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FiiO - EX1 (2nd Gen)

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The  FiiO EX1 (2nd Gen) is a refined version of the older EX1, with umpteen number of useful features thereby delivering stunningly clear sound. The FiiO EX1 (2nd Gen) employs a titanium driver diaphragm, a material commonly used in the aerospace industry. This material is lightweight and robust, thereby perfect for all IEM aficionados.

The FiiO EX1 (2nd Gen)'s main structure is made out of metal, ensuring both strength and aesthetics. The ergonomic offset nozzle design, fits your ear canal perfectly, producing a true-to-life music experience.

The EX1 (2nd Gen) employs a polyurethane cable, specially chosen for its light, flexible, yet tough against scrapes functionality.    

An upgrade from the older version, these earphones also come with an in-line control, a microphone and a call button. The in-line music controls perfectly work with the X1 2nd gen, X5 3rd gen and other new FiiO products.

The EX1 (2nd Gen) has also gone beyond expectations in terms of style and gives you a very luxurious feel. With the introduction of the lustrous black colour, it's sure to make many heads turn.

  • Aerospace Engineering Material for Driver Diaphragms

    Titanium, a material more often found in aerospace engineering that is very light, has a high sound conduction speed while being several times stiffer than steel; has been used to design a full-range dynamic driver around this material with breakup frequency above the audible range, thus ensuring a natural yet energetic sound without distortion. This material is lightweight and robust, thereby delivering stunningly clear sound and you can listen to music like you are seated at the studio.

    Solid & Durable Metal Design

    The EX1 2nd Gen has been housed inside an all-metal body. It utilises a shell that is moulded from stainless steel and aluminium alloy, thereby promising a tough build quality. The precision engineered solid stainless steel housing reduces resonance and ensures durability while looking timelessly beautiful.  

    Hi-Res Audio

    FiiO - EX1 (2nd Gen) has been certified for hi-res audio. It offers an extended frequency range up to 40,000Hz to reproduce such high-end audio. You will feel like you are in a live concert with its lifelike sound.

    Different ear tip sizes for Optimum Fit

    FiiO also gives ear tips of different sizes along with these earphones so that you can personalise your own music listening experience. These ear tips also help in providing a comfortable and secure fit while increasing noise isolation.

    Tilted In-Ear Design for Comfortable Fit

    The FiiO - EX1 (2nd Gen) in-ear earphones have been designed to nestle in the ear comfortably without going too deep into the ear canal. Along with the vent holes in the metal housing, these earphones offer a powerful and natural sound that is as spacious as that of open backed headphones.  It  ensures comfort for long listening sessions.

    Better Vocals for Pleasant Listening Experience

    The EX1 2nd Gen has been tuned for a more realistic sound experience. Also, the presentation of human voices has improved compared to the original EX1. Thus, it makes you feel closer to the artist! 

    3 Button Remote and Mic to use with Android & Apple Devices

    The FiiO - EX1 (2nd Gen) earphones have been imparted with an inline microphone and an integrated three-button remote control for you to play, start, and pause your music and also control your calls. The remote also supports some call and music control on iOS devices, however, the volume controls are only functional on Android devices. 

    Durable, Tough, Stylish yet lightweight Polyurethane Cable

    The EX1 (2nd Gen) employs a polyurethane cable, specially chosen for its light, flexible, yet tough against scrapes functionality. The durable cable ensures that the EX1 (2nd Gen) is ready to go miles, when and where ever you wish.

    What's in the box:

    • FiiO EX1 (2nd Gen) Earphones
    • Various Ear-Tips
    • Fabric Clip
    • Hard Carry Case

  • In-ear
    13 mm Dynamic Drivers

    20Hz - 40,000Hz

    16 Ohms
    L-Shaped cable

    3.5mm Stereo Gold Jack

    98 dB @ 1 kHz


    One Year

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