing that I didn't like in these earphones is the placement of the bluetooth receiver! I mostly use them with my mobile phone while going for a jog. Earlier I was using an arm band tied to my left arm with my Sony wired earphones so that while running I can operate my mobile with right hand. Now, with these earphones if I tie the arm band on left arm, the music skips badly which makes it unusable. So, I have to tie it on the right arm and operate with my left hand which is not very convenient but it works!

Hey Tejinder! It's sad that you are facing this issue, but we are glad too that you liked them so much and our Headphone Guru's advice was accurate :)