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FiiO - A1

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FiiO's A1 is the replacement of the immensely popular FiiO Fujiyama E06 portable headphone amplifier. Sleek, compact, more fashionable and more user friendly, the FiiO A1 is designed as the perfect accessory to use along with high impedance and low sensitivity earphones and headphones while on the move.

The FiiO A1 is a great entry level Headphone amplifier that can be used perfectly along with low power earphones and headphones across ranges for added power, and higher bass response and output. 3 different built-in Bass EQ effects allow users to explore different bass responses depending on preferences. 

The A1 features a sandblasted aluminium alloy body that makes it extremely durable, while, also giving it a nice modernised look. The volume buttons are also made of Alp microswitches for more reliable operation. 

Powered by a 160mAh li-poly battery, A1 gives you hours of non-stop music. It also lets you monitor the battery level, through the single LED light at the centre of the power button. When low on battery, the player will signal you with a red light, thus keeping you notified at all times.

Featuring a transparent clip, the FiiO A1 can be easily worn on shirts and clothes while being used with Mobile Phones etc

The FiiO A1 is truly a durable and portable mini headphone amp with which offers good sound quality.

  • Tiny Size made - Easy to Carry

    Specifically designed to be ultra portable and easy to carry, the FiiO A1 is sleek and only 4cms in size, small enough to be work on the shirt while in use. A lock switch allows you to avoid unintended functions or controls while on the move.

    Instant Audio Improvement

    Plug the A1 into your device and with your headphones and you can immediately notice the difference. With higher power high-fidelity output than your smartphone, the A1 can easily satisfy your need for sound quality and volume.

    Electronic Volume Control 

    The FiiO A1 carries a dedicated volume controller made with Alps microswitches for sensitive and reliable functionality.

    Exquisite Aluminium Design

    The A1 utilizes a sandblasted aluminium alloyed chassis for a durable modern experience and comfortable holding. The transparent removable clip allows you to wear the A1 in a variety of positions. 

    Four Built In Bass EQ Effects

    With a single click and switch, users can toggle between 4 different Bass Effects, Flat, Bass Boost 1, and Bass Boost 2 & Bass Boost 3. A Light indicator that flashes at different times in different time intervals allows you to recognize which EQ setting it's on.

    Three Colour Battery Status LED

    The A1 status LED flashes in different colours to indicate power on, charging, low-battery, full battery etc., allowing you to easily check its working status in a single look.

    13 Hours of Battery Life

    A new and improved rechargeable lithium battery normally works with approximately 13 hours of playback time, the FiiO A1 is charged using the provided Micro USB cable.

    What's in the box:

    • FiiO A1 Portable Headphone Amp
    • USB Cable
    • 3.5mm Line-In Cable
    • 2 transparent clips

  • 20Hz - 20000Hz
    16 Ohms - 100 Ohms

    3.5mm Jack
    0.05% (1KHz)

    Dimensions - 42mm×40.7mm×9.4mm
    Weight - 20 g
    Battery display - Yes
    Battery Capacity - 160 mAH
    Battery Life - >13 Hours
    Charging Time - <90 Mins


    One Year

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Origin Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Visit here to get in touch or send an email with details of the problem to

  • "The FiiO A1 is a great amp for anyone looking to take that first step to upgrade eaphones/headphones that may need a little more power. It is also a wonderful introduction to FiiO products for those new to the higher quality audio world."
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    "The Fiio A1 is an incredibly simple device that does what it claims to do. It complements your headphones and source device remarkably by giving them a decent boost in sound, without messing with the sonic signature."
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    "FiiO A1 portable Headphone Amplifier is one of the more affordable options among portable amplifiers. Fiio A1 is very easy to use. Just plug in the headphones into the device and use an extra cable to connect it to your smart device"
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Customer Reviews

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5 star

FiiO - A1

Worth buying.

1 of the best buys.

Just amazing.

These are the best low budget amp u will ever get.
Worth buying for those who have a great pair of earphone.
I use the amp with my RHA T10i.
Simply beautiful.

5 star

FiiO - A1

Fiio A1

I purchased A1 despite of having fiio e11 and montblanc and old version e5. This tiny amp is more impressive than all. Sweet sounding with natural sound stage. I have varieties of Hp 598 Beyer custom 1 pro plus PSB Phillips BT Hp Akg studio k something can't remember. It drove all very easily. My source fiio x5g2 x3 and x1 and Samsung Galaxy s7. All FLAC hi resolution songs. No hissing or back ground noise. It just enhances the sound of smart phone or player. In one position it just enhances the output only. I used to hear that mode only. It is very perfect for in ear. Bass is there but not over powering so mid is clear. In hf it is warm and not itching or piercing.. This amp is great value for money. Sound stage and stereo imaging the best. I recommend it. More over battery life and portability is also to be considered. So I give 5 stars