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FiiO - Alpen 2 E17K

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The FiiO Alpen 2 E17K is an upgraded USB DAC Headphone Amplifier.  Designed specifically to be used for audio playback from a  Computer or Analog sources, the FiiO E17K supports  SPDIF Input in 192kHz/24Bit High Resolution Audio, as well as optical and coaxial digital input made possible using multiple functional connectors. A 1500mAH rechargeable battery ensures over 15 hours of continuous usage. The FiiO Alpen 2 E17K comes with an 1 8-pin multi function and inherits the brushed metal crafting of the E17, but with a  thinner profile for a sleeker look.

  • USB Audio Decoding

    The FiiO E17K USB DAC uses the SA9027 USB receiver, the E17K may be used as an external sound card for computers, supporting up to 96 kHz/32 bit and supporting DSD decoding that has ASIO driver and SACD plugin.

    Pure, Uncompromising Sound

    A major feature is the FiiO Alpen 2 E17K, is that it has TI's all new PCM5102, which possesses higher S/N ratio, lower distortion, and more linear digital analog conversion characteristics. Also with the TI's flagship OPA1622 as low-pass filter, and the OPA1642+LMH6643 in a OP+BUF architecture usually only seen in high-end units.

    Multifunctional Wheel

    Utilizing an all-new, unique multifunctional wheel, responding to both turns and presses, the E17K provided intuitive, agile control in one spot in place of several buttons on the E17.

    Complete Connectivity

    The FiiO Alpen 2 E17K expands on the industry standard Micro USB socket to not only provide charging and data exchange connectivity, but also to dock with FiiO's future desktop products. Also comes with coaxial digital input supporting up to 192 kHz/24 bit PCM input and dual function line in / line out port for maximum convenience and operational value for money.

    What's in the box:

    • FiiO Alpen 2 E17K Portable USB DAC & Headphone Amp
    • Micro USB Cable
    • Coaxial Adapter Cable

  • 20Hz - 20000Hz
    16 Ohms - 150 Ohms

    3.5mm Jack
    0.003% (1KHz )

    Dimensions - 104.1 mm×62.2 mm×12.8 mm
    Weight - 110 g
    Battery Capacity - > 1500 mAH
    Battery Life - >15 Hours
    Charging Time - <220 min


    One Year

    Manufacturer's Warranty covers only manufacturing defects. For more details, check our Warranty Page. To claim warranty, please maintain a copy of your invoice and Contact Origin Marketing Pvt. Ltd. Visit  here to get in touch or send an email with details of the problem to

  • "It was a great time for headphone audio fans everywhere when FiiO announced a swiss army knife unit to the masses. It could pretty much do everything and anything at a great price point. In 2015, I’m happy to announce that its back. The Alpen 2 has landed."
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    "E17K will most likely remain a true classic again in terms of entry-level DAC/Amps, whether you are speakers or headphones listener. Its performance far exceeds the price paid."
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Swarup Mohanty S.M. Swarup M.
Good frequency response

I have used the FiiO - Alpen 2 E17K, with two headphones- The Beats Pro and the AKG Y50. While it performed fairly with the Beats, the real experience of the product changed with the Y50. It extended the already good frequency response of the Y50 justifying the need of a headphone amplifier. The difference was there to be heard.
The added feature of being able to change the gain level, treble and bass give the Alpen 2 a huge plus.
It is a must have for all Stereophiles!

Anish Gawand A.G. Anish G.
Best Compact Headphone AMP/DAC

This is one of the best (if not the best) portable headphone AMP/DAC in its price range. I have used this product for about 10 days now and i really like the wider sound stage it generates in closed back headphones like Audio Technica ATH-M50x. The small OLED display gives us the options to modify the Treble, Bass, Balance etc. which isn't possible in other AMP/DACs in this price range. The compact form factor and the brushed aluminium body are a joy to behold.
FiiO doesn't provide any assurances whether it would work with Android devices for using its DAC capabilities, but it worked flawlessly with my Xperia Z1 Compact via micro USB OTG cable.
The battery life is great and as per the values mentioned in the specs sheet. Charging time is ok ok.
Overall an excellent device for audiophiles and average music listners. If you are confused between E17k and E18, i would surely recommend you E17k due to its OLED display offering various Bass/Treble modifications.

10 on 10

After researching a lot of DAC/AMP I decided to go for Fiio E17k which got rave reviews from the top class audiophile sites. I was confident of playing it with PC as officially it's a sound card like amp but unsure of playing it with my android smartphone. But surprisingly with a USB otg cable I accomplished in playing it with usb audio player pro. Now I'm like flying high with my Audio Technica ATH m50x headphone. Its sound is clear-crisp and warm. What would you expect more? Now I've become a true Audiophile!