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FiiO - A3

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The FiiO- Kilimanjaro2 E11K is an updated version of the globally popular E11 Kilamanjaro Portable Headphone amplifier. The Kilamanjaro2 presents a large improvement with a new and improved all-aluminium alloy body and chassis, and significantly higher power output to drive even powerful high impedance headphones. An essential accessory for all Headphone users looking for more power or output from high-end headphones and earphones, the FiiO E11K is the perfect companion.

Dr. Roshan K. Valsan
"I would recommend this product. If you are on a budget, then there's no better option. See that you have a good headphone to do justice to the amp. I am very happy with the quality and sound output from this small piece of metal. I'm pretty sure you will be too."

  • Lightweight Aluminium Body and Chassis

    A brand new metallic aluminium alloy body and chassis gives a premium metallic texture and finish to the FiiO E11K Headphone amplifier. It also serves the purpose of increasing shielding from Electro Magnetic interferences.  

    Improved Sound Performance

    The FiiO E11K is engineered around the OPA1642 Pre Amplifier which serves as a voltage amplifier  with great layering  and medium and high frequency extension, and the AD8397 Power amplifier which serves as a current amplifier with great control of low frequencies and a smooth drive.

    Fully Discreet Bass Circuit Design

    Featuring a dedicated Bass Toggle switch, the Bass On function allows the FiiO E11K to boost the Bass output without influencing the overall sound field. By switching to Bass Off, the bass circuit is entirely bypassed, decreasing interference and noise floor so as to ensure the purity of sound. 

    Reenforced Battery Capacity

    The FiiO E11K is capable of being used actively even while being charged. A 1400mAH battery ensures more than 16 hours of active usage.

    What's in the box:

    • FiiO A3 - Portable Headphone Amplifier
    • USB Charging Cable
    • 3.5mm to 3.5mm Connector

  • 20Hz - 20000Hz
    16 Ohms - 150 Ohms

    3.5mm Jack
    0.04% (1KHz)

    Dimensions - 91.2mm×56mm×
    Weight - 92 g
    Battery Capacity - 1400 mAH
    Battery Life - >16 Hours
    Charging Time - <4 Hours


    One Year

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Origin Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Visit here to get in touch or send an email with details of the problem to

  • "For power hungry dudes as me, that want to fry their portable headphones with a big smile on their faces E11K would do it. Details, airiness and incredible speed for the price. Tiny price for a great performance."
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    "Overall, I found that amplifier adds another variable to a complicated equation of sound where you already have an array of file formats, different hardware sound sources, and various headphones."
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    "I’m glad I turned out to like the new E11K, my ears have been spoiled with higher end gear a lot but if you can enjoy your musical collection and headphones with a $60 amp, you just know Fiio did it right. Again."
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    "Overall, I found that amplifier adds another variable to a complicated equation of sound where you already have an array of file formats, different hardware sound sources, and various headphones."
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Customer Reviews

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5 star

FiiO - A3

FiiO - A3

im using it with my sennheiser hd568se. i have to tell you its the best budget dac that awakens the audiophile in you

Looking for best bujet headphone amp..?

First of all this is my first amp, and i m currently using this with my ath m50x , and trust me this little guy makes your listening experience to next level..! Just osm, if you have a bujet for it just go for it,and headphone zone I think you guys hire Superman for every delivery.. i got my amp in just one day .! Love to shop with headphone zone..!

5 star

FiiO3 is nice. It improves the sound quality when combined with Shure SE 215.
Prompt Delivery .Thanks Headphonezone


This is the first time ever i brought any amplifier...FiiO A3 is not only boost the volume...but most importantly it enhance the over all sound quality of songs and movies...Sound stage is the key here...each frequency of sound is separated with air in can literally hear the difference after plugin it ....whether it's my AKG K240 studio, My Bose Bluetooth dock, Regular 2.1 speakers....and most importantly in my car(which already have a amplified circuit with bass tube)..they enhance it like a concert...I completely melt in to the sound stage it creates...Thanks for Headphone Zone for recommending and very fast-track delivery...delivered next day In fact...completely surprised by this little thing which creates a huge difference...When i listen Metallica S&M album...I just can't explain the sound stage it creates ....simply perfect...very happy with the product...strongly recommended!!!!